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Peter Mooring on the web is a blog about horrible human rights violations by secret services. Using gang stalking techniques and hi-tech electronic weapons (directed energy weapons) every year thousands of people all over the world are tortured and murdered, most of them never knowing what happened. Those who know often suffer horrendous (electronic) torture.
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The people cookers - Cooking people like a microwave oven cooks meat, or here
Electronic harassment and electronic torture list - February 26, 2009

Probably the most horrible consequence of these weapons based on radio waves is that you can NOT protect yourself, your children, your loved ones anymore. You can no longer say: stay in this room, you are safe here. Attackers simply look and cook/burn through walls, with intensities that can be deadly. Police cannot protect you, security services cannot protect you. That is why these weapons must be banned, not tomorrow but NOW.
See also:, STOPEG foundation

ABOUT ME (29sep13)

In short:
In 2000 I discovered I was being targeted with the aim to murder me mentally or physically. While the crimes against me increased, I slowly recovered regaining my strength in 2005. I learned of the secret services system, their agents, all evil cowards, their abuse of people, children, animals, they don’t care. I learned of their mostly innocent targets (I estimate a minimum of 300-400 people every year in The Netherlands) eliminated = murdered to keep their sick system alive, recruit new agents, steal, create enemies, use people for (medical, scientific) experiments. The secret services system is totally out-of-control and must be stopped, broken apart and reconstructed. They are the murderers, the pedophiles, the child abusers, the terrorists of our world. Being a 10 year survivor of these crimes I tell you on this site what is going on in our world, your world. Read and tell everyone, tell your politicians.

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Update: July 28, 2010

Being a victim of gang stalking and electronic torture for 10 years now I decided to give you a detailed update on what is happening in my life. I will update my status by adding sections below.

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About the war against me

Mark Rich, see The Hidden Evil, has a section on his site he calls the war against me. Although I have not written much about the war against me untill now I decided to put all information online about the crimes and cruelties that are committed against me, and the crimes committed against others, including children.
Main reason is that May 2010 is my 10th year aniversary of 24/7 horrible crimes committed against me with the aim to murder me (mentally or physically, they don’t care). To many people these attacks will look unreal and caused by my imagination. But unfortunately everything is very real. These attacks are the result of 10 years of resisting the every day increasing more horrible crimes of our national secret services.

People claiming explicitely these kind of attacks are not possible are probably part of the sick network. This is how this works. Not only many innocent people are attacked but they are surrounded by attackers, some claiming to be victims as well, spreading disinformation, to make the real victims look bad. If you take some time and google the internet you will find detailed descriptions of gang stalking, COINTELPRO, microwave weapons (e.g. Active Denial System i.e. ADS), MKULTRA, stories of victims, etc.

Despite all attacks I manage to live a life. I am blocked, tortured mentally and tortured physically and often have a lot of mental and physical pain with the intention to murder me (slowly), but I still work, take care of my children, have dear friends and family, do my sports, play my guitar and sing, go to the beach, do my sports, have good times, laugh. And expose their crimes. Perhaps this is my biggest victory. Me living my life and they wasting their miserable lives and never can return to being a normal human being. They will all die a murderer, child abuser, a piece of shit. Everything they do is just a confirmation of their failure as a human being in life.

I am alive and can tell you what is going on in our world. I was fortunate to be born intelligent, to have studied computer architecture, so I could understand what happened when I was gang stalked, monitored with very hitech equipment, and attacked with Directed Energy Weapons, like microwave weapons.
I also was fortunate to have dear friends and family supporting me in the beginning, when the attacks started, so I got some time to think about what was/is being done and how is was/is done. I know now many, thousands, of innocent people every year (I estimated 300-400 people in The Netherlands every year) who become/became a target did not understand or understood but did not have the strength to cope. They were just slaughtered to death, I cannot think of another way of describing this. The reason? The system, the ones in control, needs enemies to survive, to recruit agents, followers. Without enemies left, now almost random people are selected for elimination, put on lists, pointed the enemy, while they are not. The system has become a cancer in society.

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About May 2010: 10 years of horrible and cruel crimes committed against me – timeline

May 2000 After a slow buildup of increasingly strange things happening in my life, with the aim to make you depressed and paranoid, an explosing of violence occured during a week the intention being to drive me insane so I would commit suicide, collapse into a psychiatric patient, commit a crime.
2000-2001 With the crimes against me 24/7 and ever increasing it took me a year to accept there were actually people capable of commiting such crimes
2002 Letter to Balkenende, Prime Minister of The Netherlands, telling him that I was being physically/mentally murdered by the Dutch secret service (defined as the secret services operating in The Netherlands, asking him to stop these crimes against me, get the bastards and allow me to send them to jail for life. My letter was send to the Department of Justice and from there to the Dutch Secret Service who responded there was nothing against Peter Mooring.
2003 For 3 years I had been thinking over and over again what is was I could have done to cause rage, such terror. After 3 years I started searching on the internet. This was deliberately delayed by myself.
I learned that one of the best defenses against these bastards is not to react immediately.
I found other victims and a lot of disinformation of so-called victims. They all share similar stories. Most of them do not know why this started against them. Nobody ever came to them, most did never commit a crime, have no criminal records. They were just declared target by some higher invisible authority and had to be eliminated. I have a number of possible reasons, I worked for a very very rich person, met a person connected to the richest family in The Netherlands, etc.
2005 Despite the still increasing terror against me I managed to recover my strength and found a way to deal with the gang stalking bastards. Once in a while I also was attacked with directed energy weapons (microwave, laser) but I was not worried about these attacks that time. All this time I managed to live a life, work and earn money, rent a house, take care of my children.
2006 After 6 years of horrible crimes my attackers gave up I would go crazy. From November election day in The Netherlands, they started to cook and burn me 24/7 with their eletronic weapons. It started with an electrical shower, that is the way it felt.
2009 The first months of 2009 they attacked my heart also 24/7 with insane intensities, bursts, etc. In 2009 I have down on the floor 4-5 times caused by insane cooking my upper body, my anus. This was caused either a breakdown of my body functions or insane pain.
2010 Starting in January 2010 they started attacking also 24/7 on my back with insane intensities. This is still going on day-by-day (Novermber 2, 2010). I have been down on the floor already 3-4 times this year. 10 years of horrible and cruel crimes against me. 10 years of other people involved, of children involved.

