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Peter Mooring on the web is a blog about horrible human rights violations by secret services. Using gang stalking techniques and hi-tech electronic weapons (directed energy weapons) every year thousands of people all over the world are tortured and murdered, most of them never knowing what happened. Those who know often suffer horrendous (electronic) torture.
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The people cookers - Cooking people like a microwave oven cooks meat, or here
Electronic harassment and electronic torture list - February 26, 2009

Probably the most horrible consequence of these weapons based on radio waves is that you can NOT protect yourself, your children, your loved ones anymore. You can no longer say: stay in this room, you are safe here. Attackers simply look and cook/burn through walls, with intensities that can be deadly. Police cannot protect you, security services cannot protect you. That is why these weapons must be banned, not tomorrow but NOW.
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December 20, 2008. Last modified: May 20, 2011

Victims of gang stalking (organized stalking) and/or electronic harassment, but also non-victims, should read this very informative website from Eleonor White. Below you will find some quotes from the site and the link to the site.

Proven and Available Harassment Technologies:

The information on this page is presented to show the public that invasive, silent, deniable electronic harassment technology has been available to anyone for decades now. When someone claims they are being targeted by unexplainable, disabling effects, weapons such as these listed below could be responsible. Instead of ridiculing the person claiming the attacks, the public should assist by asking officials to do a thorough investigation of every such case.

These are older, not secret technologies capable of extreme destruction of the ability to earn a living, and the quality of life of a target, listed below. None of these technologies require implants, and all can be transmitted silently, through walls, and leave no trace evidence.

Since few targets will aquire the correct detection equipment, destruction of a target’s life even using these older technologies is a perfect crime under today’s justice system. Today’s justice system denies that any effective through wall harassment technologies exist, probably because they tacitly approve of the activities of the “anti crime” organized stalking groups who sometimes use this equipment.

A simple microwave oven, door removed, with the door interlock switch bypassed, and held against the bedroom wall of a target in an apartment building or semi-detached house. This device can cause a variety of disabling medical symptoms.

Some of the symptoms of microwave exposure are: Asthma, cataracts, headaches, memory loss, early Alzheimer’s, bad dreams, depression, fatigue, concentration loss, appetite loss, heart and blood pressure problems, and cancer.

Freedom Isn’t Free, and Silence is Consent!

Call it “an extra-judicial corrections system”, in which the system doesn’t have to deal with messy things like “evidence” and “trials” or even “truth,” but can get straight to the “good stuff”: punishment. Punishment of those you don’t like, if you are well connected. This near-perfect crime is called “organized stalking and electronic harassment”, or OS/EH for short. This web site is about the fight to expose and stop OS/EH.

(Because part of the electronic harassment includes equipment which is capable of influencing and attacking the brain and nervous system, some call the electronic portion “mind control”. Some call the entire OS/EH crime “mind control”, but there is much more to the crime than the “mind control” sub-category. Some feel that “electronic assault” is a better name for the electronic phase, with good reason. Other names for the non-electronic side of the crime are group stalking, vigilante stalking, or cause stalking.)

Make no mistake about it: The fact that organized stalking and electronic harassment has become common, and is not prosecuted by the justice system of any country, means that constitutional rule of law is dead. When citizens can be targeted for years and decades without law enforcement acting to stop the crimes, you have no rule of law, you have the rule of the jungle.


December 12, 2008. Last modified: October 20, 2012

Electronic weapons are reaching state of perfection. This means that they can be used to simulate attacks on the human body and mind which are very difficult to distinguish from normal behaviour and diseases. They now can be used to drive a target insane by beaming partner, children, family, friends, random people, to suggest that they are co-operating in the elimination of the target.

Until now secret services reacted to target’s behaviour by coughing, scratching head, etc. using agents to walk around the target, do these things for the target to hear or see. With current electronic weapons these reactions now can be created by beaming partner, children, family members, friends, random people, with electronic weapons (Directed Energy Weapons) and making them cough, scratch their head, induce headache, etc.

Electronic weapons can make a person cough almost instantly, when applying a skin burn beam a person will almost immediately start scratching his head. A real-life headache can be induced in minutes just by increasing intensity. This is all possible at distances up to 50 meters and through wall.

Example 1: drive friends apart

With both the target and friend (or partner) in the same room, the friend is bursted cough-beams every time the target raises his coffee cup to take a sip. This will drive the target out-of-his-mind as he will believe his friend is now also involved in his murder. This does not mean that is is always being done this way. The friend may have been instructed to do certain things and may have been equiped with sophisticated communications equipment. It is very difficult for the target to determine what is happening even if he knows about electronic weapons.

Example 2: drive target insane using random people

They can follow the target everywhere and equip their cars with a high power laser weapon (or a high power microwave weapon HPM, see also ADS, Active Denial System) that burns persons over a distance of approx. 500 meters. They can drive behind the target so they can hit (almost random) people walking in front of the target. After being hit by the beam, the random people will start scratching their heads. So everywhere the target goes, people are scratching their heads. Again this does not mean that is is always being done this way. Multiple agents may have been instructed to do certain things and may have been equiped with sophisticated communications equipment. It is very difficult for the target to determine what is happening even if he knows about electronic weapons.

Example 3: make couple break up

Assume the target is a man. Every time the target enters the bedroom they beam the woman a headache. After a month the woman will go see a doctor or psychiatrist and after some months the target may start looking for another woman.

Please read about electronic weapons

You may think these scenario’s are possible but why worry, nobody would do such things. Unfortunately, these kind of actions are typical for the sick and disturbed creatures that make up our national secret services. To avoid prosecution, secret services will soon outsource these horrible activities meaning these weapons will reach other criminal organizations (like Blackwater Worldwide) and individuals. Please read about electronic weapons until you fully understand what can be done and how to detect these attacks. Inform family and friends.


To all politicians of the world

The only way to save the world is to stop your national secret services. Breaking laws and violating human rights in horrible ways has become a way of life. They are responsible for most problems in your neighbourhood, in your city, in your country, in the world. Make them responsible for what they are doing. Let them account for in detail, force them to open up their organizations for thorough investigations. Stop their funding if they do not co-operate. Replace directors and staff immediately by normal people for starters.

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November 29, 2008. Last modified: October 20, 2012

Willem Oltmans (died in 2004, age 79) was a Dutch journalist, who was kept out of work by the Dutch government after interviewing Indonesian president Sukarno against the will of the Dutch government. They covertly sabotaged Oltmans’ career, with much success: for a long time, Oltmans was forced to live of welfare. The sabotaging continued everywhere Oltmans went, Indonesia, South Africa, United States. In 2000, at the age of 75, he won a long law suit against the Dutch state who had to pay him eight million guilders (four million dollars) in damages.

Johan Wilman, a talented technical engineer (university graduate) was forced out of his job and could not get a job although Europe was rebuilding itself after World War II. Only years later he learned from secret services reports that someone had said he was a communist which he was not, he was not interested in politics, never even voted during elections all these years. In 1999, at the age of 78, Wilman was offered 100.000 Dutch Guilders (50.000 dollars) by the Dutch government ‘as a compensation for the problems Wilman encountered that can be related to security investigations’.

Dutch secret services/Dutch government illegally destroy lives of its citizens

These two cases show how lives of people are destroyed by Dutch secret services/Dutch government. These are only two cases, but be sure that there are a lot of other cases we never will hear about. Oltmans was a very intelligent man, he kept moving and could survive. Wilman had a wife who started working when he became unemployed. In general if your life is blocked these ways, you do not stand a chance. Most of the time they will keep you out of work, you have no money and cannot start a law suit.

In addition, their treatment of victims is inhumane

Not only the lives are destroyed but these victims are treated without any respect, but impudent and inhumane are better words. The bad treatment is repeated by successive governments. You can also say that they wait until the survivor gives up, or dies. Sometimes they admit they were wrong but only when the victim’s life is over anyway. They delay, and delay and delay, year by year by year. This looks a bit like slow torture doesn’t it.
And finally giving money to compensate their crimes, they give too little (haha, he just needs the money to pay his bills) or too much (haha, he cannot spend it anyway).
Yes, this is the Dutch government (or the ones controlling The Netherlands).

Links (in English):

Links (in Dutch):

To all politicians of the world

The only way to save the world is to stop your national secret services. Breaking laws and violating human rights in horrible ways has become a way of life. They are responsible for most problems in your neighbourhood, in your city, in your country, in the world. Make them responsible for what they are doing. Let them account for in detail, force them to open up their organizations for thorough investigations. Stop their funding if they do not co-operate. Replace directors and staff immediately by normal people for starters.

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October 25, 2008. Last modified: October 20, 2012
Never co-operate with secret services. The first thing they do is turn you into a murderer
(by making you accessory to their crimes)

In The First Global Revolution (1993 Edition) by the Club of Rome chapter 5 The Vacuum describes the need to look for new enemies. States have used religion and enemies throughout history to create cohesian between the members of its societies. The seperation of state and church in Western countries resulted in religeous faith strongly diminishing and the collapse of communism in Russia meant there are no enemies any more.

Although the report describes new enemies like polution, water shortage, malnutrician, it also recognizes that these are at the moment insufficient to bring cohesian and solidarity. Political structures have been inadequate to formulate solutions, they are in fact responsible for the vacuum. People no longer accept order and objectives in society, live by events and crass materialism
Until new enemies become bonding factors the vacuum must be filled with traditional methods. New enemies are created, Iraq, Al Qaida, Taliban. But this is only at the global level.

At state level this translates into creating enemies in exactly the same way. The system once used to protect state, elite and its people, is now used to control the people, for reasons they want us to believe, of preventing filling the vacuum. A system exists maintaining death lists, selecting people for elimination. A person is pointed the enemy, by declaring him/her mentally ill, psychopath, pedophile, etc., and during the elimination process new agents are recruited.

The system that once targeted opponents like Russian spies, radical political opponents, now is used to murder almost random normal people. How do you select an enemy when there is no enemy? The people involved in this now horrible disgusting system have their own agenda. Targets are selected to steal from, for personal reasons, to experiment upon, etc.  The system responsible for murdering almost random normal members of society is called our national secret services.

The crimes committed by the system are horrible, see also gang stalking and electronic harassment (electronic torture/murder). In the past they committed horrible crimes as well but could hide behind the facade of protecting the state. Today, this is no longer the case. This is just murder to murder, murder to keep the sick system running, they stuff themselves with the blood of the people they murder. Everybody, all who participate in these horrible crimes, is a murderer. Directors, employees, agents, they all must be brought to justice so they can be jailed for life.

To the victims of gang stalking and electronic harassment

Many victims = survivors of gang stalking and electronic harassment, their family and friends, ask themselves why he or she is a victim. What might have caused the rage of terror that is directed at them? There seems to be no reasons.

Here is the answer. There is no reason. You were at the wrong place at the wrong time.  Most probable answer is you made contact with a member of the criminal organization called national secret service. You were put on a list of possible persons to attack. The list was reviewed and you were considered to be an easy target. Meaning many agents can be recruted for the criminal organization without to much hassle. If you are well-mannered and have some money you get extra points. Not only money can be stolen from you, but also you can be eliminated without you shooting back (imagine you shooting back at your attackers, that would be really risky for the attackers … no … they just want to murder you without too much risk)


To all politicians of the world

The only way to save the world is to stop your national secret services. Breaking laws and violating human rights in horrible ways has become a way of life. They are responsible for most problems in your neighbourhood, in your city, in your country, in the world. Make them responsible for what they are doing. Let them account for in detail, force them to open up their organizations for thorough investigations. Stop their funding if they do not co-operate. Replace directors and staff immediately by normal people for starters.

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October 19, 2008. Last modified: October 20, 2012

I will put an update of current state of electronic weapons (including DEW, Directed Energy Weapons) on this site. This is part 1. Electronic weapons have become very advanced recent years, they can be used without too much trouble almost everywhere. The range can be a few meters to hundreds of meters.

Electronic weapons - where they can hit you

September 28, 2008. Last modified: October 20, 2012

Why secret services do not care about children

To be able to understand why secret services do not care about people including children and destroy their lives without a wink, you must first understand how secret services operate, what kind of people are involved, why secret services are depots of psychopaths, murderers, child abusers, pedophiles.

Secret services are NOT doing good things. They are evil and commit horrible crimes, mainly stealing and murdering. Staff of these services is guilty of mass-murder including on the countries own people. So the next time you see a director of your national secret service on TV or read about him/her in a newspaper or on the internet, think of him/her as a mass murderer.

A major activity is elimination of almost random (normal) people to keep their sick system running. Targets are selected and physically or mentally murdered, the murderers do not know reasons, they just collaborate in these crimes.

They failed themselves as human beings. They don’t care if other people fail, they don’t care if children fail. As long as they get their (blood) money, stolen from the people they murder. This is truly the garbage of society. They assembled under the label of secret services and you cannot be part if you cannot be compromised. It is like the elite where large numbers of people are compromised by involvement in child abuse, and keep their mouth shut.

I want to add that some of these creatures make children. Murderers making children, what good can come of these children? I consider this a crime. My mother and father are murderers …

How children get traumatized when participating in crimes like gang stalking

Secret services use anybody and everything to achieve their goal being the elimination of the target.They don’t care if they have to involve and criminalize the whole world, as long as they get what they want. They involve neighbors, set them up to stalk the target, and they involve children to stalk the target.

Assuming the child is 8-20 years old:

  • The child believes what is being told and participates, or,
  • The child does not believe what is being told but just participates

What will happen to the child in the next 10-20 years? The most probable scenario is that the child learns about stalking, about crimes. This kind of information cannot be hidden from the child. Remember, we do not live decades ago but in an era where information about almost every subject is available.

Also, as the child grows up, the sense of awareness will become stronger and with it the distinction between good and bad. Often they will think about the years before and also about these strange people and things they were asked to do.

The grown up child will conclude that he/she probably has been part of a group of people targeting a person. Then there will be the thought of why this person had to be targeted and what the goal was of these stalking activities. Here the grown up child will stop thinking, because the next thought can be that he/she has been part of a plan to cause the death of a person. The grown up child will consider himself/herself a criminal, murderer, but cannot accept this, and will live a traumatized life.

