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Peter Mooring on the web is a blog about horrible human rights violations by secret services. Using gang stalking techniques and hi-tech electronic weapons (directed energy weapons) every year thousands of people all over the world are tortured and murdered, most of them never knowing what happened. Those who know often suffer horrendous (electronic) torture.
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The people cookers - Cooking people like a microwave oven cooks meat, or here
Electronic harassment and electronic torture list - February 26, 2009

Probably the most horrible consequence of these weapons based on radio waves is that you can NOT protect yourself, your children, your loved ones anymore. You can no longer say: stay in this room, you are safe here. Attackers simply look and cook/burn through walls, with intensities that can be deadly. Police cannot protect you, security services cannot protect you. That is why these weapons must be banned, not tomorrow but NOW.
See also:, STOPEG foundation

Published on Monday, January 26th, 2009 at 11:25 pm

Below is a summary of the blogs I wrote in 2006-2008 about gang stalking (organized stalking) and electronic harassment (including electronic torture). The summary contains links to the bogs giving you detailed information. Peter


Using gang stalking techniques and hi-tech electronic weapons (directed energy weapons) every year thousands of people all over the world are tortured and murdered, most of them never knowing what happened. I estimate a minimum of 300-400 persons are murdered every year this way in The Netherlands. The ones responsible, the (gang) stalkers and people cookers are murderers. Their aim is to cause the physical or mental death of the target. Not by coincidence or rage, but by continuous 24/7 harassment, see also:

Some words to the (gang) stalkers and people cookers: you are murderers

What you are doing is trying to cause the (physical or mental) death of a person. This is called premeditated murder meaning that you are a murderer. What would you do if they did this to you? Probably you would commit suicide, this is what most targets do, I know this because I almost was there but managed to recover despite your terror.

Every day in your country people are murdered this way by you and your criminal friends. But your friends are not your friends, they are just psychopaths following orders. Your friends don’t care about people, your friends don’t care about children, your friends don’t care about you, they would murder their own children if necessary. Did you know that 4% of the population is psychopath?

Sorry, no more enemies

The people that are targeted in general are not enemies of the state, nor are they mentally ill. Most of the time they are selectively picked from a list where almost random people are submitted to by the criminal network. Too bad for you there are no enemies in your country, communism died in the 80’s.
Problem is that the network you are now part of (and was founded when your country became a country and restructured after World War II) can not survive without enemies.

The world changed, got divided, stabilized, evolved, but the network that protected the the state and with it its people, did not change. This network became sick (corrupted) and now without an enemy, random people are pointed the enemy while they are not, and random people are pointed mentally ill, while they are not. And to make things more realistic, the sick network also creates enemies and have them perform attacks, see also:

Often targets also suffer from electronic harassment (are being cooked alive)

Many stalkers do not know that targets often also are being cooked and burned by electronic weapons (weapons based on radio waves; Directed Energy Weapons). Even if they know, they do not want to believe electronic torture probably is the most horrible torture method ever existed. In may cases the target is cooked alive 24/7, cooked like a microwave oven cooks meat. Through walls, and by devices illegally mounted in their cars, when walking in the streets, when in the swimming pool, everywhere. High power electronic weapons (HPM = High Power Microwave) can cook a body, a heart, with the results being gall, painful burning sensations on back, chest, stings in the head, in the eyes, attacks on other body parts like heart, kidneys, ankles, beams cooking the inside of a person causing fluids to evaporate resulting in burping and farting within seconds, etc.

Electronic harassment = people cooking, (sub-vocal) mind reading

The people cookers press the buttons of their electronic weapons 24/7 making the US prison at Guantanamo Bay look a holiday resort. The people cookers burn and cook the target to prevent sleeping, react to events caused by the target (like walking into the living room, putting a new website on the computer screen), react to events noticed by the target (like cars passing by, neighbors leaving their homes or arriving), but also they will cook the target at specific moments to make the target look crazy to other people. Most attacks are from neighbor houses. The sick network however follows targets everywhere to make life as horrible as possible everywhere e.g. by blocking traffic at junctions, high power cooking during sports (running, swimming, etc.), during sexual activities, during visits to stores, etc. See also:

Sub-vocal mind reading is used as another horrible torture method. Words silently spoken to one selves cause muscle movements (energy) that can be picked up by advanced equipment and decoded into words without to much difficulty. By reacting to these words, the remaining privacy of the target disappears, truely horrible. See also:

People cookers are fourfold murderers

People cookers, i.e. the ones facilitating and operating electronic weapons are fourfold murderers:

  1. People cookers drive their targets into suicide
    What would you do if they cook you everywhere you go?
  2. People cookers cook/burn apart body parts of the target
    Hands, eyes, heart, etc. to prevent the target to function as a normal human being, to prevent from working, sports, etc.
  3. People cookers give the target cancer
    Electromagnetic irradiation destroys your DNA. Body cells renew once in a while, cells with defective DNA are called cancer.
  4. People cookers are part of the largest criminal organization of your country and as such co-responsible for the death of hundreds of people every year

See also:

(Gang) stalkers and people cookers are pedophiles as well

Not only random people are set up to participate in these stalking activities, but children as well. I call the ones who do this pedophiles. They failed themselves as human beings, and now destroy the lives of random children. To the ones doing this: Stay away with your blood drenched claws from innocent children! You failed yourselves as a human being, this is not the fault of these children nor the random people you involve. You are the failure! See also:

The big picture: elite, middle class and lower class

To understand what is happening look at the big picture. We have the elite, the middle class and lower class. The elite tries to expand its powers and become richer and richer. The middle class must work hard so they can pay taxes that can be used used by the elite to pay their secret services, their military and your governments. The lower class must be kept poor and uneducated so they can be abused by the elite for all kinds of dirty work, like soldiers in a war, (gang) stalking, pushing the buttons of electronic weapons cooking people, etc. It is very difficult to change classes.

The elite needs the lower class for their dirty work so they keep them low-educated and low-paid. It is ironic and sad that selected lower class people are in fact co-operating with the elite to keep their own family, own friends, own children, low-educated and low-paid.

(Gang) stalkers and people cookers are set up to murder their own kind

Most people finally selected for elimination are friendly people, civilized, intelligent, see also above. The main reason why these people are selected is because the risk of these people shooting back at you is minimal. Most of these people have nothing against lower class people. The contrary is often true. Many will try to help them/you if they can. So you, who are participating in these horrible crimes, you are just murdering your own species or the ones sincerely involved with your problems.

(Gang) stalkers and people cookers are making the world a horrible place

You, the stalkers and people cookers, all have been fucked into murder. You were told lies by professional liars. You all know you commit horrible crimes that aim at the physical or mental death of your target(s), but you continue anyway because you do not want to go to jail. The bad news for you is that you have chosen the wrong path in life. You support mass murderers, you support and co-operate in murdering your own species, including destroying the lives of children by involving them in murder.
So you are not making the world a better place. On the contrary. Your efforts make the world a horrible place in the long run. The ones you are doing these highly illegal activities for are not interested in you, in your children, in people in general. They are only interested in money and power. Look at what happened to the world the last 20 years, most recent in Iraq, Afghanistan, Gaza. By our so-called high developed societies. This does not really look like civilization, does it? It is murder for money (oil, gold, etc.).

(Gang) stalkers and people cookers: stop your crimes and have yourself locked up

You, (gang) stalker or people cooker do not want the rest of your life murdering people do you? You cannot undo your crimes, you cannot waken people, that have been murdered by you and your criminal friends, from the dead. Best thing you can do is go to the police or your family doctor and tell the truth. That’s right, you only have to tell the truth. Then you will be locked up for a long time and you cannot harm normal people anymore, you cannot harm children anymore. And, maybe in 10, 20 years or so from now you can try again to live your life as human being. And if you have any guts then make sure you tell the truth to other people as well, so your criminal friends can be locked up as well and the ones responsible can be brought to justice.

National secret services are responsible

A lot of disinformation can be found on gang stalking (organized stalking) and electronic harassment. Although some people / websites report that these operations are performed by groups acting by itself, this is not true! Most of the time the scope of the attacks is such that they can only be done by national coordination, the equipment and weapons that are used in the attacks belong to the most advanced available if not classified. One can only conclude that these attacks are organized, performed, outsourced by our national secret services.
Although there are also stories on the internet stating that there are good people working for secret services, this is not true! Every day innocent people are attacked, murdered, every day innocent children are involved, their lives destroyed, every day innocent people are tortured into suicide, psychiatric patient, criminal behavior. If you know about these horrible crimes and do not speak out, then you are not a good person but an accomplice to murder one, a murderer.

To all politicians of the world

The only way to save the world is to stop your national secret services. Breaking laws and violating human rights in horrible ways has become a way of life. They are responsible for most problems in your neighborhood, in your city, in your country, in the world. Make them responsible for what they are doing. Let them account for in detail, force them to open up their organizations for thorough investigations. Stop their funding if they do not co-operate. Replace directors and staff immediately by normal people for starters.

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