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About why I am attacked (add20111004)

In short, I worked for one of the richest people in The Netherlands, then you are being watched anyway, I was late with my documents for the IRS although they owed me money, I also worked with someone who had very close ties to one of the richests families in The Netherlands and he told me things one should not know, maybe I had to be blamed for his failure. And I am an independent intelligent person.

I believe it is a combination of these things that made someone put me on this list, probably one or more persons are very afraid for me as a person, for what I know about them. If they did not attack me then I probably would never have thought about all this, but now I know who they are and can link their created events and often predict their intentions.

I know this is not much, but then many people who are attacked have similar stories. The 24/7 gang stalking attacks started in May, 2000, and kept increasing because they thought I would collapse someday. In 2005 they gave up I would go crazy and from 2006 I am also attacked 24/7 with electronic weapons (Directed Energy Weapons, electronic mind reading, electronic mind control).

After the harassment started (when I realized something was wrong, 2-3 years before the 24/7 attacks) they also have tried to set set me up to become a thief, terrorist, child abuser, etc. but I do not have it in me (I’m not like them). My survival in many ways is a miracle, they do everything, I repeat everything, to murder me physically and/or mentally, they don’t care. They cannot believe that I stay where I am and just let them torture me 24/7 and cook my body into pieces with their sophisticated High Power Microwave weapons etc. (I am 24/7 being shot/cooked alive). So now they just keep attacking me 24/7 because they do not want the horrible truth to come out. The only thing they can think of is saving themselves, preventing that they will be jailed for life.

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About making people murderers

I am certain that after I survived the first attacks in 2000 they tried to manipulate me into hating the royal family in The Netherlands, and other things. I received mails suggesting the royal family was behind this, and I got phone calls from other ‘victims’ saying they were attacked by the royal familiy. Although this may be possible I did not do anything with all this information except for recording it. I also believe they tried to prepare me to become a murderer, or a person they could point to be a murderer, for people they want to murder, like for example Pim Fortuyn.
In general I believe they harrass, manipulate, a number of carefully selected people, they want to get rid of anyway, and try to connect them to their murders. And in many cases the ones being used will not know what is being done, get depressed, follow the thoughts or voices planted into their brains. Also secret services agents acting as friends or co-workers, may stimulate them to speed up this process.

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About ever increasing cruelties and cooking my body

During the years, the intensities of the mental and physical attacks increased. Every once in a while the controllers evaluate the situation and must have said: we increase the attacks then Peter will break for certain. So if you do not break or collapse, these ever increasing attacks become more and more horrible and inhumane cruel. After 6 years of 24/7 gang stalking, in 2006, they gave up I would go crazy and decided to cook and burn me out of my life, my home, using very high power microwave weapons, pressure weapons, etc.
But I did not move. I suffered and suffer intens pains but stayed. So they increased intensities again, etc. You could say that these high tech electronic weapons can be used to make people run away. But when you do not run away the attackers instantly become murderers commiting the most horrible crimes in history, they become people cookers, cooking people alive like a microwave oven cooks meat. They choose to murder me, I do not choose to be murdered, I will never run because this is my home, this is my city, this is my country. I belong here, they do not, they all belong in jail.

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About stalkers in the beginning and now (add20100728)

I remember the secret services agents smiling their superior smiles at me in the beginning. After 10 years this has all changed. The high level secret service agents have disappeared. They are now invisible, staying in background, and have been replaced by agents lower in rank. There are no more smiles, instead I see their white and hollow faces, often filled with fear. When they read my website they are confronted with the truth, that they are just murderers who belong in jail, and they all know this. It is also ‘funny’ that the anti-stalking laws in many countries makes every repetative participant of gang stalking crimes a criminal.

The last 10 years my attackers have done everything, I really can say everything, to break me, mentally and physically, ranging from preventing me to sleep for nights to burning and cooking my body apart, to attacking my children and loved ones. It has been one long big sequence of beyond imagination horrible and cruel crimes.

Why? For one, there is no reason, some psychopath may not like me for whatever reason but there is no reason I can think of. I am not and have never been a criminal, not a thief, not a pedophile, not mentally ill, etc. This is a problem for them. They have set me up trying to make me thief, trying to associate me with the Russians, mentioning me a terrorist, mentioning me a pedophile, trying to declare me mentally ill but too bad for them, I do not have it in me, I am not like them. I am certainly not a perfect person but I am quite normal. Also, I am not against the government in general, or police.

I am against psychopaths abusing their powers, murderers, child abusers, pedophiles. Not very special, I believe 99% of the people on this planet think the same and want these bastards in jail. And for everything they have done to me, to my family and friend, to other innocent people and children they all must be jailed for life. If they would not have done this to me I would never have known. But now I do and I certainly will never forgive them. But it is ok with me if they try life again after twenty years in jail.

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About damage to my property, electronic devices (upd20110403)

They also damage my things. They scratch my car slowly, including windows, they shoot something at my car to create damage, stones, I have a very visible strange dent. It looks more like a gun shot and may be is. When I just bought my previous car I it became slowly scratched all over, my car was shot with stones (or something like that) untill my front window and head lights were damaged. My current car, two years old, has been scratched and damaged in just a few months, I believe if you would have this fixed it would cost you 1-2 thousand euro’s. Other property is damaged as well, like computer screen, new shoes, clothes, has been scratched, cut with knives. My most expensive jeans now has a very visible bleach stain and is damaged as well. I also believe they ‘scratched’ my new leather jacked with their very high power pin-pointed microwave weapons.

They also suggest goods have a defect, e.g. when I turn on the TV it switches off immediately in a strange way. When I copy large files, my PC rebooted but this was just done to make me think my new PC was defective. They ruin my garden by inserting weeds immediately next to nice plants and flowers, use fluids that destroy or high power microwave weapons to destroy my grass, plants. I believe they defected my the tv used by my children.

They also can turn off an electronic device. While running they switched off my MP3 player at very specific moments, e.g. when crossing a road, when a car passes by, etc. . Most recent it appeared to be really defective. I also have a Garmin running watch. Very recent they just made it appear dead (for the third time) when I tried to turn it on, of course just before I want to leave for a run. They manipulate my watch perhaps by discharging the battery, or controlling it some other way.

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About preventing me doing sports (upd20100720)

I am not a sports fanatic but like to do sports several times a week. I do swimming, most of the times early in the morning at 7 a.m. (typical swim: 100 laps breast stroke), running (typical run: 10 kms), workout (fitness) mostly in winter time instead of running, biking, not too often.