Parents of children who are aware their child is used for stalking purposes and let this happen should be removed from parenthood. Although they may be involved in criminal activities themselves, never should they let their children get involved. I consider letting your child get involved in criminal activities and not doing anything to stop this, a criminal act. Children cannot choose, cannot decide for themselves in a number of matters simply because they do not know about certain things.

Children must be protected against this evil! Never allow your child or another child to be abused to participate in stalking activities. You are destroying its life before it even started!


To all politicians of the world

The only way to save the world is to stop your national secret services. Breaking laws and violating human rights in horrible ways has become a way of life. They are responsible for most problems in your neighbourhood, in your city, in your country, in the world. Make them responsible for what they are doing. Let them account for in detail, force them to open up their organizations for thorough investigations. Stop their funding if they do not co-operate. Replace directors and staff immediately by normal people for starters.

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September 13, 2008. Last modified: October 20, 2012

Summary: the pictures below show only visible wounds. Most wounds of directed energy weapons, like (high power) microwave weapons, ultrasonic weapons, do not show on the skin. They cook/destroy the body from the inside. Operators (people cookers) are trained to leave no evidence.

Click for details
Click the image or here for details

Directed energy weapons transfer energy in an aimed direction in the form of electromagnetic radiation (radio waves). A number of these weapons can also hit a target through walls. Examples are (high power) microwave weapons (compare a microwave oven) and ultrasonic weapons (compare pulverize kidney stones). Today these weapons are being used by secret services to eliminate. Although often called non-lethal, some of these weapons have the capabilitiy to kill.

In general these weapons are applied in such a way that they leave no evidence. Most wounds do not show on the skin. They cook/burn/destroy the body from the inside. Operators, the people cookers, are trained to attack without evidence i.e. attack body part A some time, then part B, then part C, then part D, etc.

In some cases however visible effects are shown. This often happens when the operators are provoked and get out-of-their-minds wanting to shown the target a lesson. They increase intensity and duration leaving burns. At other occasions they just hit an area they thought the target cannot see.

August 31, 2008. Last modified: October 20, 2012


Secret services are responsible for the deaths of thousands of normal people every year world wide (for The Netherlands, I estimate 300-400 deaths minimum every year). It all starts with gang stalking, where a large group of people is used to stalk a target. This method was improved with the introduction of through wall vision (to monitor a person through the wall), GPS (to track a person everywhere). Also, wide acceptance and use of mobile phones makes gang stalking far more easy. The approximate location of a person carrying a mobile phone is known and stalkers close to the target can be contacted and instructed within seconds.

If the target does not collapse, electronic weapons burning and cooking the target are put into action (compare a microwave oven cooking meat).

When being eliminated, the target is observed 24 hours a day, and the movements of the target are used to react to the target in one way or the other. Examples:

  • Every time the target leaves his house, a neighbour also leaves his house
  • Every time the target says to room mates he is going to store X, a car may be driving in front of him driving the exact route
  • At every junction the target arrives the road is blocked by bad stopped cars, or 3-4 cars driving on the road where to go, or a truck is blocking the way

But also:

  • Every time the target walks into his living room a car passes by at the same moment
  • Every time the target clicks a web page, a bang on the wall follows
  • Every time the target talks on the phone about subject X, and later goes outside, people passing are talking about exactly the same subject to each other

Total loss of privacy

One of the most horrifying experiences for the target is the total loss of privacy. Can you imagine how it feels:

  • When you talk to someone on the phone about subject X and receive a spam email referring to this conversation
  • When a person you know calls you and refers to something he should not know about
  • When you move your head at night in bed, and then a sound it made on your wall

And these ‘coincidences’ do not happen once a month, but many times a day, sometimes several times a minute. The total loss of privacy is a very important aspect in driving a person into suicide. I believe this loss of privacy is more or less comparable with the loss of privacy experienced by the world’s most famous people. These people however are not being tortured 24 hours a day.

It gets worst: they read your mind to react to your thoughts

With current state of (advanced computer) technology it has become possible to read a persons mind. My research found that it has become ‘easy’ to read minds by monitoring subvocal speech. This is also possible from distances up to hundreds of meters but I am not sure if long distance mind reading can be done without being chipped. Many military advanced technologies are disclosed years after of being in use. In general you can state that if it can be done, it is done.

When a person silently talks to himself or silently reads, tongue and vocal cords are still controlled by the human mind, this is also known as subvocal speech. Without too much effort these signals can be received and decoded into a very high word recognition rate. AS MOST PEOPLE TALK SILENTLY TO THEMSELVES, THEIR THOUGHTS ARE NO lONGER PRIVATE!. There are also descriptions of mind reading machines and reports, including reports from targets like James F. Marino, stating that much more advanced mind reading also has become reality.

For targets of gang stalking and electronic harassment, mind reading is the next horrible step. They thought they had some privacy left: their thoughts. But today the stalkers and people cookers not only react to movements of the target but also to what the target is thinking about. Can you imagine how it feels:

  • Every time when you think about someone a horn is honked or aanother sound is made
  • If you think about a woman in a red coat ((and you say to yourself: nice coat), suddenly every where you go women in red coats appear
  • Every time you say ‘murderer’, or another word, in your head, a sound is made somewhere outside

There are some important remarks here:

  • This is also a psychogical ‘game’, so when the target starts to discover that his thoughts are read,
    he will be given the illusion that all his thoughts can be read very easy. This is NOT true.
    They do this e.g. by involving a lot of people in the harassment for a few days, e.g. by posting perpetrators at all locations the target may visit.
  • If the target knows his mind is read he can change his ‘thoughts’.
    For example, the target may ‘talk to himself silently’ the name supermarket X and then drive to some totally different location. The trick here is to ‘pronounce’ the word as clean as possible.

Facilitators and operators of these beyond imagination horrible torture methods are not random criminals but are part of our national secret services. And again these methods are not being used against criminals but against almost random normal law-abiding citizens.

Social implications of mind reading

In general I believe subvocal speech recoqnition is a real threat to our society NOW. Once you have a device that can record subvocal speech, you only need some software to decode. Bank card security codes are no longer safe. (Electronic) combination locks are no longer safe. Stealing, manipulation has become very easy.
Mind reading in general, which I consider part of electronic weapons, must be banned. Every attempt to develop technology to read the mind must be stopped. Criminals, including our national secret services, can do horrible things with this technology. Large scale abuse of this technology already takes place today by the sickest species on this planet, our national secret services, by using mind reading to torture normal people, and I leave it to your imagination what else they do with it.


To all politicians of the world

The only way to save the world is to stop your national secret services. Breaking laws and violating human rights in horrible ways has become a way of life. They are responsible for most problems in your neighbourhood, in your city, in your country, in the world. Make them responsible for what they are doing. Let them account for in detail, force them to open up their organizations for thorough investigations. Stop their funding if they do not co-operate. Replace directors and staff immediately by normal people for starters.

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August 16, 2008. Last modified: October 20, 2012

Gang stalking and electronic harassment

Gang stalking and electronic harassment are highly illegal methods used by secret services to eliminate persons, i.e. to cause the physical or mental death of a person. In general the following methods are used:

  • Causing events repeated in a manner not occurring in normal life
  • Reacting to the target’s movements
  • Creating events that relate to the target’s life
  • Creating events that slow down/disrupt the target’s life

The target is observed 24 hours a day using hi-tech equipment, including through wall vision devices. Electronic weapons are used to create sounds, stings, burns, heat the body, tooth pain, blurred vision, etc.

Reacting to the target’s movements to drive a person insane

Reacting to the target’s movements is very important in driving a person insane. Suppose every time you stand up a sound is made outside, every time you move your hand another sound is made, etc. Not once every hour but more like once every minute, or some times even a few times a minute. A number of sounds can be generated indoor, i.e. in the house of the target or a next door house. Other sounds are created outdoor. Examples of these outdoor sounds are slamming car doors, throwing of bricks in a container, etc. But also animals are used to make outdoor sounds.

Animal control at advanced stage

In a previous blog I wrote about about animals used by military and secret services. Many types of animals are trained and/or controlled to perform various actions.

Groups of dolphins are used to shield submarines from detection. Pigeons have been used for ages by military to deliver messages. During World War II pigeons were equipped with a camera and recorded enemy territory and movement. More recent, Chinese scientists released the news that they could remote control a pigeon. Black cats are used by secret services to show up before their targets several times a day for a number of days in a row.

The pigeon terror system

In The Netherlands and Belgium secret services use pigeons for stalking purposes (I assume the same but do not know about other other countries). Targets of gang stalking and electronic harassment are ‘followed’ everywhere by cooing and screaming pigeons.

  • When they open the door and walk outside pigeons start cooing or fly over screaming loud.
  • When they drive by car pigeons may fly along or sit on the road, flying away when the car comes closer.
  • When they drive to another location and step out of the car, a pigeon starts cooing.
  • When they walk from their home to e.g. the supermarket, pigeons at locations they pass start cooing.
  • When they visit familiy or friends that live couple of floors up in an appartment building, a pigeon comes to the balcony and starts cooing.
  • Etc.

May be the most effective is the pigeon ON-OFF method. Here the cooing is turned on or turned off to react to movement of the target. I can assure you, this really drives a person out-of-his-mind.

Pigeons, crows, other birds

Pigeons and crows are used to fly screaming around reacting to what the target is doing. Cooing is another way of reacting to what a victim is doing. Do not be surprised if they seem to control other birds as well, e.g. to make other birds fly to your lawn when you walk into the kitchen, etc.

Dogs and cats

Dogs are barking, Cats are meowing to react to what a victim is doing.

Electric (sawing) machines, motorbikes, coughing

Electric (sawing) machines, motorbikes, coughing are used to react to what a victim is doing.

How outdoor sounds are applied with electronic harassment/electronic torture

For the twisted and disturbed minds of the psychopaths and murderers that make up our national secret services, it is not enough to burn or cook a person with electronic weapons. To make things more horrible they combine the burning and cooking of their target with outdoor sounds in the following ways:

  • They start a sawing machine, saw some wood and at the same time the sawing blade is sawing the wood they cook or burn the target
  • They hit the gas pedal of their cars several times and at the same time cook or burn the target
  • They hit the gas pedal of their motorbike several times and at the same time cook or burn the target
  • They have a pigeon start cooing or screaming and at the same time cook or burn the target
  • They have dog start barking or a cat start meowing and at the same time cook or burn the target


To all politicians of the world

The only way to save the world is to stop your national secret services. Breaking laws and violating human rights in horrible ways has become a way of life. They are responsible for most problems in your neighbourhood, in your city, in your country, in the world. Make them responsible for what they are doing. Let them account for in detail, force them to open up their organizations for thorough investigations. Stop their funding if they do not co-operate. Replace directors and staff immediately by normal people for starters.

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July 5, 2008. Last modified: October 20, 2012
Never co-operate with secret services. The first thing they do is turn you into a murderer
(by making you accessory to their crimes)

Gang stalking, often performed in conjunction with electronic harassment (burn/cook/destroy through walls, (sub-vocal)mind-reading) is most of the time organized, performed, outsourced by national (or local) secret services. Many people that are asked to co-operate, e.g.:

  • to walk or drive by the victim’s house at certain moments
  • to go outside when the victim leaves or enters its home
  • to ask the victim a certain question

do not want to believe that they are part of a sinister plan to eliminate the victim. They are told lies and start co-operating thinking it is a good thing to do. Then after some time they realize that what they are doing is wrong, that they are committing a crime. Still, many continue to co-operate, but now because they are afraid that everybody will know that they are criminals, and that they may be treated the way the victim is treated.

Why gang stalkers and people cookers are murderers

The victim is a person placed on a list to be eliminated. Once the process starts there is no way back. It is important to emphasize that running away, moving to another location does not help as the victim is targeted everywhere he goes. This process can be described by two simple rules:


The aim is to drive the victim out-of-his-mind, insane, so the victim will act as follows:


In other words:


To be complete there are more ways a victim can get eliminated:

  • constructed car accidents
  • body damage by electronic weapons, (high power microwave, ultrasonic, ELF)
  • long term electronic harassment (cancer)
    Electromagnetic irradition destroys DNA. Body cells are renewed once in a while, cells with modified DNA are called cancer.

The aim is the death of the victim making the ones causing this murderers. What’s more, this is in fact premeditated murder.

Persons to be eliminated are not criminals

Many victims of gang stalking and/or electronic harressment have no clue why they are selected to be eliminated. Most of the time these persons are ordinary hard-working people, and most of the time they are friendly persons. Survivors report various reasons why they may be on this list. They know too much, their ex-partner is related to secret services/military, they have money, they have a company with outstanding products, they are people with special skills, they say something not nice to someone connected to the sick network, they have a house at a strategic location, they see things in the company they are working they should not see, etc.

The elimination list exists for three main reasons

  • to add new agents to the secret services network
    Every year secret service personel and agents die in action or by natural cause. They are replaced by the principle: create enemy, assembly allies.
  • to steal
    Companies are ruined so their own companies get the business, money is stolen so they can ‘pay’ the gang stalkers and people cookers, etc.
  • to perform experiments on people
    By first testing it on ordinary people, they can use proven methods and technology on well-known persons like politicians, activists, persons in jail, top athletes & top sports people and teams, etc.

Gang stalkers and people cookers torture people to death

Being eliminated by gang stalking and/or harassment with electronic weapons is truely horrible. The stalking or cooking/burning does not stop until the aim is reached, being the target committing suicide, collapsing into a psychiatric patient, committing a crime out of despair. The longer it takes the more horrible it gets, e.g. intensities by which targets are cooked with electronic weapons become insane and really cook a person like a microwave oven cooks meat. And what to think of making a target burp or fart e.g. every time a car passes his window, the targets children being cooked and/or burned, the target’s mind is read (sub-vocal) and reacted to in a second. This reacting including bursting (mostly) microwaves is not done once or twice a day, but 24/7 once or twice every five minutes or even several times a minute. This is all horrible torture, and no more than torturing a person to death.

Summary: gang stalkers and people cookers are murderers

Gang stalkers and people cookers and the ones facilitating and responsible belong to the sickest species on this planet. They torture, murder, steal, and profit, stuff themselves from the (blood) money stolen from the people they murder. They are just parasites that should not walk around but belong in prison for the rest of their lives.


