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Peter Mooring on the web is a blog about horrible human rights violations by secret services. Using gang stalking techniques and hi-tech electronic weapons (directed energy weapons) every year thousands of people all over the world are tortured and murdered, most of them never knowing what happened. Those who know often suffer horrendous (electronic) torture.
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The people cookers - Cooking people like a microwave oven cooks meat, or here
Electronic harassment and electronic torture list - February 26, 2009

Probably the most horrible consequence of these weapons based on radio waves is that you can NOT protect yourself, your children, your loved ones anymore. You can no longer say: stay in this room, you are safe here. Attackers simply look and cook/burn through walls, with intensities that can be deadly. Police cannot protect you, security services cannot protect you. That is why these weapons must be banned, not tomorrow but NOW.
See also:, STOPEG foundation

Published on Saturday, November 18th, 2017 at 11:36 pm

When Trump was running for president he said he would make America great again. Trump also said that the USA (NATO) vassal states should increase their defense/military budgets to a 2 percent GDP.

And you have got to admit it, Trump made America great again … in revenues. The USA is selling weaponry, including their 100 million dollars a piece new F-35 fighter jet, like never before. Billions are being transferred from their vassal states to the USA military industrial complex.

Of course Trump is controlled by the New World Order. Question: How did they do it? Answer: By declaring Russia and North Korea very dangerous. But are they really? Who says so? What did they do? Could it be that Russia and North Korea are allowed or forced, or even asked, to act in these ways?

USA-NATO provoked Russia by creating a color revolution in the Ukraine, Russia had no other option to annexe the Crimea. The USA provoked North Korea by repeating over and over again that it is developing nuclear weapons that can destroy South Korea, the USA and the world, and that they must listen or will be destroyed. NK responded by saying it will hit the USA if attacked, etc.
Neither Russia nor North Korea has any plans to attack anyone, why should they, they can only loose.

The fake news about (the very dangerous) Russia and (the very dangerous) North Korea was spread in a perfect way by the USA and their vassal state puppet politicians and state controlled media, and the Secretary General of NATO Stoltenberg.

We, the people of world pay for this, more taxes without anything in return except more problems in the world. The USA war machine can increase its defense budget again and keep building military bases everywhere.

USA-Trump + vassal state politicians + Western media = Fake News = More Money and Control for USA

The only way to save our beautiful world is to take out the New World Order controllers.

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