Being a target my attackers do everything to prevent me from doing my sports. Doing sports is not just good for any person, it is very important when you are a target of these psychopaths. A good physical condition also gives a better mental condition. And both are the opposite what my attackers want. They want to break me, make me weak, make me desperate, a physical and mental wreck.

I believe they also experiment on me by beaming me with low intensity microwave. I know for certain that they will use this information to torture other people and also to manipulate sport events like tennis matches where you can make a lot of money when the top seeds fail and an outsider wins.

Sometimes after being cooked at insane intensities during running or swimming my body is just breaking down and I have to take a short break, lean against a tree or just stop running, or swim at much lower speed. You may wonder why I continue while being tortured in horrible ways. The reason is that I believe it is better to do my sports despite all this torture than not to do my sports.

In the beginning of 2009 my heart was attacked by their high weapons and often feeling very painful but despite all this pain I never gave up and I continued doing my sports. In the swimming often there were other people never been there before. I believe they were there to make sure I would not drown if my heart would collapse from their attacks.

What they do to prevent me doing sports – in general:

  • They beam my heart making it feel painful
  • Some fake victim calls me the moment I want to leave my home
  • A client calls me, skypes me, for very urgent work
  • They make it rain when I am to leave my home
  • They overload a website from a client causing alarms in my mailbox
  • Almost impossible to tell but every time I pass a person, or some one passes me, not persons but cars, bicycles as well, in the street, during running, swimming, etc. I am bursted with high power microwave to make me burp, fart, scratch my head, etc.

What my attackers do to prevent me doing sports – swimming:

  • They leave me little to no sleep the night before
  • They try to distract me so I will forget going to the swimming pool in time
  • They cook my biceps at insane intensities feeling very painful
  • They cook and burn me while walking to the swimming pool
  • They cook and burn me while changing in the swimming pool
  • They cook and burn my body during swimming often with insame intensities, biceps, heart area, side, lung cooking, through-body-cooking, etc.
    This is not only done from nearby equipment from close houses, cars, military aircraft, but also from the bottom of the swimming pool where they have also placed their torture equipment

What my attackers do to prevent me doing sports – running:

  • During day time and night time cook by legs and feet, heel muscle, so they feel very painfull when walking
  • During day time and night time cook cook my heart area
  • During running I am shot by very high power microwave weapons
    I am cooked, burned, often with insane intensities, my right or left calf is attacked/shot so it will feel painfull and you have to stop running
    Several times my right or left calf has been cooked with very high power microwave almost instantly causing the muscles inside your legs to tear apart making it impossible to continue
    Sometimes I am cooked with the urge to urinate or the urge to defacate.
  • The last years when going out running I am followed by military aircraft and also shot with very high power microwave weapons from military aircraft
  • In an hour running I am shot with these weapons 10-20 times, often cooking my upper body inside. This makes you feel shot, leaves a burning sensation where you are hit, makes your inside cook, burp and gal coming out of your throat.
    But they also may just put a low intensity beam on your back for 5-10 minutes this will irritate very much after some time.
  • More recent they beamed me during running making me very hot and sweaty and dizzy. This may look like a hunger attack but is in fact the same beam they use to make you dizzy at other times (e.g. google the internet: vomit beam).

What my attackers do to prevent me doing sports – workout (fitness):

  • During workout they cook and burn me with insane intensities:
    Most of the time they cook/burn my legs, feet, and burst my upper body untill my inside is cooking, and gal is coming out of my throat.

What my attackers do to prevent me doing sports – biking:

  • They shoot my legs and upperbody with high power microwave beam once every 5-10 minutes
  • They shoot my toes with insane intensities
  • They shoot my lower and upper legswith insane intensities

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About manipulation of my PC and internet

They can see everything I do on my PC and also manipulate it. After I bought a new computer they reset it at certain moments, to make you think it has a real problem e.g. when copying data between hard disks, but they also can simulate your keystrokes and suggest that a friend was behind your computer when you were putting your child to bed.
They block access to certain websites, web pages. In the beginning they did this by manipulating access to the DNS (to prevent lookup of sites), the last years they just overload certain web sites you visit with requests, so you will think you are blocked but the website you are waiting for is just responding very very slow. I also believe they manipulate the contents of certain websites I visit by inserting or filtering certain information .
Sometimes I upload a new version of a website for a client and there is a problem with my update. They just block access, mostly for a short time, so I cannot revert to a previous version or upload a new correct version.

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About victims contacting me

During the years I received a lot of email messages and phone calls from victims contacting me to tell me they are a target and attacked. Although a number of them were real victims, the majority was just part of the sick network and contacting me to keep me busy, to get me worried, to get information from me about their current torture method, to start a new form of torture. They call me at certain moments, e.g. when I want to go out running, when I am very busy completing a project for a client, when I have to pick up my child from school, etc. Almost all victims contacting me are very far away from me. The majority is from other countries including the U.S., Hong Kong, India.

Many times they are asking me what they can do against gang stalking, how they can protect themselves against directed energy weapons, how they can protect themselves against beaming voices into their heads. Although these appear normal questions for victims of these crimes, most the time they are used to get my thoughts on these subjects, so they can use this information for new harrasment and torture.

They suggest that I must buy high tech equipment to do irradiation measurements. They want me to go looking for this equipment, buying it. They want my opinion on shielding materials. But I have done a number of experiments myself and wrote some results on my websites for everybody to read.

They often cook or burn me in certain ways and then call me that they are harassed/tortured in the same kind of ways. One example is they attack my heart with mean weapons and pressure weapons and victims contacting me telling me they also felt their heart was being attacked and what they can do about it. Although this can be true, harrassing/torturing multiple victims at the same time, most of the time the ones contacting betray themselves one way or the other.

They also contacted me by phone with their stories and then at the end of the story, e.g. after 15 minutes, they just mentioned something that made very clear that they were just a phony victim. Unfortunately for them I just know this after a few minutes and let them talk to learn about my attackers and their sick and dsiturbed minds.