To all politicians of the world

The only way to save the world is to stop your national secret services. Breaking laws and violating human rights in horrible ways has become a way of life. They are responsible for most problems in your neighbourhood, in your city, in your country, in the world. Make them responsible for what they are doing. Let them account for in detail, force them to open up their organizations for thorough investigations. Stop their funding if they do not co-operate. Replace directors and staff immediately by normal people for starters.

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June 15, 2008. Last modified: May 19, 2011

Found the blog of Dr Les Dove on the internet. Les writes about crimes of our governments and secret services. Some excerpts from his blog ‘WHY MI5 MUST BE ABOLISHED’:

Yes, I know that the United States and the British governments say that they ‘Don’t’ murder people’ but again, they do, and they both have been doing so for many years. That is why both fascist governments have remained in power for so many years past, and quite probably, why they will remain in power for so many more years to come – unless you finally wake up to the deceptions being played upon you and stop believing all the lies politicians consistently tell you over the radio, press and television. Stop believing what these liars are saying they are going to do – look at what they have already done over the last fifty years, and expect more of the same, because that is exactly what you are going to get. Until the people of Britain start demanding true democracy and full accountability, with honest politicians and a truly free media, all you and your children can look forward to is, more corruption, more fascism and a slavery that you might never imagine in your worst nightmares.

The sad truth is that Britain’s security organizations are no better than other similar organizations anywhere else in the world. They are no better than paid thugs, torturers and murderers prepared to do anything that their masters wish them to. So long as they continue to prop up fascism and maintain the status quo with the Royal Family at the head of it, they are seen as doing their job, no matter how many people they persecute or murder. The often-believed tale that MI5 and the Special Branch are the quiet protectors of the British people is no more than another deception, a myth that has been propagated by other fascists who deplore the very notion of Britain ever becoming a true democracy.

Full article:

More from Les Dove:

To all politicians of the world

The only way to save the world is to stop your national secret services. Breaking laws and violating human rights in horrible ways has become a way of life. They are responsible for most problems in your neighbourhood, in your city, in your country, in the world. Make them responsible for what they are doing. Let them account for in detail, force them to open up their organizations for thorough investigations. Stop their funding if they do not co-operate. Replace directors and staff immediately by normal people for starters.

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May 31, 2008. Last modified: May 31, 2008

At the moment I am updating the STOPEG websites. I would appreciate it very much if you make a donation to support our activities (maintaining our websites, creating awareness, supporting victims). Thank you!

April 28, 2008. Last modified: October 20, 2012

Try to recall the most sick and disturbed persons you have ever read or heard about.Now try to imagine there are persons far worst than the ones you know,torturing innocent people slowly to death, torturing and murdering children, even torturing and murdering animals. That is really difficult to accept for us, normal people as we are.We simply do not want to believe this kind of evil exists, it makes us sick, we may start vomiting when stories so horrible are being suggested, being told.
But it can be even worst. Imagine this evil is related to your government, is being approved, executed, controlled, outsourced by your national secret services including military. It is all hard to believe isn’t it. Unfortunately for your peace of mind these disturbed persons really exist, and unfortunately your national secret services are really involved in these horrible activities. But even more unfortunate are the victims of these horrible crimes.

The new generation of electronic weapons is capable of burning and cooking humans, destroying (exploding) body tissue, or cause heart attacks. This is all possible from large distances (hundreds of meters) and through walls. These weapons are now (2008) being used at large by secret services to eliminate people: incapacitate, drive into suicide, insanity, criminal behaviour, or are just used to cause heart failure, brain damage, etc. They replace knife, bullet, poison, car accidents.

Push button torture & murder – cooking people

Secret services have turned into depots of psychopaths and murderers. It is getting worse. They now recruit people to press the buttons of these electronic weapons, button[1] is cook-a-person, button[2] is simulate-a-heart-attack, button[3] is simulate/cause-kidney-failure.

Can you image a person microwaving someone like a microwave oven cooks meat?

Electronic weapons, capabilities April 2008
Low-power microwave weapons can be hidden e.g. in a shopping bag and are used to distract e.g. by giving you burning sensation, stings, make you burp or fart, blur your vision. High power microwave (HPM) weapons can be installed everywhere and mounted in cars (including your own) and can be used to cook a person like a microwave oven cooks meat, to ‘shoot’ and burn. Most of these weapons can be aimed very precise, that is why they are called Directed Energy Weapons (DEW). From a distance (and through walls) they can hit you, but not the person sitting next to you. Sometimes these weapons are called non-lethal because they are designed to be applied only for a very short period with the intention to incapacitate people or make people get out of the beam, not to kill them immediately. All experts agree that zapping persons for extended periods is very damaging, which is easy to understand, compare reports about cell phone irradiation.

The perfect weapon, does not kill (immediately), leaves no evidence
If you want people out of the way you cannot use a gun. When you shoot the target there is proof of a bullet and damaged tissue. With current electronic weapons eliminating people is very easy and best of all, elimination is without evidence. When you want to prevent a person from giving a presentation at work, you can heat him up the night before so he will feel sick, give some diareah, make him cough when talking, make him scratch his head, etc. If this was done to you, would you be able to understand this? Probably you would think you just had the worst luck that day. BUT THIS WAS NOT BAD LUCK: YOU WERE INCAPACITATED WITH ELECTRONIC WEAPONS. In other words, you were cooked that day. They also may do this to the target’s children, meaning the target must stay home or go home to take care of his child.

Low power/low intensity is just as damaging to your functioning as a human being
Electronic weapons will not immediately kill you or burn a hole in your body. When you are in a meeting someone in the same room can zap your head with a low intensity device, so you want to scratch your head. Someone may fire an energy burst at your throat so you start coughing when you are doing your presentation. They may mount a microwave weapon in your home aimed at your legs when you are in bed and after a month you have to see a doctor because your feet really hurt. They attack your credibility or have you out of the way during important events. These are all very damaging low power/low intensity applications. You may loose your job, a promotion, your family, etc.

High power/high intensity is horrible torture
If the target understands what is being done to him they will increase frequency and intensities. The target gets cooked by HPM, for example every five minutes he receives a burst making him burp, giving a burning sensation on the back, feeling cooked inside where beam went through, and in case of high intensity there is also a burning sensation where the beam leaves the body. Or they make the target’s body react to what is happening in his surroudings. E.g. everytime a car passes by, the target is zapped so that he will burp or fart at the same time (it takes 1-3 seconds to make make a person burp or fart). Or they burn his intestinals (tailbone) so he will suffer horrible cramps, burn his back with insane intensity when he is in the swimming pool, shoot HPM at him when he is running. THIS HORRIBLE TORTURE IS CALLED PEOPLE COOKING.

Everybody can be a target
In some cases you are just a one time target, and once they they got what they want they will go away. In other cases, you are on a list and must be eliminated, not because you are a bad person but mostly because you just was at the wrong place at the wrong time. If 1-out-of-20 people in your country are connected somehow to the national secret services network (probably much more) then chances are you have co-workers, friends, acquintances who are part of this network. Of course they will not tell you this.

Part of the population is eliminated to let the sick system survive i.e. recruit new agents (murderers), see also the links below. May be you have something they want, e.g. your house is at a strategic position (corner), may be you criticize the policy of your government, may be you are a loner, may be you are an activist, may be you play piano on sunday mornings, may be you know something of some person.

You may argue that the chance you become a target is very small. That is right. But don’t think you cannot become a target if you live a normal life, in fact most persons placed on this list are friendly, non-shooting back persons. You may become a target more easy then get involved in a car accident.

Physical and mental death
If you have been selected to be eliminated, see above, neighbours, co-workers, friends, etc. are recruited and become part of the sick system. The aim is your physical or mental death: suicide, phychiatric patient, criminal, disease caused by irradiation or poisening. Although gang stalking techniques are used for this and are very effective for may be 90% of the cases, the process is significantly speeded by applying electronic weapons. These weapons are used to make a target look like a schizophrenic. If the target does not know about these weapons he may think he has been hit by the fury of God himself. If the target does know, then it is very difficult to convince other people what is done to him.

These weapons have been developed but they did not tell us and did not develop methods to detect these kinds of harassment. Governments/secret services keep electronic weapons out of the media, police is not instructed on what to do with complaints like these.

Covert electronic harassment/torture – examples
It is called covert as the target being burned/cooked has no clue of what is happening.


  • Heated body, feeling sick like having the flu
  • Headaches that come and suddenly disappear
  • Sting sensations like a fly or mosquito
  • Blurred vision
  • Irresistible coughing
  • Very serious diareah
  • Heart attack/cramps
  • Kidney pain
  • Excessive burping
  • Excessive farting
  • Stomach pain
  • Stomach bubbling
  • Intestinals cramps
  • Pain in the legs
  • Pain in ankles
  • Heel muscle
  • Reduced strength in hands
  • Aging the body
  • etc.

If you do not know what can be done to you, you will get a wrong diagnose because nothing is wrong with you (in the first place)! You may even get operated.

Covert electronic harassment/torture – How it is applied
Most of this harassment is done the same ways people are gang stalked. If you tell someone about these incidents, they will say: I got the same problem sometimes.

  • When you bend over they hit your back
  • When you stand on one foot e.g. in the kitchen to get something from a cupboard they hit that foot
  • When you turn your head, they hit your neck
  • When you sleep they cook your legs so they will feel stiff the next morning
  • When you sleep they wake you by cooking your stomach
  • When you rub your eyes they blur your vision
  • Etc.

Also important is that they ‘help’ the target by making things worst. Example: suppose your left leg becomes painful because you hit a piece of wood by accident. Now, they will zap your leg at the location you feel pain over and over again, including nights, to make you suffer (maximum pain).

Non-covert electronic harassment/torture – examples
It is called non-covert as the target being burned/cooked knows exactly what is happening.

  • All mentioned above
  • Make your body react (burp/fart) to cars driving by your house
  • Burn your anus
  • Microwave you with insane intensity (you feel like being cooked alive)
  • Shoot you with HPM when on the street
  • Burn/cook your body
  • Leave visible evidence of their attacks
  • Burn your child e.g. in the stomach, then burn you in the stomach
  • Burn/cook your children reacting to what you say/do
  • Shoot your child in the eye when you dry the face after a shower (to make it appear you hurt them)
  • Etc.

Also important is that they ‘get exited’ when the target makes mistakes. Example: suppose you release a software update but something is not correct. Now they will beam you on the head, the back, your child, etc. to drive you out of your mind, insane. Sometimes they wait for a long time just to get a good ‘shot’.

The people cookers belong to sickest species on the planet
As already stated above, the only thing people applying electronic torture have in common with normal people is that they look human. They are murderers and as such there no boundaries for them anymore. It cannot be emphasized enough, the persons applying electronic harassment/torture belong to the sickest species on the planet. I know,other horrible torture also exists, like cutting organs from a living persons. You cannot compare horrible torture, but day-by-day torture by people cooking, including children, certainly is very horrible (the end result being physical or mental death).

The people cookers are part of the psychopaths and murderers that make up your national secret services. We, the normal people, created laws and human rights. The ones who violate these must be jailed. Let’s jail these bastards!


To all politicians of the world

The only way to save the world is to stop your national secret services. Breaking laws and violating human rights in horrible ways has become a way of life. They are responsible for most problems in your neighbourhood, in your city, in your country, in the world. Make them responsible for what they are doing. Let them account for in detail, force them to open up their organizations for thorough investigations. Stop their funding if they do not co-operate. Replace directors and staff immediately by normal people for starters.

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March 24, 2008. Last modified: October 20, 2012
Never co-operate with secret services. The first thing they do is turn you into a murderer
(by making you accessory to their crimes)


Secret services have been and still are the armies of the elite. But it was around 1945 that the world suddenly became a much smaller place by planes, atom bombs. And after WOII there was an enemy, the Russians, communism. Based on this fact national secret services restructured and built their networks. All over the country people were recruited to join this help-and-protect-your-country program. But then the enemy disappeared, the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 marked the end of the Cold War.

Agents are available in all cities across the country. There is some hierarchy but basically the organization is very flat with agent A not knowing that his neighbour is agent B. Agents are often utility workers, water, gas, mail services, etc. But also people present at all levels in all organizations, including police, fire department, newspapers, advertising agencies, broadcasting studio’s, etc.

A cancer in society

The secret services system had become very powerful over the years. Methods had been developed to eliminate people without evidence, programs had been started to program people, see also COINTELPRO, MKULTRA.
But power corrupts and the system became sick. Stealing and murdering became a habit and after some time no one within the system was normal anymore, everybody was compromized in one way or the other, had become a thief and/or murderer. The system no longer protected the common people but instead attacked them, murdered them to steal. In other words, the system became a cancer in society.

Part of the population is murdered to let the sick system live and expand

Without an enemy, recruiting new employees and agents became a problem. To keep the sick system alive, they started murdering normal people to recruit new agents and personnel. The method: create enemy, assemble allies, employees/agents. Find a naive, decent person. Drive the victim almost insane using gang stalking and electronic weapons. Involve neighbours, co-workers. Drive the victim into suicide, psychiatric patient, criminal. The net result is a new number of employees/agents. During elimination they may test new methods, test new equipment, test medicine, e.g. deploy new (electronic) weapons on targeted people and their children.

Created their own sick reality, their own sick rules

The secret services networks are based on fear, fear for the truth to be revealed: they are all murderers. Over the years these networks created their own reality and rules, having nothing to do with the laws normal people must abide to:

  • Only psychopaths and murderers can be part of the system
  • If you talk we kill you and/or your family
  • Everything can be done as long as it can not be proven

Problem with these rules is that the crimes get bigger and bigger. They use a manual to eliminate a normal person. Once in while they encounter a person who does not fit the pattern and the manual appears useless. Not knowing what to do they commit bigger crimes to reveal the truth from being exposed. To hide these new crimes they commit more ugly crimes, etc.

Isolated from society, choked by their own criminal system

To eliminate victims they try to isolate them. The truth is that they themselves are the ones that are isolated from society and there is no way of getting out of their sick system, there is no way of becoming a normal person again anymore.

Want to play for Gods but are nothing but perverted murderers

Being part of the criminal system, they feel powerful, they have control over anyone because they will always outnumber their targets and have the best methods and weapons to eliminate. But this compensates the fact that they know they are murderers only partly. Main thought is that being part of the sick system makes them feel safe, they believe that the sick system will protect them from being send to jail.

Once a murderer, always a murderer

Most of the new recruits/agents are slowly advanced to the murderer status. First asked to show the target an email, to say a word or sentence to the target, to drive their car and be at a junction the same time the target gets there, to call a person at a certain moment, etc.. Only after a certain time or a number of times they start realizing that what they do is not normal and may have serious impact on their target and that their actions may be very illegal although they were asked by what appeared respectable people. Only the strong will resist further participation. The others will object but continue participation and after some time there is no way back. Most know they are involved in a plot to eliminate a person, and arrive at a point where they realize may very well be accessory to murder. Now, there is no way out of this except through prison. Being a thief you can say, I will not steal anymore, and then you are not a thief anymore. you Once a murderer however you cannot say, I will stop doing this and then I am not a murderer anymore.

Once a murderer, there are no boundaries

Once crossed the boundary of murderer, there is nothing that these sick persons will not do. What is worse than murdering? Involving children in their crimes, torturing children, torturing innocent people, stalking, it is no problem because it is less worse then murder so it is no problem to do this.

Once a murderer, others must be made murderers as well

Once crossed the boundary of murderer, they realize that they have become disgusting creatures. Looking around and seeing all those normal people does not really make them feel better. The more people are like them, the better they will feel. This is why it can become a passion for them to trick other people into murder.

Afraid of normal people, hiding their crimes because nobody likes murderers

Normal people do not like murderers. To hide their crimes they infiltrate all organizations at all levels. This is a necessity to keep the system safe, out of the newspapers. You can imagine that to cover up new crimes the system must expand. The more people are in the system, the more people are required for control and monitoring.

Best liars in the world, but are mentally sick persons, terrorists and pedophiles themselves

A part of the trick they do to eliminate people is to spread lies. One of the worst lies they telll about a target is that it is a pedophile. Scary part is that they are often pedophiles themselves. Fortunately lies in general hold only 2-3 years.

Never taking any responsibility for what they do

Many people inside the sick system have developed truely psychopathic characteristics, if not they were psychopaths already. One of their main characteristics is that they never take responsibility for what they do. This looks a bit like how not very intelligent persons react when asked why they went out of line. They answer that they are not very intelligent and that they just take orders from people who they think know things better even if they believe that they have to do things that aimed at hurting a person. However, every human being knows right from wrong.

Abuse most powerful weapons (electronic weapons) in history to steal and murder normal people
Never in history secret services had access to such powerful weapons. While these weapons should be used to protect country, corporations and high profile people, the truth is that these weapons are used against a countries own citizens. Many targeted people do not even know that they are a target, they are eliminated (incapacitated, tortured, murdered). Survivors often do not know why they are targeted, are burned and cooked.

Mind reading for more control and more torture

With current state of technology it has become easy to pick up and process signals send by the human body and brain. Most easy is to pick up and decode signals generated by words not spoken through the mouth but ‘in the head’. Again this is a method used by secret services to control and manipulate. Mind reading also is used as a torture method (by reacting to what a target is thinking).

Push button torture and murder has become a way of life: people cookers and people burners

The human body appears extremely sensitive to electromagnetic radiation. With these new electronic weapons it is no longer necessary to stab a person with a knife, to shoot a bullet, to poisen. These old-fashioned methods are now replaced by the new no-touch torture and murder methods. High power microwave (HPM) can cook (parts of) a person from hundreds of meters and through walls. Sonic devices can be used to destroy tissue, cause kidney or heart failure syptoms, etc. In addition, it is much easier to find people willing to perform torture and murder this way. Studies showed that the greater the distance between the torturer and the victim, the more easy it is for the torturer to apply the torture (see also the Milgram experiment).

Statements from people wanting more control to prevent the truth from being revealed

A director of the Dutch secret service said some time ago that the laws do not apply to them. Excuse me!

Dutch terrorist coordinator Joustra arranged for people to be followed everywhere in such a way that the target would see the followers (this was forbidden when a woman filed a lawsuit). Excuse me!

The same Joustra also introduced a system where they can harass a person in a city, and they only have to inform the mayor they are following this person. The reasons are not given but must be inquired for explicitly by the mayor (to make their illegal actions as invisible as possible). Excuse me!

Secretary of Defense of the US Rumsfeld told us he had lawyers investigate the limits of torture and they did nothing wrong in Iraq. But he had to adjust this. Excuse me!

Very recently, Bush vetoes bill banning waterboarding, although everybody agrees that this method violates human rights. Excuse me!

Failed as human beings, not human anymore, not even rats, just pieces of shit

Personally, I am not against police or secret services. But the only conclusion can be that secret services have turned into depots of psychopaths and murderers and have access to the most advanced weapons in history ever. With these electronic weapons and without an enemy they now torture and kill citizens, they commit the most horrible crimes in history, violate human rights in all terrible ways. Why? To keep their sick system alive.

I consider these creatures not human, not even rats (that would be an offense to the rats) but just pieces of shit.

Prove to me I am wrong, open up your organizations for independent investigations

Secret services are protected from thorough investigations. The reason we are given is that these investigations might be useful for terrorists (who are the terrorists anyway). This is bullshit. The only reason is that the people within the system are scared that the truth may be revealed. Until secret services do not allow these investigations I can only assume I am right and they are afraid for the truth to be revealed.

Let the people of the world decide who they want in jail

The above states that a large number of people is involved in murdering activities, they should be jailed! Our jails however are already occupied by people convicted for all sorts of crimes. I want to propose the following question to be answered by the people of the world:

Who do you want in jail?

A. Persons committing crimes like bank robberies, persons having murdered others when in a state of rage, or

B. Persons who systematically (physically and mentally) murder innocent people year by year by year.

Not a very difficult question to answer is it?


To all politicians of the world

The only way to save the world is to stop your national secret services. Breaking laws and violating human rights in horrible ways has become a way of life. They are responsible for most problems in your neighbourhood, in your city, in your country, in the world. Make them responsible for what they are doing. Let them account for in detail, force them to open up their organizations for thorough investigations. Stop their funding if they do not co-operate. Replace directors and staff immediately by normal people for starters.

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March 7, 2008. Last modified: October 20, 2012

Update March 8, 2008: Added link TI from Jacksonville, Florida about a victim of gang stalking and electronic harassment who’s children were tortured by beaming them with electronic weapons (directed energy weapons) and finally got the message that this all was related to a CIA undercover agent.


It cannot be emphasized enough. To eliminate (mostly innocent) persons, see also this blog why this is done, secret services not only torture and (physical or mental) murder the victim but also often harass (including torture and murder) family members, relatives, friends/supporters of the victim. They also involve neighbours etc. in their crimes to eliminate the victim.
In addition, secret services use children to reach their objective (they don’t care about children, remember we are dealing here with the most sick and disturbed persons of the planet):

  • Torture the children of the victim
  • Harass the children of the family or friends of the victim
  • Criminate/abuse other children, i.e. make children accomplice to murder one, endanger other children

Children of victims of gang stalking/electronic weapons often get tortured with electronic weapons (directed energy weapons):

  • Burned to make them scream at certain moment (babies, not even a year old)
  • Burn/cook a child of the victim to distress a victim
  • First burn/cook the victim, then burn/cook the victims child the same way and make sure the child will complain (by burning the child with sufficient intensity)

Children of family members/friends are harassed:

  • Setting some children up to beat this child
  • Create e.g. accident by sabotaging the bicycle
  • etc.

Other children are set up to perform criminal activities part of the plan to eliminate the victim:

  • Running circles around the victim
  • Have a child bicycle before the victim’s parking exit when the victim is leaving to take his child to school
  • Throw a stone against the victim window
  • Make a child walk before the victim window at certain moment (compare car stalking)
  • Have a child, or multiple children, block the sidewalk, road of a victim
  • etc.

This is all done to isolate and break the victim. Remember, that the victim was selected to be a decent non-shooting back person. Most victims will stay at distance from the persons they love as they do not want them to get hurt.

All these activities from secret services are horrible crimes forbidden by laws, horrible human rights violations.

I consider these crimes against children as ultimate child abuse and consider the perverted cowards committing these crimes pedophiles. Let’s jail these bastards!

Photo from (20111126, site gone)


To all politicians of the world:

The only way to save the world is to stop your national secret services. They are responsible for most problems in your neighbourhood, in your city, in your country, in the world. Make them responsible for what they are doing. Let them account for in detail, force them to open up their organizations for thorough investigations. Stop their funding if they do not co-operate. Replace directors and staff immediately by normal people for starters.

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March 1, 2008. Last modified: October 20, 2012

Donald Friedman, victim of misuse of the microwave hearing/audio effect for over 10 years, obtained the US Army declassified report (declassified due to a review that was done as a result of his FOIA request)’Bioeffects of Selected Nonlethal Weapons’. It is part of study on nonlethal weapons technology the rest of which has not yet been declassified.

The document, from 1998 (!), does not prove that weapons exist based on these technologies. However, it describes it is possible and how it can be done and we all know that if this is the case, it is developed (and used). The weapons race never stops. Although no official statements have been made, we can safely assume that weapons are constructed based on these technologies and used. All over the internet horrible stories are appearing from victims of electronic harassment and electronic torture.

The nature of this document is such that it should alert politicians
all over the world to:

  • prepare and implement new laws forbidding the use of these technologies
  • start/speed development of methods and devices capable of detecting these intrusions on humans, to be used by police and citizens

Effects described:

  • Microwave heating – Heating the human body to incapacitate a person
  • Microwave hearing – Letting a person hear sounds/voices in his head without normal sound
  • Neural control – Disrupt normal muscle control, invoke muscle spasms
  • Acoustic energy – Pressure sensations, nausea, eye spasms, see the world turning

Laser induced Biological effects:

  • Chemical effect
  • Thermal effects – The primary mechanism for laser induced injury
  • Mechanical or acoutical mechanical effects – Pressure wave can result in explosive tissue injury

The effects of lasers on eyes:

  • Dazzling or induced g1are
  • Flashblinding or loss of night adaptation
  • Permanent or semipermanent blinding


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January 26, 2008. Last modified: May 29, 2011

Ran into two articles by Cheryl Welsh on the Mind Justice website.

Some lines in the ‘no touch torture’ article (from a book of Gloria Naylor):

  • Victims are subjected to various kinds of harassment and torture, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, for years on end. Most believe that some type of technology can remotely track, target, and control every nerve in their bodies. Heart and respiration rate can speed up and slow down, and stomach and bowel functions are regulated. Illnesses and all types of pain can turn on and off in an instant. Microwave burns are reported.
  • Sleep deprivation is common and dreams are manipulated. Victims say, “They [whoever is targeting them] can see through my eyes, what I see.” Sometimes victims describe seeing the images of projected holograms. Thoughts can be read. Most victims describe a phenomenon they call “street theater.” For example, people around the victim have repeated verbatim, the victim’s immediate thoughts, or harassive and personalized statements are repeated by strangers wherever the victim may go.
  • Emotions can be manipulated. Microwave hearing, known to be an unclassified military capability of creating voices in the head, is regularly reported. Implanted thoughts and visions are common, with repetitive themes that can include pedophilia, homophobia and degradation. Victims say it is like having a radio or TV in your head. Less frequently, remote and abusive sexual manipulation is reported. Almost all victims say repetitive behavior control techniques are used and include negative, stimulus-response or feedback loops.

Read more:

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January 19, 2008. Last modified: July 14, 2011

For many people all over the world (including me) the information presented by Mark on his website became a reference describing gang stalking called State-Sponsored Terror Campaigns. Very accurate descriptions of methods and background information. But the website went offline and many (including me) feared that we would not hear from him again.

Now Mark is back with much more information! All that time he did a lot of research on why people are targetted, who is behind it, and presents all information organized and well-written. Thank you Mark for sharing all this information with us. His summary:

The streets of the NATO nations have been taken over by networks of informants who Gang Stalk people on behalf of the financial elite, who own & control governments. All NATO governments are fully complicit in the harassment which includes the use of military-grade Directed Energy Weapons. This is part of the creation of a worldwide socialist dictatorship known as the New World Order.

If you are looking for gang stalking/non-lethal weapons only:

  • Click Online book in the (navigation: left), then
  • Click Volume II Part I – Introduction to the Hidden Evil (navigation: right)


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January 12, 2008. Last modified: October 20, 2012

Every year employees and agents of national secret services retire or die from normal causes. To keep the system running and expanding new employees and agents must be recruited. They cannot recruit new agents and staff by job recruitment advertisement in newspapers. They are psychopaths and murderers, imagine they hire someone who is honest and reliable, that could cause serious problems!

They need people having criminal records or people who can be compromised easily, who fear for the truth about them to be revealed and keep their mouth shut. It is not easy to recruit these people, you can use ex-cons, but you also need people without criminal records.

But … there is an easy way to recruit new employees/agents: Eliminate normal people!

Select victims, make sure they are normal and civilized enough not to shoot back, and eliminate them using gang stalking methods and electronic weapons. Elimination is physical or mental murder: suicide, psychiatric patient, turn into criminal.

More important, involve neighbours, colleges, and other persons around the victim, make them co-operate, make them accomplice, and after some time make them feel they are part of a horrible secret pact intending the physical or mental death of the victim. Once the victim is ‘removed’, a whole new group of agents has been created!

In short:

  • Agents and employees pass names of persons who they consider/want to be ‘eliminated’
  • Often there are no reasons of security risks, instead reason often appear to be personal
  • These persons are placed on a list
  • From this list people are choosen, monitored and disturbed (with minimal visibility)
  • An important criterium for selection is that the victims must be normal i.e. they are civilized persons of whom can be assumed that they will not shoot back when attacked
  • If they can not find a plausible reason, they wait until something comes up, that can be used, and lied about, so they have their story.
  • Elimination starts


This is just scaling down from world politics, the method used is the same:
At macro level the US creates a new enemy, then with the ‘evidence’ recruits allies to fight the war. Even if they all are wrong (most of the time) they all will stick together because they share a horrible truth.
At micro level secret services create an enemy, a not-shooting-back-person, by telling lies, then recruit neighbours, co-workers, etc. The neighbours, co-workers, etc. know they are disceived but keep their mouths shut and stick together because they share a horrible truth.