At a certain period I was being called by victims telling me they thought they were being poisoned. Where ever they went to buy their water and food, it tasted strange, they felt bad after drinking their water, they felt bad after eating their food. They wanted me to know that I should be very careful where I buy my water and food, maybe I should drive 100km to get poinson free water and food. They can be very convincing but again I never changed my habits, I only recorded. They can poison you if you drink water from your tap and not from bottles. One of the things I experience is that my attackers installed a device in my water supply to control the pressure of the water. This way they can react to what you do, e.g. when walking into your kitchen, by making your tap drip at the same time. They can used this system to poison you as well. In The Netherlands most people drink water from the tap but when I lived in Belgium for a number of years I got used to drink water from bottles and after moving back to The Netherlands I kept this habit.
Electronic weapons can make you feel very sick, give you stomach pain, diareah, etc. They may make you feel sick after you eat certain foods. If you do not know about this you may link your food to this sick feeling.

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About reading my mind and using my thoughts

A few years after the attacks on me started I got feedback about my thoughts. This was done by sending me emails containing fractions of what I thought about. About 1-2 years after this I concluded that my attackers were capable of reconstructing my sub-vocal speech, i.e. the words you speak silently in your head. This was getting more accurate in time. More recent I concluded that it was no longer my subvocal speech must also more deeper thoughts that they were capable of tapping or reconstructing.

All this time my attackers not only react to my behaviour and (possible) observations but also to my thoughts. E.g. when I think about them being murderers I get bursted with microwaves that make me burp or fart, or they just cook me alive. The mind reading is used to torture me and to steal my ideas.

It is not difficult for me to accept you can receive these information from a human being. We human are also a electromagnetic transmitter. The most complex thing you need is technology that is capable of receiving this information. Once you have this information you can process it with todays very powerfull computer systems. The only thing I do not understand is how they are capable of picking up my thoughts almost anywhere. Either the human body is a high power transmitter, or this is very advanced technology, or I have been chipped and my signals are amplified so they can be picked up more easy.

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About manipulation of my mobile phone (upd20110403)

My mobile phone is reset at certain specific moments, e.g. when I need to contact somebody, or when I am waiting for an important call. The phone reboots and tells me to place the SIM card. Most of the time the phone does not respond anymore and to get it working again I must remove the battery and insert it again. For many mobile phones you can buy spy software, e.g. google: e71 spy software. It can beinstalled, is invisible to the user of the phone and everything can be done with it. You can listen to conversations, look at smses, etc. Maybe they have installed some remote control software on my phone, I do not know. It may also be that our mobile phones have a ‘backdoor entrance’ allowing remote access by secret services (there are many reports on such backdoors in Windows).
On other occasions my attackers block my internet connection on my mobile phone. This typically happens when I want to check my mail when in my car or visiting a client, do some work using a ssh client program to access a web server of a client.
They also manipulate incoming SMS messages to my phone. These messages are by default synchronized to events in my life, i.e. most often they delayed and passed to my phone on occasions like someone walking by my window (same time), me entering an elevator (same time), etc. They also pass SMS messages when in my car driving in very bad weather overtaking a truck, really scary.
Like the new mail popup in Windows on my PC is synchronized they also control the reception of new mail on my phone. Reason is of course that new mail will cause a flashing light. They did a lot synchronizing this to the moment I was looking at moment or looking in the direction of it. You look at your phone and the new mail messages light starts showing.
I have email on my cell phone. This works great until I go out for an appointment, visit family or a friend. Then, often, suddenly my email has a delay of at least 6 hours. I can also check my email by webmail but of course internet is not working as well when I try to read my mail at these times.

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About manipulation of my tv

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About military aircraft stalking and shooting (upd20120915)

When I go out I am always followed by military aircraft (I live near airforce base) and bursted often with very high power microwave (making me cook inside), or they just put the microwave beamer on me for many minutes. This is done almost everywhere I go. Is all electronic harassment from military aircraft? No. For example, when I lay down on my bed or on my couch, my back is attacked my cooking and burning. This can only be done from below me and certainly not from military aircraft.

So on many occasions (when outside) the beams are coming from the sky. Are they fired by the often visible military aircraft(s) following me? I believe this is true. Of course they can also be fired from military aircraft much higher in the sky (laser weapons can shoot rockets out of the sky with ranges of 10-up kilometers). In that case the military aircraft above me flying at 0.5-2km would function as distraction. When I change direction it may take 5 to 10 minutes for them to get behind me and start cooking my back/legs again (yes, the are back stabbers). The minimum conclusion is that high level military is involved in these illegal and horrible crimes and inhumane activities. Because the minimumum they do is stalking me, they are all criminals because stalking is forbidden by law, a crime. As you might have guesed, the psychopaths, murderers and pedophiles also secured top positions in the military.

In the evening when at home there are by default 2-3 military aircraft in the sky, they look like stars (many people think they are UFO’s) but they are military aircraft. On quiet evenings you can hear their roaring engines. I estimate their height is 1-3 km. I went on holidays for a week to Bulgaria and there they were again. One east and one west of me.

On certain occasions I thought other people were being attacked from cars but I have to make a correction. I now believe that in many cases the harassment is from the sky. They can attack you or anybody through the roof of your house, and car. They can make random people you can see/you are looking at, scratch their head by beaming them from the sky.

Below is a very limited list of attacks from the sky. I know there are detailed records of all flight movements over The Netherlands so it cannot be very difficult to locate the murderer(s) who originated the orders making these planes fly above me (and most probably cooking me alive with their directed energy weapons). If you work on a military airbase around here (Woensdrecht, Netherlands) then do some research, let me know, tell your friends, your co-workers, your superiors. These murderers must be jailed!

Update October 30, 2011. Shooting from military aircraft is the same. When I go outside aircraft become visible, or audible (on a cloudy day). They make some extra noise to make sure you hear them. I am shot with mostly very high power microwave everywhere. In stores, on the street, in my car. There seems to be a difference between the precision of the attacks. Sometime, mostly when running I am attacked with great accuracy, both with low and very high intensities, while at other moments, e.g. when walking in the streets, in a store, I am mostly just blasted in my upper body, cooking you alive and making you almost fall to the floor. All these attacks are shots at least one per minute but often more. Yes, I must be very important to the bastards.