In both cases ‘agents’ (allies) are recruited basically by making them accomplice to war/murder.

This is not the price of democracy. It is mass murder, at macro level of hundred thousands of innocent peope, at micro level of a country’s own mostly innocent civilians, committed by the biggest criminals in history.

See also:

To all politicians of the world:

The only way to save the world is to stop your national secret services. They are responsible for most problems in your neighbourhood, in your city, in your country, in the world. Make them responsible for what they are doing. Let them account for in detail, force them to open up their organizations for thorough investigations. Stop their funding if they do not co-operate. Replace directors and staff immediately by normal people for starters.

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January 4, 2008. Last modified: October 20, 2012

It took me some time to understand the system of power, to pinpoint the ones running the world. It is just hard to accept that power resides with mostly ruthless people, although this is in fact nothing special. These people commit all sorts of crimes to maintain and expand their powers and have the capabilities (the system) to cover up their crimes. This is the system that controls/directs national secret services to do things they want. And these things are often horrible crimes.

In fact you can say that this is turning the world upside down. The biggest psychopaths and smartest murderers teamed together to control the middle class. People who understand this, troublemakers, activists, whistleblowers, people who have something the network wants, people too smart for the network, free thinkers, are eliminated, by physical or mental murder. Again this is nothing special, this is the way how the elite maintains itself.

What is new however is the way how large groups of people can be controlled and eliminated/silenced. Using the most advanced technology and weapons, hundred thousands, millions, can be monitored, controlled and if necessary eliminated silently using hitech electronic weapons. This is not history repeating itself, we are at the dawn of a new era where a very small group of people is capable of controlling the world population. Privacy and freedom of the people of the world are at stake! The first signs of this facist NWO (New World Order) are the monitoring/recording of your payments, travel, phone calls, internet. Other signs are the increasing number of stories of people reporting being targeted by gang stalking methods and electronic weapons, methods and weapons violating all human rights.
You can write a book about this, but the summary is:

We, the normal middle class people, are at war with the (powerful) mentally ill.


March 18, 2008: The economics editor of the London Guardian, Larry Elliott, has described the current financial crisis as a “gigantic fraud”, the fallout of a deliberate and preconceived profit agenda to enslave the middle classes in a debt bubble.


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December 31, 2007. Last modified: July 14, 2011

December 25, 2007. Last modified: October 20, 2012

Updated December 25, 2007

Beginning of 2007 US Defense showed a number of so-called non-lethal electronic weapons to the public (see also ADS, Active Denial System). Media refer to these weapons as people zappers. Electronic weapons are used by secret services to eliminate (torture and murder) people mostly in NATO countries.

I called these weapons and the people applying them people burners (, or mensenbranders in Dutch, but must make an addition. These weapons are also used to cook the targets (this happens when you aim high power microwaves at a person, again compare microwave oven).

By aiming high power microwaves at a stomach of a person you can make a person burp, by aiming at the lungs you can make a person burp (in another way), by aiming at the intestines you can make a person fart, etc. Think what happens if power is increased (and yes this is done!). In all cases the microwaves are used to heat the fluids in the human body so you can say the person is being cooked! You can also call these weapons and the people applying them people cookers (, or mensenkokers in Dutch

Most of the time the people cookers use high energy bursts to cause burping or farting in a second. This is just another way of reacting to what the target is doing or his environment (e.g. a car is passing by, or something known is on television, etc.).
This is not science-fiction, these weapons are used today (and the sick & disturbed people using them exist)!


1. Slow cooking your stomach

What is it
Electronic (microwave) weapons are used to heat the body from the inside, like stomach and intestines.

When it is applied
The people cookers can do do this at several moments of the day but as they are torturers they can also heat your stomach every night around 4-5 am so you will wake up from extreme activity inside your stomach, bubbling, a lot noise.

2. Speed cooking your stomach/lungs/intestines

Some background
One of the things victims of gang stalking/electronic harassment are subject to is excessive reaction to everything they do and everything that happens in their surroundings. E.g. when a victim walks into his living room, a car or pedestrian passes by, always, everytime. The moment he sits down behind his computer, a popup from the emailclient appears on the screen signalling a new email, always, everytime. When a victim is on the toilet, a car arrives and stops nearby. The moment the victim leaves the toilet, the car drives away, making it impossible to see the car.

What is it
The idea behind speed cooking your body is to let the victim’s body react to what is happening in his surroundings. The torturers heat the fluids in part of the body in a very fast way. The fluids evaporate and the produced gas/air tries to find a way out of the body. For the stomach and upper part of the body, the nearest exit is the mouth, for the intestines the nearest exit is the anus. The heating of the body is done by applying extremely powerfull microwave bursts to the part of the body they want to react. If applied with sufficient power it will take 1-3 seconds before you start to burb, or fart.

When applied with these intensities on the chest or back, the victim experiences the following sensation. First there is a strange weakening feeling. Then he starts to burb one to four times, then there follows a souring sensation, and then a burning sensation is experienced where the body was hit. If applied with enough power there will be a burning sensation also on the other side of the body, i.e. where the microwave burst let the body. On the lower parts of the body the burning and souring sensation are minimal, if they can be felt at all. Most of the time there will be a burning sensation because of the fact that the tortures want your body to react in 1-3 seconds, hence high power burst are used.

When it is applied
It is applied to have the body of the victim react to things in his surroundings. For example, when the victim is sitting in his living room, then every time a car or pedestrian, passes, he is made to burb or fart. Or, everytime the victim enters his living room, or his toilet. Or everytime the victim opens a web page on his computer, or everytime an email arrives or the phone rings. The torturers also create their own sounds or noise and synchronize this with speed cooking the victim. This speed cooking of your body is not applied once a day but sometimes every five minutes (also imagine the effects on the human body of this horrible torture).

Outside as well
This equipment is portable and can be applied from cars. So the torturers also hit their victims outside with these extreme microwave bursts. In general, there at least 2-3 cars in a row so the victim cannot tell from which car the bursts were fired. They fire at the victim when he is driving his car on the highway, or when the victim is jogging outside. When jogging for an hour there can be 10 hits or more. This means that there are a lot of these weapons already in use (it is not just one weapon, that is constantly moved). The bursts outside are often more intense than those applied inside the victims home, the torturers want to make sure they hit the victim.

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December 23, 2007. Last modified: May 25, 2011

I ran into two well written books of mr. Mukazo Vunda about Covert Warfare and Defense against it, and can recommend them to everyone. Mr. Mukazo Vunda describes his experiences with Covert Warfare, gang stalking and electronic weapons (directed energy weapons).

Unspeakable Truth: The Role Covert Warfare Plays In Western Culture by Mukazo Mukazo Vunda
This book debunks the generally held belief a fringe group that has infiltrated key social positions – is hidden, powerful, beyond the law, has an agenda – runs the affairs of the western world, and silences or eliminates whistleblowers, activists, political dissidents and others who pose a threat to the order using a gang of endless, recruited perpetrators, suggesting instead that the people pulling the strings and those who carry out the dirty work are quasi licensed harassers and executioners in the system, hence the known fact they are aided, and even protected by society, including the police. The covert warfare targeted individuals fall prey to in the west isn’t as covert as it is misleadingly defined. It is in fact institutionalized, meaning it has of necessity been made a part of the system. It is functional for society at large inasmuch as it provides a safe outlet for appetites generated in the masses by the western cultural orientation, that would otherwise destroy society from within. (108 pages) Paperback: €10.21 Download: €5.83

Coherent Madness: Effective Defense Against Covert Warfare by Mukazo Mukazo Vunda
Covert warfare, as indeed the concomitant research and experimentation in electronic, chemical and biological agents on unwitting civilians, is becoming more widespread than ever before. A tax money supported network of dedicated criminals for whom waging covert warfare is a way of life is ever on the increase, their job to eliminate innocents who pose a threat to people in positions of power, and whoever else can hire them. Intelligence agencies, there to protect citizens from internal and external foes, as well as the police forces, are heavily involved, giving their consent, services, even the best of their know-how and technology to the disposal of these thugs. This book doesn’t just inform that it happens. This is already quite known. Instead, it enlightens on other, unknown aspects of this phenomenon, including a possible agenda, and the origin of the practice. It also gives advice, based on first hand experience of the author and numerous other sources, on how to identify and cope with attacks. (124 pages) Paperback: €13.13 Download: €10.21

Buy now hard copy or download for immediate reading:

November 25, 2007. Last modified: October 20, 2012

Update December 14, 2007: added link ‘TheHiddenEvil’, although not yet completed, a must read from Mark M. Rich.

Update December 7, 2007: some text changes and added links ‘Ex-Italian President: 9/11 An Inside Job, & Intel Agencies Know’, ‘John Stockwell on the Secret Wars of the CIA’.

All over the internet, cries for help can be found from victims of gang stalking and electronic weapons (microwave weapons, directed energy weapons). Google: ‘”microwave weapon” victim’.

Many victims report being harrassed/murdered by sophisticated gang stalking (including mind rape) and irradiation by microwave weapons. The intention of these attacks are obvious, the mental or physical death of the victim. It is reasonable to assume that for every victim on the internet there are hunderds, perhaps a thousand victims every year who are just murdered and never heard of. They are driven to suicide, criminal behaviour, turn into a psychiatric patient, crash in car accidents, are disabled by poison/virus, etc. For The Netherlands I estimate a total of 300-400 mental/physical deaths = murders a year.

If the reports of these victims are correct then this type of harassment (gang stalking, microwave weapons) cannot happen without involvement/co-operation of the national (including military) secret services. In the beginning many victims cannot believe their government services are involved. After some time almost all change this opinion and state that this type of harrasment is possible only by goverment (related) services.

After World War II secret services became more focussed, and national secret services build their systems. Citizens were recruited and nation-wide networks were created. 10-out-of-hunderd or more citizens were carefully selected (by default these are not law abiding citizens!) and a fine mazed network was created. Maybe this was justified at that time, communism was a military threat. The fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 was the start of a process that resulted in the end of the Cold War in the beginning of the nineties. Now there was no enemy left. The system, the network, was there however but without an enemy the whole system of national secret services became sick (power corrupts), and the network now targeted normal people like wistle blowers, people who had to be blamed for something they did not do, people who had something ‘the network’ wanted, people who critised the government or elite. Eliminating, i.e. murdering, normal people became a habbit within the network. A very important factor that stimulated these killings is that it became very easy to kill a person without evidence. Methods and procedures to eliminate had been refined over and over again and documented carefully over the years. New technology created new methods, bio weapons, advanced human detection and interference systems, microwave weapons. Eliminating people is becoming more easy every day, pressing a button of electronic weapons in another room is the new way to torture and murder.

How can the victims of sophisticated gang stalking and irradiation by microwave weapons be certain about the involvement/co-operation of government (related) services? Here are their arguments:

  • You cannot gang stalk people 24/7 everywhere they go without nation-wide coordination
  • You cannot have unlimited resources in people and other means without nation-wide coordination
  • You cannot have police cars, helicopters, jets, stalk persons in every city they arrive without nation-wide coordination
  • You cannot look through walls, read minds without access to the most advanced military technology
  • You cannot burn people everywhere with electronic weapons without having access to the most advanced military technology
  • You cannot sabotage all kinds of equipment at any time without having a network of people knowing what to do
  • Etc., etc.

Directors of national (military) secret services must have detailed knowledge of these methods and weapons and must know that these methods and weapons are being used to eliminate normal citizens. And that this is done by their own employees, contractors, agents/people of the network, secret services of other countries operation in their country. If they say they do not know this then they are lying, dumb slaves or incapable idiots and should be replaced immediately.

If the victims are right then the conclusion of the above can only be that the directors of the national secret services are responsible for the physical and mental deaths of hundreds/thousands of normal citizens every year, and must be regarded as mass murders and jailed for life. Please correct me if I am wrong.

Now let us put some names of real people here.

United States:


  • van Hulst, director AIVD (Dutch secret service)
  • Docters van Leeuwen, former director AIVD (Dutch secret service)
  • Joustra, Terrorism coordinator
  • Cobelens, director MIVD (Dutch military secret service)

Your country:

Thomas Jefferson (third President of the United States):
The two enemies of the people are criminals and government, so let us tie the second down with the chains of the Constitution so the second will not become the legalized version of the first.

I urge politicians all over the world to stop these horrible violations of human rights and to:

  1. Set up indepent investigation committees researching accusations (torture, gang stalking, mind control) made by the victims of gang stalking and electronic weapons.
    Some questions that must be answered:
    – Are national services using gang stalking methods to ‘eliminate’ people
    – Are national services using/controling/allowing energy weapons (yes/no)
    – Where are these energy weapons
    – what are the procedures when to use these weapons
    – are secret services using these energy weapons on people?
    – etc.
  2. Implement laws that forbid the use of gang stalking methods
    Gang stalking violates human rights and is a crime against humanity.
  3. Implement laws that forbid the use of electronic weapons
    Electronic weapons violate human rights and using them are crimes against humanity.
  4. Educate police about these methods and weapons
  5. Equip police with equipment capable of detecting microwave and other privacy violating weapons
  6. Inform the public of these methods and weapons
  7. Start developing low cost materials that can protect citizens against attacks of electronic weapons

We are not talking about national security here, we are talking about mass murder on a countries own citizens!


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P.S. Secret services are composed of disturbed and sick people, murderes and child abusers. They abuse their powers and use lies not only to manipulate but also to involve normal people and (young) children in their crimes. The reason is to hide their own horrible crimes and to involve others deeply so they will not talk. This way they think they can get away with it (and most of the time they do). NEVER EVER COOPERATE WITH SECRET SERVICES OR SECRET POLICE; THE FIRST THING THEY DO IS TURN YOU INTO A CRIMINAL!

November 13, 2007. Last modified: October 20, 2012

I want to share my experience with shielding against DEW (Directed Energy Weapons) / microwave /sonic attacks. First of all, I must emphasize that shielding has many limitations. It simply is not possible to protect yourself against all attacks every moment of the day, especially when you are in bed/sleeping or driving/walking outside.

But it may help you to prevent you from being tortured out of your home. It is very important to resist as long as possible. The psychopaths will spread lies, involve neighbours, all kind of people in your neighbourhood. The longer you stay in your home the more difficult it gets for them, nobody will believe them after a while, they will uncover themselves by their lies. They do not go away however, are determined to force, i.e. burn, you out of your home. Fear for the truth to be revealed (they are murderers) is driving them.
Some protection can be accomplished with the following items:

A- Metal cupboards
B- Metal plates 50x100x0.1cm => a number
C- Metal plates 25x50x0.1cm => a number
D- Milk (low fat) packaged in cartons, 2×6 liters configuration => many
E- Hot water bottle (in Dutch: kruik) (rubber!) => many

Protection basically consists of water and metal. Skin burning DEW effects are reduced by water, other DEW are reduced somewhat by metal shielding. Also, microwave and (ultrasound) sonic attacks are often ELF (extreme low frequency) pulsed, not continuous. The effects of pulsed beams are reduced by water/metal shielding. Another advantage of shielding is that it is more difficult for them to see you.

Metal wall
With metal cupboards you can build a metal wall. You can also buy simple cupboards and mount the shelves vertically.

Walls of water
To protect e.g. the place where you do your work in your home, you can build a wall of water by piling up the milk packages. This gives a water barrier of approx 20 cm thick! You can increase shielding by putting some metal plates there as well.

Random protection
To protect yourself against attacks at other moments or uncovered parts you can you use the hot water bottles. Buy 10 or so and fill them with water. If you are attacked e.g. in the stomach put one or more there. You can also take the hotties to bed to have at least some protection. Use the small metal plates in a chair.

Again, the protection is limited, but it is better than nothing. The cost is limited if you like milk (I do). Drink it, and put water back in it. Milk is ok anyway, it gives you calcium, victims of energy weapons need that. They do not like this protection, in my case they increased power, but it still helps.


Some DEW (Directed Energy Weapons) are aimed at burning your skin, check ADS Active Denial System (see also Wikipedia). This is accomplished (more or less) by micro waves that excite water molecules. As your body is mostly composed of water you can block or reduce the effect by putting a water barrier between the transmitter and yourself.

ADS enters only a millimeter or so, but the DEW operators we are dealing with can increase power and make it enter deeper (taking a shower does not help). A thick water+metal barrier/wall also reduces the effects of pulsed microwaves and ultrasound. I found that metal only shielding is not enough.

I am looking for (cheap) materials to absorb more DEW energy, what else can you use instead of water/milk. I am thinking of jelly (no joke) as this may be a better blocker than water(?). If you have found other ways, other suggestions, let me know.
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October 12, 2007. Last modified: October 20, 2012

Jezus Mendoza, Leslie Oliver, Donald Friedman, kathaksung, ghostgirl, are only a few of the many people on the internet reporting to be victims of electronic torture and murder. The story of kathaksung also reports in detail attempts of beaming him a heart attack, the EM sleep wave, torture devices built into his car. All victims state they are attacked by government related/funded organizations. In order to survive, some flee their home country and seek asylum in other countries like Thailand.

These electronic weapon attacks have nothing to do with state security but everything with secret services grown mad with power violating human rights in the most horrible ways. Electronic weapons must be banned and these sick and disturbed ‘people burners’ must be jailed for life!

Diabetes, weight increase, Cortisol

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September 6, 2007. Last modified: October 20, 2012

Electronic weapons are the terror of the 21 st century. The effects of these weapons outrange the effects of nuclear weapons. It is possible to torture and murder with electronic weapons without any evidence. From a distance and through walls one can invisibly ‘cook or burn’ practically anything. Your neighbour, the grass or the roses, children, etc. You can make someone falter giving a lecture or make someone almost instant ill at any given moment. You can influence sporting competitions by creating injuries or worsen injuries. You can also irradiate entire residential areas. It is just a matter of putting up enough aerials and by using the right frequencies people’s mood can be influenced. Electronic weapons can also be used to monitor people everywhere and watch them through walls, to ‘read their mind’ and to influence the weather.


Probably the most horrible consequence of these weapons is that you can NOT protect yourself, your children, your loved ones anymore. You can no longer say: stay in this room, you are safe here. Attackers simply look and burn through walls. Police cannot protect you, security services cannot protect you.

The technology to burn/radiate people is available (compare microwave oven, cook with radiowaves) and USED (google: “microwave weapons” victim) today and is becoming cheaper and cheaper.


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August 9, 2007. Last modified: October 20, 2012

Electronic weapons, like microwave weapons and other directed energy weapons, are being used by secret services, secret police, to eliminate people, see also previous blogs and google the internet. Although ofter called people zappers and non-lethal, the truth is that these weapons are better called people burners and are often applied with intensities intented to cause damage, e.g. burn skin, burn head (headaches), burn hands (discomfort/prevent writing and playing musical instruments), burn kidneys (serious pain), burn legs (prevent sports), or intended to cause death (heart).

These weapons do not act by themselves but are arranged and operated by people actually burning the victims and their children. Having lost any sense of normal behaviour, these people, the responsible and operational, belong truely to the worst kind of life present on this planet. These are crimes against humanity and there is no way to justify what they do.

Not only do they radiate and burn the target, a grown-up, being a horrible crime by itself, but often also the children and even babies of the target are burned with electronic weapons to drive the target insane (a microwave weapon is a high power, long distance version of a microwave oven; it can cook meat through walls).


  • everytime diner is served your baby upstairs starts crying from pain (look on their face; they cannot talk)
  • first they zap you in the stomach, then your child of three years old starts crying instantly and shouting ‘stomach pain, stomach pain’
  • the psychopaths are there all the time and get bored so they just aim their burner weapons at another object, a child, that starts crying instantly holding his leg or bottom and shouting pain, pain
  • when the target’s head is heavily attacked, zapped, the children often are given the same treatment. They come to you and complain about sudden headaches. After a while they may tell the target that they have sudden headaches but that’s no problem because these headaches disappear after five minutes or so
  • when the target’s child has an eye infection, she can get zapped in the eyes (the psychopaths always try to make things worst)
  • when the target is zapped on the head while driving his car, his little child in the back seat starts crying a few moments later holding his chest and shouting ‘pain, pain’

The arrangers and operator are true psychopaths, they are evil, commiting the worst crimes in history of mankind. I cannot think of any other punishment than life sentence in a psychiatric institution (in Dutch this is TBS met dwangverpleging).

I ask all who are aware of these people and/or situations to step forward and speak out so the psychopaths can be locked up for the rest of their lives.

Most of the time these weapons leave no physical evidence, you are hit or burned but it does not show. Sometimes however it really shows. Below are photos showing the horrible effects of these weapons.



July 3, 2007. Last modified: October 20, 2012

(Update November 28, 2007: Article below appears to have other author than the one mentioned before)

Electronic Assassination

November 23, 2005The bad guys don’t use guns and bullets anymore, there’s a much easier, better way. A beam of the right electro magnetic energy aimed directly at your skull kills cleanly, secretly, silently and without a trace. A clot, a seizure, a stroke? It’s just a matter of timing and proximity. The perfect murder looks like death from natural causes.

Advanced through the wall radar allows an assassin to target you from a distance. It’s easiest to aim at places where you often sit for long periods of time like at your desk, above your TV couch or even on the commode. The electron beams pass easily through walls, ceilings and floors like cell phone signals. A sense of malaise and then a sudden, stabbing headache may be the last things you remember.

Some devices can be hidden under plastic interior coverings and aimed at the headrest of your driver’s seat. Running you off the road is not necessary, you will do it yourself in a momentary swirl of induced disorientation. It’s powered from the 12 volt electrical system in your car.

Maybe they just want to harass you, to make you appear deranged and in a decline. They aim infra sound devices at your home to disrupt your sleeping. It makes your chest tight and your breathing pained. Your bones will ache and your skin will itch, your face will wither and your eyes sink, swollen and blood shot. Your doctor will not know what’s wrong with you.

A rival can decide to discredit you at a major event. Have a big presentation or important appearance where it’s critical that you look good? Imagine sudden disorientation, a blank mind and being unable to put one intelligent sentence after another. Your adversaries can do this to you with electronic weaponry.

The technology to do all this is available today. Lethal directed energy microwave devices exist, so does sonic weaponry, ELF, extremely low frequency microwave. It’s real and not science fiction. And it’s in the hands of organized crime and hate groups who use it at will with devastating results.

Don’t believe it? Google directed energy weapon, psycho electronics and electronic harassment and you’ll find out.

Our government developed this sinister technology in secret without appropriate controls. They have not alerted the public to its existence or to its dangers. And they have not developed devices to detect and defend us against it.

Do you have something of value someone powerful wants? Does someone with the right connections want you out of the way? Could you blow the whistle on wrong doing? Consider yourself a target. The group of goons who have access to this technology harass and kill at will without remorse.

What are the implications to democracy and freedom as use of electronic weaponry spreads? In it’s most benign form these electronic systems can render large groups of people docile and dim. In the hands of a demagog, lethal electronic weaponry will be devastating.

June 28, 2007. Last modified: October 20, 2012

National secret services want to control everything and have people at many positions including journalists. A director of the CIA once said that it was very easy to get cooperation from many journalists, an extra fifty to hunderd dollars a month would do the job in most cases. And if you do a good job, you may be promoted and become part of the wonderful criminal world of secret services. An example is a journalist of Dutch local newspaper NRC Handelsblad who became a spokesman of the AIVD, the Dutch secret service.

If a journalist (or in fact any person) reveals the truth about the practices of the a secret service, they simply eliminate him, they don’t care if other people die as well. Nobody will believe you crash a plane with hundred people just to kill one person. Who would believe that somebody would go that far to prevent the truth to be revealed. ‘On Saturday, May 5, Anthony Mitchell died *in the crash of Kenyan Airways Flight 507, which killed all 114 people on board. Based in Nairobi, he was an Associated Press reporter who had recently broken a story on secret prisons in Ethiopia and the U.S. involvement in the detention and interrogation of prisoners there. The world has lost another journalist, one who was taking the necessary risks to get at the heart of the complex and often ignored story of Africa.’
Full story: A Shining Light Goes Out in Africa: CIA Hit?

911 happened and letters with anthrax started arriving. Several people died, now it was the CIA who were the ones to open all important letters! A Britisch documentary researched the origin of the antrax and with 99% certainty it came from CIA funded laboratories. Who would believe that somebody would go that far to prevent the truth to be revealed.

In the Netherlands local Dutch newspaper de Volkskrant was preparing an article about torture methods used by Dutch (military) intelligence. Around that time a heavy grenade was fired at the Volkskrant building. Who would believe that somebody would go that far to prevent the truth to be revealed.

When the truth starts traveling around and cannot be stopped annymore, the psychopats simply use simple but effective methods to block news agencies, hoping that the effects will be minimal. Example: when media attention started growing for the website because a popular weblog/newslog payed attention to the phenomenon gang stalking, website they simply cut a power cable to the national and commercial broadcasting studios. Who would believe that somebody would go that far to prevent the truth to be revealed.

Geenstijl reveals truth

Media unplugged

June 3, 2007. Last modified: August 8, 2011

(This post is in Dutch only)

Het doel van groepstalking is de geestelijke of lichamelijke dood van het slachtoffer (waarvoor ook electronische wapens gebruikt worden). Meer informatie op een link hieronder:

June 3, 2007. Last modified: October 20, 2012

It is very important for everybody (!) to have some knowledge of existence and effects of hitech electro-magnetic weapons (often called DEW) and related privacy violating devices.

These weapons and devices:

  • are very real and are used almost everywhere
  • can cause almost any kind of ‘normal wound’, like headaches, burns, heartattack. Cause permanent damage to the body (destroy DNA), cause/stimulate cancer/tumors
  • can be used for mind control and mind reading
  • can be used to torture and murder from a distance and through walls
  • can influence almost anything including e.g. the results of sport events by zapping a 100 meters runner during the start

This is NOT science fiction but the real world. These weapons and devices are simply the result of the weapons race. He who has the best weapons wins. In your kitchen there is a microwave oven. This is almost a, very frightening, weapon. Thousands of people are tortured and murdered using hitech DEWs (Directed Energy Weapons), like microwave weapons, every year. Almost none of them having a clue what is actually happening to them. Targets are not only physically murdered but also commit suicide out of desperation or turn into psychiatric patients.

(From link [1] below) ‘The apparent intents here are twofold – primarily socio-political control of troublemakers, the silencing of whistleblowers and other conscientious objectors and the continued test development of DEW on civilian nonconsensual human subjects. I am a former defense (US Navy) employee myself, and I strongly suspect personal vendettas and favors are a real factor in our selection for harassment. Solid proof of wrongdoing has been minimal due to the intelligence (spy) methods, the Security Classification of these ‘Special Operations’ and the very nature of Directed Energy Weapons themselves. These devices are deliberately designed and used – so as not to leave evidence. Each victim has an individual story but also has a noted consistency in the abuse modus operandi and of the terrible health problems that affect all casualties of EMF/DEW irradiation.’

A limited list of how these devices are used for torture:

Attack type Description
Head beam Used to give you a headache feeling. Can be extremely painfull. If hit very hard recovery takes weeks.
Electric shower Used to burn a large area of your body, e.g. your back. Does not feel to go very deep. After a few days you have a feeling your whole back is burning (extreme sunburn). Attack can be reduced somewhat by metal shielding.
Knife Feels like a person is cutting you with a sharp knife. If feels as if going deep into your body. Attack can be reduced somewhat by metal shielding.
Bullet Feels like you are hit by a bullit. You have the feeling this really penetrates your body. I guess this what they describe as a dual zap. The first creates a passage in your body so the second beam can enter really deep. Attack can be reduced somewhat by metal shielding.
Punch Feels like you have been kicked over and over in your side. They zap your right side or left side at the positions of your kidneys. This is an extremely painfull feeling. It takes a very long time to recover from this … if you recover. This is some kind of ultrasound that is not stopped by metal shielding. The only thing that reduces the effect somewhat is water very close to your body. This can be used to prevent you from doing sports (another attempt to breaking your resistance).
Stomach Feels like something is hitting your stomach/belly. The contents of your stomach/belly begin to bubble. May be this is the same effect as punch(?). .
Eyes You are zapped in your left or right eye or both eyes. They target both eyes or the outer corners of one of your eyes. After a zap there is instant heavy pain from your eyes and your vision is blurred. In addition the white in your eye(s) will be blood wired. They may do this to show that they are in control. Again this is a means to prevent you from doing your normal things in life, like your work. Also, they may zap your eye(s) before you go out e.g. to pick up your child from school, so other people will notice your extremely red eyes. Picture shows the effect of a hit after a few minutes. Another effect is zapping that will make your eyes wet, like tears are coming out.dewhit_eye_20070603214500.jpg
Reduced muscle & bone functioning They beam your leg so it won’t feel good when jogging. They beam your hands/fingers to prevent you from writing, playing your musical instrument etc. One effect is you will have reduced strength in your fingers. You can feel the beam by moving your legs, hands.