Update Januari 31, 2012: Not much changes. Military aircraft are always around. I added just some of the more recent events. I am shot and cooked alive before during and after running to prevent me from doing any physical exercise. Most the time the pain caused by shooting and cooking is unbearable, it also often destroys my running capability by damaging my legs (calfs, heel muscle, feet) using very high power microwave. Often they also make me urinate and defacate when running. Note that I am always shot and attacked but when running they specifically aim at my legs and everything to prevent me to start, continu. This also includes phone calls when I want to leave, making it rain when I want to leave, …

Update May 6, 2012: Again not much changes. Military aircraft are always around when I am outside and when they are I am shot with microwave, laser weapons, shooting, burning and cooking my body, often including my heart, giving me (sometimes unbearable) pain and often destroying the capability to run. They still continue their crimes trying to stop me from running, stop me from going outside. I added mostly recent events. Again they also keep beaming me with their urinate and defecate beams, so often I have to stop to do this. Last months I noticed also gliders flying around. The Woensdrecht airforce base also has a number of gliders.

Update September 15, 2012: Not much changes although more recent they have increased intensities again making it more difficult to run, and giving me more pain. They now also have the beam for longer periods on my lower legs when running, and I must really make an effort to continue. Also they interfere more by putting the urinate beam on me, almost impossible to ignore, and the defecate beam. I can keep running with this one on my lower body but it is quite an effort to not give in. Before and after running they keep cooking and burning my legs and feet making it difficult to start running and to recover, see also the ‘regular’ update. Although this can come from aircraft much higher in the sky (including satellites) I now believe many attacks are from one or two visible aircraft (still flying high) attacking me often from two sides at the same time e.g. in my face or stomach and at the same time my back or bottom. After searching the internet I learned that around 2006 they started using the new Boeing EA-18G Growler with electronic warfare equipment. But perhaps this is just coincedence, it also may be F16-like drones. Although not sure, I do not think the pilots of these aicraft have anything to do with the shooting. I believe there are very secret centers in the (Western) world where these remote-control electronic weapons are operated (by the pieces of shit of our society). Summarizing, it is the same cruel and horrible torture, and at some moments even more cruel and horrible.

Date Time (approx) What Where Aircraft Attack
2010-07-01 18:45 Running Woods, south of Dennenlaan, Hoogerheide Audible Cooked alive several times
2010-07-25 14:00 Running Hoogerheide – Kalmhoutse Hei – Putte Audible Burned and cooked alive several times
2010-07-27 18:45 Running Huibergseweg – Putsebaan – Ossendrecht Yes Burned and cooked alive several times
2010-09-13 10:44 Working At home Audible Beaming in back very hard
2010-09-19 17:50 Running Oost-Souburg, Jaagpad Audible, clouds Shot in right calf, cooked and damaged
2010-09-21 13:30 Running Dennenlaan – Putsebaan Yes After 10 minutes aircraft close, shot in claf several times
2010-09-22 12:50 Running Dennenlaan – Putsebaan Yes From half way, continuous burning and cooking in back
2010-10-07 16:45 Running Dennelaan – Putsebaan Yes Almost all the time insane cooking and burning
2010-10-08 13:10 Running Dennenlaan – Putsebaan Yes Almost all the time insane cooking and burning
2010-10-22 16:30 Running Dennenlaan – Putsebaan Yes Sick beam/vomit beam, cooking and burning of back, legs
2010-10-26 15:45 Running Dennenlaan – Putsebaan Yes Shot, cooked alive, lower legs cooked
2010-10-26 17:30 School son Basisschool Putte Yes
2010-10-31 12:00 Running Hoogerheide – Kalmhoutse Hei – Putte Audible Cooking and burning my back, long periods, at least until arriving in Putte
2010-11-05 15:35 Running Dennenlaan – Putsebaan Audible Slow cooking and burning my back, long periods. After arriving back home my back was cooked in a insane horrible way, I had to lay down.

More details on the route I ran. It was raining, ran 1 hour, average 11.2km/hour. Garmin data and route map

2010-11-12 12:59 Running Putseweg Molendreef Calfven Audible, cloudy From start to finish insane cooking and burning my back, almost continuously. Gal coming out of my throat, cooking inside my body. After arriving back home my back and body felt horrible.

More details on the route I ran. Ran 1 hour, average 11.4km/hour. Garmin data

2010-11-14 16:30 Running Koopmansvoetpad Grote Abeele Oost-Souburg Audible, cloudy From start to finish cooking and burning my back, high intensity, burping, burning sensations
2010-11-14 23:30 (approx.) Walking outside Spoorstraat Oost-Souburg Visible Walking out of house, airplane flying from De Deckerstraat to Lekstraat (also seen by friend)
2010-11-15 12:20 Walking outside Hoogerheide home garden Audible Walking out of house, jet with a lot of noise flying from right to left behind houses I look at when in my garden
2010-11-16 09:30 Walking outside Hoogerheide home garden Visible Walking out of house, aircraft flying from crossing Scheldeweg-Ossendrechtseweg (Ouwe Leeuw) direction Minckelersweg. Picture
2010-11-24 08:30 Taking son to school Putte (BE) Basisschool Audible Shooting in the back
2010-11-24 12:15 Get son from school Putte (BE) Basisschool Audible Shooting in the back
2010-12-03 17:45 Groceries Aldi, Hoogerheide Audible Shooting in the back, cooked alive in Aldi
2011-01-27 14:30 Running Dennenlaan – Putsebaan Audible Cooking and shooting in the back, calf of right leg flashing and continuous cooking, in the woods towards Huibergen and when ron the road from Huibergen back to Hoogerheide
2011-02-09 16:56 Driving into Delft (Kruithuisweg), arriving at my destination after a long drive from home Delft Visible, see foto
2011-02-13 3-5 times Walking outside Spoorstraat Oost-Souburg Audilbe Walking out of house, aircraft flying from right to left
2011-02-14 18:10 Running Putseweg, direction Hoogerheide, all the way from Puts Meuleke to Hoogerheide High intensity cooking in the back, insane beaming of my previously injured left foot and ankle, very intense and repeated flashing my calfs (like a needle), left and right, had to stop running after 50 minutes of running, , route Calfven – Ossendrecht, otherwise my muscles would be teared because of the cooking (running at 10.8km/hour)
2011-03-04 08:30 Arriving at destination, getting out of the car, Putsestraat, almost opposite bakery shop, to walk son to school Putte Visible, above housing, see foto
2011-03-23 16:15 Running Hoogerheide, Calfven, Ossendrecht, Puts Meuleke, Hoogeheide Visible, audible High intensity continuous cooking in the back, at intervals through body cooking bursts, gal, burning inside, truely cruel and insane. Still improving, avg speed 11.9km/hour over 11km
2011-04-03 13:00 Running Woods to Belgium, Kalmthoutse Heide, Putte, Hoogerheide Visible, audible High intensity continuous cooking in the back (including cooking inside) until arrving at Putseseteenweg (all the time aircraft behind me = backstabbers), then bursts on back and flashing my calfs with very high power microwave causing instant damage and making it at times impossible to continue running. Still a long good run. Aircraft very visible parallel road Hoogerheide – Putte
2011-04-06 14:00 Running Huibergen, border Belgium in woods, Putseweg Visible, audible Continous very high intensity continuous cooking and shooting in the back (including cooking inside), bursting my foot, calfs, heel, head, etc. Total collapse of my body functions when reaching Putseweg. Had to hold on to traffic sign, otherwise would have fallen on the ground
2011-05-29 17:59 Walking to car Delft Visible, audible Walking to car leaving to go home (Hoogerheide), arriving at car, aircraft above me, grab phone to record, see aircraft between roof and tree. Movie:
2011-06-01 08:00 Running Ossendrecht Visible, audible Limited shooting in the back, low intensity cooking of calfs, feet, very good 11 km run, avg. speed 12,2km/h
2011-06-02 16:00 Running Zoutelande Visible, audible Running in the dunes and on the beach, military jets/aircraft everywhere, very high intensity continuous (almost to death) cooking and shooting in the back (including cooking inside), bursting my foot, calfs, heel, head, etc.
2011-10-09 17:01 Running Oost-Souburg Audible Shooting and cooking of body

Dist: 8.46km, time: 01:05:49, speed: 7.7km/h, dir: clockwise, track
2011-10-10 18:14 Running Hoogerheide Audible Shooting in clafs, in body, cooking of lower legs, knees, etc.

Dist: 9.77km, time: 00:49:14, speed: 11.9km/h, dir: counterclockwise, track
2011-10-12 10:15 Running Hoogerheide Visible, audible Aircarft continuous above me. Shooting in heel, calfs, lung cooking + burping, 1-2 times with burning sensations on body, cooking body inside

Dist: 9.86km, time: 00:49:05, speed: 12.1km/h, dir: clockwise, track
2011-10-14 13:39 Running Hoogerheide Visible, audible Very limited shooting, just some lung cooking beams + farting when crossing people, cars, cross roads, light cooking of back

Dist: 11.01km, time: 00:54:06, speed: 12.2km/h, dir: clockwise, track
2011-10-18 17:45 Running Hoogerheide Visible, audible Right heel cooked apart within 20 minutes, cooking of left calf, right heel ,muscla, back, knees cooking, shooting with farting, bowels cooking, urinate beam. aircraft everywhere

Dist: 17.00km, time: 01:44:09, speed: 9.8km/h, dir: clockwise, track
2011-10-20 08:35 Running Hoogerheide Visible, audible Shooting left heel muscle, left calf, right ankle, continuous back cooking, lung-cooking + burping, urinate beam, defecate beam, had to defecate, stomach cooking, bowel cooking + farting, right heel muscle cooking

Dist: 18.87km, time: 01:49:59, speed: 10.3km/h, dir: counterclockwise, track
2011-10-22 10:51 Running Hoogerheide Visible, audible Limited cooking, some shots in the back, lung cooking + burping

Dist: 10.95km, time: 00:54:30, speed: 12.1km/h, dir: clockwise, track
2011-10-23 17:26 On beach Dishoek Visible, audible Many aircraft and shooting, when in strandtent De Zeebries, Dishoek, two propellor aircraft flying over me
2011-10-23 23:00 In car Between Oost-Souburg and Hoogerheide Visible Aircraft with red flashing light flying 10kms before me all to Hoogerheide
2011-10-24 17:05 Running Hoogerheide Visible, audible Shooting in legs, cooking of back, etc.

Dist: 16.47km, time: 01:35:08, speed: 10.4km/h, dir: clockwise, track
2011-10-26 10:15 Running Hoogerheide Visible, audible High intensity left heelmuscle cooking, damaged, shot (flash) twice with insane intensity in left calf, shooting cooking lower left leg, back, quasi modo running, a lot of pain

Dist: 10.68km, time: 00:58:17, speed: 11.0km/h, dir: counterclockwise, track
2011-10-26 23:05 Standing outside Hoogerheide Visible, audible Aircraft flying, this is done almost always when I walk outside my home
2011-10-28 12:29 Running Hoogerheide Visible, audible Already before entering Calfven (approx 10 mins from start) lower left leg was cooked to pieces, remaining track run like quasi modo. During run cooking of back, shooting in body, cooking of lower legs and feet, a lot of pain