In general, you have not much possibilities to protect yourself. You cannot walk around in a metal/water shield and function as a human being. Most attacks are very effective and it appears to be relatively easy to hit you anywhere anytime. There is a short term effect of pain and damage of body cells. Exposure for a long time to high intensity radiation is very dangerous for your health. Amounts add up, thus total radiation = radiation of day X1 + radiation of day X2, etc. Too much radiation destroys your DNA and gives you tumors and stimulates cancers (you can imagine the health hazard of high energy radiation compared to a mobile phone). Ultrasonic harressment will cause almost immediately tissue damage.

Why do governments keep quiet about these high tech weapons and the fact that they are being used at large scale? Most important, a government is not in control of what is happening. Every country has its elite controlling its interests by private security services. The diffence between e.g. Russia and the United States is that in Russia there is a single elite controling everything while in the United States there are multiple powerful elite groups tolerating each other and working together to maintain their positions. These groups organized themselves in a way that can be compared with the maffia, they are everywhere, infiltrated at all levels. If 1 out of 20 persons is part of these groups then they are your neighbours, your co-workers, they may be your friends, etc. Who controls what is published and printed in the newspapers? Who controls your mail, phone and internet. Still think you live in a democracy? In a broader context all this is related to the world order (total control by the mostly western elite) and yes this is a plot against all citizens of the world. Just look what the US and NATO are doing at the moment.

These extemely powerful weapons and devices are here to stay and are becoming cheaper and cheaper to manufacture and obtain. You may think that for these weapons the same applies as for conventional weapons, so who cares? Wrong! These new weapons and devices can harm through walls, and cause damage that is almost impossible to distinghuish from normal wounds and disease. That is a big difference compared to conventional weapons. If your neighbour is a part of the big criminal family trying to control our lives then maybe you are zapped a heart attack just because you play piano in the weekends and nobody will know the difference (the problem is caused not only by these high tech weapons but also by the psychopats controlling them).

In your local computer store you can buy a mouse that is controlled by your brain, just by thinking of it. Mind control and mind reading devices are at a very advanced stage. When you are in your bed sleeping they can put a device on the other side of the wall playing some kind of movie. When you wake up you think you dreamt this. Scanning your brain is also possible at relative great distances. Scans are compared and linked to known ‘thoughts’. The mind reading equipment can ‘predict’ your thoughts 0.45 seconds before e.g. you speak the words. Scary enough?

So how can you tell the difference? How do you distinghuish between a normal headache and a headache caused by these new weapons? Do you still rely on the expertise of your doctor? Maybe he is involved? The answer to these questions is education: Educate yourself by reading about this subject.

P.S. Yes, there is more and it is about weather control systems, another result of the weapons race, he who controls the weather wins. Start your search with: HAARP.

Read more (if links do not work, try again later. Some of these sites are too close to the truth …):

About weapons:

Dutch government investigation on non-lethal weapons and DEWs:

In Dutch:

May 29, 2007. Last modified: October 20, 2012

Even a secret service has its limits. They cannot eliminate every target by murdering him or her with a bullit, knife or overdose. But hey, mental murder is often better giving a group of people that can be experimented upon with new medicine, drugs, etc.

To drive a target insane extremely advanced technology is used. One is the monitoring equipment. Nowadays, they look through walls and can see everything you do in detail. They also use very advanced computer manipulation technology to change the behaviour of your PC, e.g. it picks up new mail from your ISP only at certain moments. Another method is mind control. By playing a movie on a device close to you, e.g. the other side of the wall, you will think you have dreamt about this. And finally there is mind reading. They will put a scanner on your head and record / compare your behaviour.

These advanced technologies are not only used to follow a target or record behaviour of the target. In addition they are used to react to target in one way or another. The target is second by second remembered by e.g. a sound at the neighbours, outside, mail arriving at certain moments, cars honking at certain moments etc. that he is never alone.

People not knowing about this advanced technology (most people do not know) will be driven insane. Advanced technology is used to let you hear strange things, your dreams are controled, apparatus makes strange sounds when you look at it, when you go outside to buy something specific it is sold out everytime, when you go outside people look at you and smile where you go, the car driving before you is exactly going where you go, etc. A decade ago many of these intrusions were possible as well but with all this new advanced, compact, technology, it is becoming very easy to drive persons into psychiatric behaviour.

(I am looking for people writing about this subject, or persoanl stories, and wanting this published on this site)

More information:

May 16, 2007. Last modified: May 19, 2011

Excellent article by Tim Rifat about microwave weapons and their usage by the Russans, UK intelligence forces and police.

His research ‘has found that microwave weapons are targeted on middle class troublemakers and researchers who cause problems for the establishment. Russian and American research has found that pulse modulated microwaves (as used for mobile phones) can, when modulated with ELF which mimics specific brain patterns change the behaviour of the victim at the flick of a switch. It has been found that UK security police, such as MI5 use the 450 MHz frequency used for this research (legally allowed to be used by the police) for behavioural control. A vast catalogue of mind control frequencies in the MHz range, FM radio, TV and mobile phone frequencies, have been measured, which are used in the UK for mind control and killing or disabling victims: 147, 153, 197, 199, 447, 453, 456, 466, 853, 883, 884, 887… Symptoms can be depression, befuddled thinking, loss of memory, stress, not being able to cope, manic behaviour, schizophrenia, nervous breakdowns, physical collapse, brain and nervous system damage, heart attacks, cancer…’

Also ‘Discrediting well known people who are causing problems for the shadowy elite, by driving them mad, seems to be standard operating procedure for the intelligence community. Victims are subject to pulse modulated microwaves which carry different types of madness and behavioural aberrations, encoded as ELF excitation potentials. This makes the troublesome high profile person, display manic or insane behaviour that discredits them. Examples of this technique are allegedly: David Icke, Fergie, Princess Diana… Outside environmental reinforcement, by use of media agents in league with MI5, makes it assured that the high profile person’s mind controlled madness, will be put in the worst possible light to discredit them. In this way, high profile subversives who cannot be wrongly imprisoned (unlike the Carl Bridgewater prisoners, Birmingham Six, Guilford Four…) in the normal way by Britain’s police, or killed by assassination squads, such as the Pegasus group, are made to look ridiculous. Public humiliation is the finest weapon the authorities have, to make harmless, a potential well known figure, who is causing trouble.’

Full article: MICROWAVE MIND CONTROL by Tim Rifat

May 3, 2007. Last modified: October 20, 2012

Involving, blaming, endangering neighbours

Some neighbours of the target often are part of the ‘professional stalkers’ but most of the neighbours just live there and do not know what is actually going on in the beginning. To get them co-operating the stalkers can be very convincing and they are told lies about the target, shown official falsified documents, made afraid. The stalkers ask them just a little one thing in the beginning. Then another, another, etc. until the neighbour realizes what he is doing is very wrong but then it seems impossible to stop their co-operation.

The ‘professional stalkers’ stalk (walking, being there, apearing, making sounds, zapping with electronic weapons, etc.). They also ask the neighbours to appear at certain moments or do other things like closing a window. The ‘professional stalkers’ do this in a very specific way. E.g. suppose the ‘professiona stalkers’ make sounds from a house opposite to the target, then when the neighbours leave, the stalking stops and continues again when the neighbours return. The idea here is to make the target believe that the neighbours themselves are the stalkers, while the truth is that neighbours are more or less forced to co-operate by allowing stalkers to enter their homes. As the stalkers try to drive the target insane, this way of stalking is extremely dangerous for the neighbours. If the target really believes his neighbours are responsible then he might attack them pysically, use a gun, knife on them.

This is just another example of how these psychopaths think. A secret service does not care about the neighbours, only about their own sick breed. It is important to note that this is exactly what the the head of a secret service also says, they do everything to protect their own people. Well sir, that is correct. What in fact your are saying is that if other innocent people, like neighbours are harmed/killed, that is just too bad for them.

Abusing children

The ‘professional stalkers’ also use children, their own children, the targets children, to drive the target insane. They don’t care. They just laugh. They ask their children e.g. to walk rounds around the target when he is on the beach, to ring his bell, to do things to attract the target, to ride their bike at the same position the target drives his car onto the street, etc. They abuse the children of the target e.g. by having a child beat up by their own children. Or they abuse children of the target with their electronic weapons or poisons (making them ill at certain moments).

The reason the stalkers do this is to drive the target insane. They know the target may flip and that their children can be attacked by the target. But they do not seem to care. This is child abuse by the stalkers once again proving that these people are very very sick.

April 29, 2007. Last modified: October 20, 2012

To drive the target into isolation and desperation the ultimate weapon is used: isolate from family and close friends. This is done by abusing, torturing or murdering family members, close relative, friends. The target cannot tell them what is going on and cannot help them. What would you do if the following happens in your life (limited list):

Beat up the cat of your brother You and your sister in law went outdoor one evening to investigate sounds heard by her from the garden. You both laughed and made jokes about criminals running away and the next morning the cat appeared beaten half dead.

Sabotage the bicycle of your brother’s daughter Your brother and sister in law are still supporters. The daughter is in a bicycle accident, reason is the front wheel falls out. It appears the bolts are very loose.

Daughter of your brother beaten up Without any cause the daughter of your brother is beaten by school girls she never saw before.

Your father was murdered, died before his time You know your father would die anyway within a few months maybe 2 years, but now he was murdered so you all could not enjoy celebrate christmas together, which was agreed a few days before christmas.

Your brother was almost murdered Your brother is in the hospital for heart surgery. During his operation there is a power failure and hospital backup power is used. Operation is fine but a hospital bacteria turns up. It was due to the perfect condition of the brother only that he did survive this.

Your baby boy is zapped Every time when you are going to have diner and walk to the table your baby boy, a few months old and sleeping upstairs, starts crying/screaming.

Your child, 2 years old, is zapped You are zapped head and body when driving your car. Then your child reaches for his chest and says ‘Daddy, it hurts here’. On another occasion, you are zapped head and body in your home. Then your child who is sitting on the couch next to you reaches for his chest and says ‘Daddy, it hurts here’.

You are poisened with diarea You must appear in court one day because of the custody of your child, requested by the mother, but the day before and during that day you suffer from extreme diarea.

Your aunt is poisened with the wrong medicine Christmas, a year after your father died your aunt is visiting your mother. She has serious breathing problems and must be taken to the hospital on christmas eve. It appeared she has been given new medication very recently.

Your children are zapped a headache Your children complain about headaches but tell that it does not last long, and is gone in five minutes.

Another aunt is zapped a back problem After you visited you aunt and told her some things that occur in your life she has to go to the hospital for serious back problems.

Your niece is poisened with bad medication Your niece is psychotic for may be 20 years. When you called her to ask her if you could visit her she disappears and is found in a devastating state 100 km from her home base.

Your sister in law crashes in constructed car accident situation Once a supporter, never safe. She is a good driver but lost her head just for one second.

Your mother is poisened with diarea Your mother would visit you but a few days before she would come she suffered from extreme diarea.

Your child is poisened You have to finish work that does not tolerate any delays but during the day you are called by school that your child is seriously ill. It looks like a virus but the symptoms disappear very fast after 8-10 hours. Later that week, you make an appointment to visit your mother but when you pick up your child from school that day he appears to be seriously ill, having the same symptoms.

Note(s): – To zap = To radiate/burn/sting (through wall with electronic weapons / DEW (Directed Energy Weapons)

April 29, 2007. Last modified: October 20, 2012

Car stalking

Car stalking is a method where cars are used to react to movement of the target. This is done in several ways:

  • driving before the window every time the target enters the room
  • driving slowly (more slow than normal) before the target
  • being just before the target at a crossingg so the target has to stop
  • parking at locations so the target cannot park there
  • Two cars drive at the same time in oppposite direction before the target window

Car accident construction

Car accident construction is a method used to get the target into a car accident. Princess Diana told her friends some months before her ‘accident’ that she was afraid for a car accident. She was right!

Several types of car accident constructions are used:

  • The target is forced to move to the next lane by inserting traffic but there is a car hardly visible already in the next lane slightly behind the target’s car, or a car coming at very high speed in the next lane
  • The target is distracted so he is too late to hit the brakes when something suddenly happens before him
  • Attempts are made to force other cars to move to the target’s lane when the the target is there. Example: opening the door of a car standing still on the flight strip
  • There are a lot of cars, mostly trucks, on the same place when the target wants to insert on the huighway

April 28, 2007. Last modified: October 20, 2012

From this link:

‘The people who are attracted to these groups which engage in cause stalking are those who feel powerless, inferior and angry. Some of them appear to have mental problems. Ordinarily, these people would be too timid to engage in stalking and harassment because they are cowards, but once they have been empowered by a group which they perceive to be all-powerful, many become addicted to it. It fulfills some of their human needs. When they are with the group the feel brave and they are bravest when they are in their vehicles. Groups are primarily composed of uneducated white males, but the appeal of these groups is so small that other races are allowed to join. There are a variety of different groups involved. A book called “Harvest of Rage, by Joel Dyer, which was published in 1998, gives an idea of the full spectrum of groups involved.

Recruits tend to be blue collar workers who are at the bottom end of the job scale. They are janitors in apartments, hotels, etc., who have keys to get in any locked doors. They are security guards, who can let fellow members into places where they would not normally be allowed to go. They are city workers, who can, in many cities, follow a target around all day in their vehicles or have a noisy project underway near his [target’s] residence. They are taxi drivers, who are always on the road. They are cable, telephone and electric company employees who can interfere with a target’s service and spend time on patrol with the group, while they are on the job.