Dist: 18.45km, time: 02:01:34, speed: 9.1km/h, dir: counterclockwise, track
2012-01-03 17:35 Friend visit Oost-Souburg Visible When arriving highway turn to Oost-Souburg, looking somehwat right of the moon is an object. Child first thinks it is a helicopter because it is hanging in the air, but then you can very clearly see its wings, the sky is very clear. Aircraft has lights on.
2012-01-03 20:45 Friend visit Oost-Souburg Visible Driving back to Roosendaal to pick up child. In fornt of car all the time somehwat left of the road aircraft with landign lights (flashing lights) on.
2012-01-16 16:43 Running Huibergen Visible/Audible Counterclockwise.
Dist: 10:85km, time: 58:20, speed: 11.2km/h, track
2012-01-17 08:35 Walking Putte(B) Visible, above housing, see photo
2012-01-18 17:29 Running Putte Audible Run after dropping kid for football. Shooting + cooking, legs, back, lung cooking + burping.
Dist: 10:19km, time: 54:13, speed: 11.3km/h, track
2012-01-22 09:51 Running Huibergen Audible Huibergen and woods clockwise, a bit wider passing Ouwe Leeuw, shooting + cooking, legs, back, lung cooking + burping.
Dist: 11.23km, time: 1:02:50, speed: 10.7km/h, track
2012-01-24 13:33 Running Huibergen Visible/Audible Long run including approx. 45 mins in the woods, clockwise, shooting + cooking, legs, back, lung cooking + burping.
Dist: 17.32km, time: 1:40:58, speed: 10.3km/h, track
2012-01-28 16:25 Running Oost-Souburg Visible/Audible Oost-Souburg to Vlissingen boulevard v.v. running with friend, shooting in legs and back. Horrible and insane cooking of back during last part when running from Vlissingen to Oost-Souburg, also then insane cooking of right heel musle, lung cooking + burping, all extreme painful.
Dist: 10.55km, time: 1:19:46, speed: 7.9km/h, track
2012-01-29 16:45 Running Oost-Souburg Audible Spoorstraat, Oost-Souburg to Dishoek beach. Shooting in legs and back but very limited compared to other times.
Dist: 5.94km, time: 29:31, speed: 12.1km/h, track
2012-01-31 13:48 Running Hoogerheide Visible, audible Puts Meuleke, Ossendrecht etc. Shooting in legs and back, including cooking, all the time, lung cooking + burping, on Putseweg, military aircraft very visible because of clear sky crossing from Hoogerheide direction Ossendrecht church.
Dist: 11.06km, time: 56:48, speed: 11.7km/h, dir: clockwise, track
2012-02-12 13:53 Running Hoogerheide Visible, audible Imediately when leaving home a military jet flying over me, lots of noise, flies direction of Calfven, while I am walking direction Maststraat. Shooting in calfs, legs, somtimes in back with not with the (horrible) intensities they usually use.
Dist: 10.86km, time: 57:23, speed: 11.4km/h, dir: counter-colckwise, track
2012-03-25 Afternoon In garden Hoogerheide Visible, audible Working in garden, insane cooking of my body, cooking inside,burping, beaming in heart area, military aircraft flying over, also glider, beams in face etc.
Dist: 11.06km, time: 56:48, speed: 11.7km/h, dir: clockwise, track
2012-04-01 19:30 Driving Hoogerheide – Delft Visible, audible Driving to Delft v.v. to pick up son. Insane cooking all the way, aircraft everywhere.
2012-04-07 11:22 Running Hoogerheide Visible, audible Shooting in legs, calfs, back cooking continuously, when coming out of the woods in Huibergen, glider (aircraft) above me (approx), when I point at it for other people to see, it turns away immediately and disappears behind trees.
Dist: 17.66km, time: 1:52.51, speed: 9.4km/h, dir: clockwise, track
2012-04-19 14:53 Running Hoogerheide-Putte Audible (cloudy) Very stormy weather, whole way insane cooking of back, extremely painful (normally it is very painful) cooking and shooting calfs, right heel muscle, continuous urge to defecate beam, almost impossible to keep anus closed
Dist: 15.13km, time: 1.27:08, speed: 10.4km/h, dir: to Putte and back, track
2012-04-22 15:46 Running Antwerpen 10 miles Audible (cloudy) Cooking feet, ankles when starting, shooting in body, legs, calfs and back cooking
Dist: 16.19km, time: 1:28.44, speed: 10.9km/h, dir: clockwise, track
2012-04-25 17:35 Running Putte Audible (cloudy) Cooking calfs, right heel muscle, back, cooking, arms, etc.
Dist: 12.13km, time: 1:04.59, speed: 11.2km/h, dir: clockwise, track
2012-04-27 17:27 Running Putte-Kapellen Audible (cloudy) Cooking feet, ankles when starting, shooting right heel muscle, calfs high power cooking, back cooking, etc.

Dist: 12.13km, time: 1:04.59, speed: 11.2km/h, dir: counter-clockwise, track
2012-05-01 18:14 Running Hoogerheide Audible, Visible Beaming right heel muscle, calfs damaging high power cooking, back, shoulders cooking, urinate beam, defecate beam
Dist: 11.49km, time: 1:03.48, speed: 10.8km/h, dir: counter-clockwise, track
2012-05-03 11:37 Running Hoogerheide Audible (cloudy) Beaming feet, ankles, from the start, right heel muscle, calfs cooking, back cooking, shooting in body, heart
Dist: 10.96km, time: 57:53, speed: 11.4km/h, dir: clockwise, track
2012-05-05 16:18 Running Hoogerheide Audible, (cloudy) Shooting in right heel muscle, back cooking, left calf cooking, beaming in right knee, legs, lung cooking with burping, urinate beam, had slow down because of some dizzyness
Dist: 10.48km, time: 55:43, speed: 11.3km/h, dir: clockwise, track
2012-08-31 17:33 Running Putte / Kalmthoutse Heide Audible, (cloudy) Shooting in right heel muscle, back cooking, left calf cooking, beaming in right knee, legs, lung cooking with burping, urinate beam, etc.
Dist: 13.27km, time: 1.13:18, speed: 10.9km/h, dir: clockwise, track
2012-09-06 16:41 Running Hoogerheide Audible, visible Shooting in right heel muscle, back cooking, left calf cooking, beaming in right knee, legs, lung cooking with burping, urinate beam, had too stop to urinate
Dist: 17.82km, time: 1.43:28, speed: 10.3km/h, dir: counter clockwise, track
2012-09-08 13:41 Biking Hoogerheide / bergen op Zoom Audible, visible Had to wait for bridge just before entering Oesterdam closing the moment at arrived. Not continuous shooting like when running, some lung cooking + burping, some through body cooking, but aircraft at regular interval above, when I felft being shot an aircraft was visible
Dist: 55.21km, time: 2.21:56 (including bridge stop), speed: 23.3km/h, dir: counter clockwise, track
2012-09-09 12:06 Running Domburg Visible (sunny) Running on the beach, very hot, second half bare feet, Shooting in right heel muscle, back cooking, left calf cooking, beaming in right knee, legs, lung cooking with burping, urinate beam, etc.
Dist: 14.10km, time: 1.29:02, speed: 9.50km/h, dir: clockwise, track
2012-09-11 12:55 Running Hoogerheide – Ossendrecht Audible, visible(cloudy) Problem starting GPS on watch. Shooting in right heel muscle, back cooking, left calf cooking, beaming in right knee, legs, lung cooking with burping, urinate beam, etc. but not with very high intensities
Dist: 9.71km, time: 52:09, speed: 11.2km/h, dir: counter clockwise, track
2012-09-12 17:33 Running Hoogerheide Audible, (cloudy) Shooting in lower legs, back cooking, calf cooking, legs, lung cooking with burping, urinate beam, defacate beam, burping, farting, cruel and very painful.
Dist: 12.99km, time: 1.11:09, speed: 11.0km/h, dir: clockwise, track
2012-09-14 17:34 Running Putte / Kalmthoutse Heide Audible, visible (cloudy) Shooting in right heel muscle, back cooking, left calf cooking, beaming in right knee, legs, lung cooking with burping, urinate beam, slow down because of total destruction of functioning of right leg with emphasis on right heel. Very much pain. Second part walking like quasi modo.
Dist: 12.46km, time: 1.08:30, speed: 10.9km/h, dir: clockwise, track