Firemen across the country, and even some police departments have a long history of supporting extremist groups. Fire trucks can sometimes be seen riding in extremist convoys, with their flashing lights turned on and their sirens screaming. They will also race to greet a convoy which is entering their town. The participation of firemen, city workers and utility company workers helps give group members an illusion of legitimacy and power.

Most group members have only a general idea of the ideology of the group but they don’t particularly care. They are having fun with their friends and that fun involves stalking and harassing various targets and engaging in other civil disobedience. They believe that they are justified in engaging in these activities because of the “higher purpose” of the group. ‘


Most of the ‘professional’ gangstalkers are not very intelligent, often ugly looking and just do what they are asked. They must know that they are part of a bigger plan used to eliminate i.e. cause the mental or physical death of the target but they do not seem to care or are afraid it will happen to them if they do not co-operate. Often they will not know electronic weapons (directed energy weapons, microwave weapons, laser weapons, DEW) are used as well. By reading this you now do know!
They are programmed by the mass-murderers and learned:

  • to smile in a superior way
  • to say things to let the target know they know everything
  • to say things to the target that the target should say
  • to say/do things to provoke the target
  • to say other things to depress the target

Most things are not not directly said to the target. He may hear these but look into the eyes of these stalkers and you see a very scared person (they all have the same look into their the eyes of a murderer, afraid to go to prison).


Their cars are easily be recognized. In general the following characteristics apply:

  • not new cars, typically 7+ years
  • something is wrong with their headlights
    One of the lights is not working or badly adjusted, shining into your mirror.
  • something is wrong with their tail lights
    One of the lights is not working.
  • Garage identification removed/changed
    In the Netherlands it is a common thing to have the name of your garage on your license plate or somewhere else. These cars do not have these identification labels. It may also happen that they drive before you and have a garage identification of e.g. ‘jedi’.
  • Excessive noise
    The cars of the stalkers often produce excessive noise caused by e.g. badly tuned motor, leaking or badly assembled exhaust pipe, slipping V-strap, etc. This is not coincidence but has been done deliberately to  get attention from the target

As another thing, it seems that at certain locations cars are swapped. During a certain period there is a green car in front of a stalker’s house, then a purple, then after sometime the same green car again, etc.As allways, not all cars with a broken headlight, etc. are cars of these criminals.

As always not all cars featuring one or more of these symptoms are involved in gangstalking.

To be continued…

April 28, 2007. Last modified: October 20, 2012

Everybody knows dog wistles. We people do not hear these wistles but dogs do. For pigeons and crows (and probably other animals as well) similar even more advanced systems exist. People find this hard to believe but now finally the evidence is there. Chinese scientists sent a message to the world recently that they can control pigeons using a remote control. Of course, secret service and military know and use this for years. Pigeons have been used for very long time for military and intelligence purposes. Because nobody really knows what is possible, these animals are perfect for secret services to drive the gangstaling target insane.

Pigeons and crows

  • Everywhere the target appears a pigeon starts coo-ing
  • Pigeon coo-ing is turned on and off reacting to target movement
  • Pigeons are directed to fly straight to the target (window)
  • Pigeons are directed to a location when the target arrives, e.g. target walks into the kitchen, pigeon arrives and lands on the lawn in front of the kitchen.
  • Pigeons are hidden in bushes and when target passes they are ‘released’ and fly away, this is to scare the target
  • Pigeons (and crows) are directed to fly over, or nearby the target and start screaming when closest

Dogs are used by secret service to bark as a reaction to target movement.

Black cats
Superstitious people believe a black cat crossing their way is bad news. Targets of gangstalking may find themselves during certain periods constantly being confronted with back cats crossing. When they walk, when they drive their car. Sometimes several a day.
When you are a target, do not pass but stop and observe where the cat is going. In general you will see one or more people at some distance, they may even carry a basket for the cat.

Note that not always it is the pigeon coo-ing or the dog barking. These sounds can also be produced by perpetrator controlled sound systems playing pre-recorded sounds.


April 10, 2007. Last modified: May 20, 2011

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Obvious enough?

April 10, 2007. Last modified: May 29, 2011

Long runs of two hours plus are not going to well at the moment. I am trying to improve this by eating more spaghetti … 🙂 Short runs are going very well. In both cases my Garmin 305 gadget is really a great help. Now I can run at a constant speed, not going too slow or too fast. I am very proud that today I have broken my unofficial 12.6 km/hour speed record by a fraction but now officially Garmin recorded : 12.7 km/hour !

April 8, 2007. Last modified: October 20, 2012

To eliminate their targets the first steps are executed by security service personel and a few cooperating neighbours. A major problem arises when the target does not crash but instead keeps thinking and finds a way to live with this situation. The problem is getting worst when the target finally accepts that the people targetting him are not only secret service but are the worst type of people on this planet. These are people that kill, murder, without remorse. Children, elderly people, they do not care, they murder everone. The reason is obvious: the do not want to go to jail (where they belong!).

To stay out of jail, all methods are allowed. To break a target they abuse and kill family members, acquaintances, and the whole world is criminalized. Contacts of the target like friends and clients and neighbours, but also e.g. people in television shows the target watches, and an immense number of people controlled by the secret service, all are convinced in one way or another to co-operate with the secret service once, twice or frequently in actions against the target. This is the ultimate abuse of power. What is actually done here is that people are asked to co-operate in murder one. Random normal people are made an accomplice to murder one. Methods are saying words to the target, stalking, accident construction, reacting to every action by close surveillance, etc.

If everything fails they simply kill the target e.g. by poisoning or electronic weapons.

April 7, 2007. Last modified: October 20, 2012

Now that we know a secret service is a criminal organization and that their employees and agents are murderders (see previous blogs), let us try to describe these psychopaths in detail. From the following we learn, amongst other interesting things, the following:

(Secret service) psychopath key symptom: A lack of Remorse or Guilt

Psychopaths show a stunning lack of concern for the devastating effects their actions have on others. Often they are completely forthright about the matter, calmly stating that they have no sense of guilt, are not sorry for the pain and destruction they have caused, and that there is no reason for them to be concerned.

When asked if he had any regrets about stabbing a robbery victim who subsequently spent three months in the hospital as a result of his wounds, one of our subjects replied, “Get real! He spends a few months in a hospital and I rot here. I cut him up a bit, but if I wanted to kill him I would have slit his throat. That’s the kind of guy I am; I gave him a break.” Asked if he regretted any of his crimes, he said, “I don’t regret nothing. What’s done is done. There must have been a reason why I did it at the time, and that is why it was done….”

On the other hand, psychopaths sometimes verbalize remorse but then contradict themselves in words or actions. Criminals in prison quickly learn that remorse is an important word. When asked if he experienced remorse over a murder he’d committed, one young inmate told us, “Yeah, sure, I feel remorse.” Pressed further, he said that he didn’t “feel bad inside about it.”

I was once dumbfounded by the logic of an inmate who described his murder victim as having benefited from the crime by learning “a hard lesson about life.”

“The guy only had himself to blame,” another inmate said of the man he’d murdered in an argument about paying a bar tab. “Anybody could have seen I was in a rotten mood that night. What did he want to go and bother me for?” He continued, “Anyway, the guy never suffered. Knife wounds to an artery are the easiest way to go.”

Psychopaths’ lack of remorse or guilt is associated with a remarkable ability to rationalize their behavior and to shrug off personal responsibility for actions that cause shock and disappointment to family, friends, associates, and others who have played by the rules. Usually they have handy excuses for their behavior, and in some cases they deny that it happened at all….

April 4, 2007. Last modified: October 20, 2012

In a previous blog I already proved that a secret service is a criminal organization. It is my conviction that every person employed by or working for a secret service is a criminal. A secret service eliminates people and being a criminal keeps your mouth shut. To be more specific, persons involved with a secret service are murderers (they are in some way part of a system eliminating/killing). In a most countries psychopats employed by/related to these services can put you on a death list, meaning you will be eliminated, either mental or physical. In the Netherlands, the number of ‘normal’ people murdered this way is estimated several hundreds every year but can be more. In most cases the death list reasons are personal and have nothing to do with (inter)national security. You can be put on this list e.g. if someone is a total failure but blames you you being the reason. Now suppose the system fails to kill the target within a year, then there is a problem. At that time the target understands gangstalking, and gangstalking with electronic weapons (DEW = directed energy weapons = weapons that can torture and kill through walls without evidence). Sometimes a target withstands the attacks and the people in control, i.e. the mass murderers, are getting nervous. The truth must not be revealed! If it were, then all people involved with/employed by the secret service certainly will be locked up in prison for the rest of their lives (that would be nice!). At this point the people in control decide the target has to be eliminated by using all possible force. (to be continued)

March 30, 2007. Last modified: May 28, 2011

I had a dream … last night (or was it the day before?) …

After Pim Fortuyn was murdered, on May 6 2002, focus should be changed.
Theo van Gogh decided to make a movie (0605) about the assassination of Fortuyn.
This movie would connect the Dutch secret service to this murder.
About the same time Hirsi Ali was introduced October 2002 out of the blue by Neelie (Smit) Kroes into Dutch right wing political party VVD. Kroes is a protege of the elite in the Netherlands. When newspaper De Volkskrant wanted to print an article about her (financial) connections to a criminal, the paper did not appear that day because of a software error.
The idea was to criminalize the new enemy, i.e. the muslim population. So Theo had to be killed by a muslim.
A Syrian, Abu Khaled, appeared and seemed to be an inspiring figure for van Gogh murderer Mohammed B. and his friends. Abu Khaled was suspected of everything but could move without problems throughout Europe.
To make things more likely Hirshi Ali wanted to make a controversial movie about muslim women.
Of course Theo liked to do that with her, it was controversial!
So they did Submission, a 10 minute film, released on August 29, 2004.
During the post-production of Theo’s movie 0605 about the Pim Fortuyn murder, Mohammed B. murdered Theo on November 2, 2004 leaving a letter for Hirshi Ali on the body of Theo.
After Theo’s murder Abu Khaled vanished into thin air.
0605 was released on December 12, 2004.
Of course Hirsi Ali had to be promoted.
So Rita Verdonk, VVD Minister for Immigration and Integration, a former director of the Dutch secret service, took away her passport because Hirshi Ali lied about her name and date of birth, a fact already known by VVD prominents in 2002.
Now she could leave without any suspicion for a top right wing job in the US.

When this was arranged Verdonk thought she could seize the power on right. The elite stopped this by having VVD leader Mark Rutte introduce Arthur Docters van Leeuwen, former chief of Dutch secret service, to the VVD a few weeks before the VVD political leader election. Although polls indicated the opposite, Mark Rutte was elected.

The father of Theo is a retired employee of the Dutch secret service.
The son of Theo, Lieuwe, has no father he can talk to anymore.

Update March 30, 2007:

More dreams (in Dutch):

March 24, 2007. Last modified: May 29, 2011

Got myself recently a Garmin forerunner GPS watch. Nice gadget! Only one problem, this device gives you the real distance, not the distance you want it to be 🙂

See picture below for run last thursday (blue = speed, green = height, avg speed: 11.4 km/hour).


March 18, 2007. Last modified: June 5, 2011 is a very good website by Elizabeth Adams about DEW (Directed Energy Weapons), mind control and gangstalking. I invite all to read it. Below is only a small part of the home page.

Organized Crime Waves (OCW) is a public awareness and activism group dedicated to exposing government sanctioned crimes committed against millions of U.S. citizens, more in North America, Europe and Australia, including Oakland, California. These crimes include:

  • Mind Control Programming aka MKULTRA, mind control programming and brainwashing of U.S. citizens WITHOUT THEIR KNOWLEDGE!
  • Chemtrail poisoned skies undetectably causing targeted geographical cold like illnesses, cancer and death;
  • Directed energy weapons remote electro-magnetic radiation testing; promotes death on contact;
  • Gang Stalking aka Psychological Warfare Operations;
  • COINTELPRO – type surveillance and invasion of privacy;
  • Gaslighting to make the victim appear to be mentally ill so noone would believe them!

In other words “New World Order” related crimes perpetrated by secret societies attempting to control the world. Here you will find compelling Year 2007 True Life Stories of current victims who have been subjected to a persistent and unrelenting form of covert torture right here in the United States! These are indeed crimes against humanity, without justification and are against the laws of the U.S.

In many cases the victim has little or no idea why they’re targeted. The harassment is persistent and unrelenting, occurring 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Most are targeted for the remainder of their lives. Some have been harassed for over 20 years! Many have died as a result, either by committing suicide or by illnesses brought on by directed energy weapons via a “sudden death” occurrence assumed to be a natural death attributed to a heart attack or other traumatic incident. But America doesn’t know it is due to directed energy weapons!

Read all information on this website:

Update 4/6/2007: As with more similar websites they may ‘disappear’ for some time. So check later or try Google.

Or try this site by Elizabeth Adams:

February 10, 2007. Last modified: May 21, 2011

Few days ago I ran into this article that you really must read if you are doing exercises to loose weight or want to burn more fat for the same effort. And it is very easy: stop doing your exercises in the afternoon or evening, instead do your exercises in the morning immediately after you wake up. At that time your body is in the best condition to burn fat. In addition you get an ‘afterburn’ effect you do not get when doing exercises during the evening .

Article: The Secret to Burning Fat Up To 300% Faster

February 5, 2007. Last modified: July 14, 2011

Methods like gangstalking (with control by secret services, police, military) often aim at the target finally committing suicide. In other words, these methods are no more than murder one. The people in control are murderers and should be locked up in prison for the rest of their lives.
But how about the people involved in the actual stalking? The ones not doing anything but knowing that something is going on very harmfull for a target are accessory to murder, the ones actively involved are murderers as well.

Many people co-operating are criminalized. Once criminalized, they keep their mouths shut afraid as they are to go to prison or to get the same treatment.



Recommended reading:
Torture & murder without evidence
Spread the blood

January 28, 2007. Last modified: May 25, 2011

My new mobile phone is a Sony Ericsson w810i, an amazing piece of technology. My contract with T-Mobile includes (always on) Pocket Internet and I have an Xs4all email account. Today I installed secure IMAP (incoming mail) and secure SMTP (outgoing mail) on my phone without much problems. I want to use secure connections not to hide from the police (they tap everything anyhow) but from my neighbours.

Secure your connections or change ISP and telecom partner!