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About reacting to everything I do

This certainly is one of the most cruel and horrible forms of torture. Normally they already react to everything you do but on certain periods it can become overwhealming. They react to my movements, to what I see, to what I think again with the intention to break me. Their reactions consist of making a neighbor come outside when you go outside, a car stopping nearby when you are on the toilet, bang on the wall when opening a webpage, beam on the head when saving a webpage, making you burp or fart everytime a car passes by, cooking you alive when uploading new software, burning your head when thinking of certain things, when outside, making you burp or fart everytime you cross a car or bike, blocking you on every crossroad, people calling when you want to leave, when you are on the toilet, people coming out of houses at the same moment you walk there, people coughing to react to what you do or think, sawing machine started when you go outside, birds screaming when you think of certain things, birds flying over you within e few meters when you are outside, people closing the door of their car exactly the moment you pass, etc. In general this is horrible already but when they do this with very high intensity, e.g. several times a minute (in stead of several times every five minutes) you will get really very tired. And if you are not strong I know for sure you will collapse.

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About never allowing me five seconds of quietness

All people take a (mental) break with what they are doing once in a while. For some this is once every 10 minutes, for others may be once every hour. Then, you will just stare without looking and not even clearly think of certain things but just take a (mental) break. This is prevented by the psychopaths. As soon as they do not receive enough brain activity, eye movement, etc. they disturb me by honking a horn, ticking against your central heating, having you called, slamming a door, making a pigeon coo, starting a car, starting a sawing machines, slamming a window, etc. This is typically within 5-10 seconds.

Another thing they do is trying to prevent me thinking about problem and solutions. When you start thinking, you stop doing what you and try to focus on finding a solution to a problem, approach, etc. Again they will make sounds, noise to try to prevent me from making any progress.

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About my relationships, dating, sex (add20110320)

Before the attacks on me began, I was single and had nice contacts with a number of women, I also had lived together for 18 years and had two children. Although not desperate I really like to share my life with someone then just being alone, it is just more fun. But this person and me must really match otherwise I prefer to stay alone.

At that time I checked women-looking-for-men advertisements in news papers and visited dating sites. After some time I began to notice that a number of advertisements were actually created for me. They referenced things going on in my life. On many dating sites you get a daily summary by mail of new women registered. One thing they do is add women with specific nicknames. E.g. when I talk to a woman named Mary during the day and read in the news paper or on the internet about a woman named Condoliza, then the next day summary has women like mari1964 and condogirl. This started in 2000 and as I never gave up visiting these websites, this is going on today (2011). After some time I learned to filter the setups and sometimes exchanged messages with women. They noticed my advance and often on further contact they just intercepted and took over the conversation. This happened many times.

Another thing they did to depress me was making kissing couples walking around me, stopping in front of me, etc.

I once dated a (beautiful) woman and we ended up in bed. But everytime I penetrated her, my erection disappeared (I never have this problem). At that time, it was just before the 24/7 electronic attacks started, I did not know about this capability of electronic weapons. Of course she asked me if I had a problem. Maybe she was there to make me feel terrible, I do not know. I believe she was a good person. Often they also beam away my erection when I masterbate. This way I could do some testing. I also experimented by taking Viagra but that does not work when the erection termination beam is on. At first I believed they could only terminate my erection, but recently I also started believing that they could create my erection. This also had to with a recent (2011) news item about sexual stimulation by controlling the brain.

They monitor everything I look at, everything I think about. And of course this includes women as well. When I look at a woman, they try to make her appear the next day(s) at corners and/or other very visible pages. Some years ago, after I noticed my thoughts were being read and used, I decided to generate thoughts where ever, whenever. In this case, when I see a woman, I look at her and think (very clearly so they cannot miss it): nice ass, or what a beauty, etc. This really makes them happy. They have used lots of women to co-operate with them. Another thing they do is try to force thoughts into your brain to think about a certain person. This was weird and I was alarmed almost immediately because of the repeating pattern.

At a certain moment I was told by a family member of a nice woman she met, and she gave me the email address. I tried to send her a mail but the mail was bounced telling me there was no mailbox with that email address (on hotmail). I tried several times but with the same result. The next day I tried again and I did not get any errors this time. She returned my mail, and I sent her another mail. I did get a response. After sometime I tried again and received a response. It appeared that her mailbox had been spammed with 100+ the same mails and that my mail message was somewhere between these spam messages. We started dating and ended up living together, have a son together. I believe I would not have been dating her if it not been for the close tie between her family and my family. I.e. if I would tell a family member about not receiving a mail, then this would finally get through to her. When living together the attackers of course did everything to break us up and they partly succeeed, we broke up after five years.

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About harassment by controlled birds and other animals

The harrassment by controlled animals really started after I moved to Belgium. From that moment on pigeons were used to harrass me everywhere I went. I could drive to the grocery store, to the school to pick up my child, etc. every time I got out of my car pigeons started cooing. On many occasions pigeons were in bushes hiding and when I crossed on foot or by car they suddenly appeared and flew away screaming. In Hoogerheide, Netherlands, my current location, they also use pigeons a lot. They make a pigeon start cooing when you are cooked and/or burned. This goes as follows. You are outside. Then they start the cooker on me and the pigeon at the same time. Then both off at the same time. Then both on at the same time, etc. They also make a pigeon start cooing when I start talking and stop cooing when I stop talking. When I lay down on a chair sun bathing in my garden they put a pigeon very close and make it coo. When I am in my bed e.g. on sunday morning they make a pigeon crash into the roof or position it as close as possible and make it start cooing. They make one or more pigeons landing in my garden the moment I am in my kitchen making coffe and looking out the window inti my garden. They even managed to make a pigeon crash to the window of my car when driving.
More recent, the last 2-3 years my attackers also include crows. Like pigeons these crows are controlled to fly over me often screaming, when I leave my house, scream when I am attacked with microwave weapons, start talking, etc.
Other animals often involved are dogs. Like pigeons and crows, they are used to react to what I am doing, they start barking when I am cooked or burned, etc.

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About my mental torture

In the process of your (physical or mental) elimination, i.e. murder, mental torture is of the same importance as physical torture. An example of mental torture is when they attack my children, family, friends, random persons in my life, with their directed energy weapons. I see what is happening but I cannot tell them and cannot protect them. The attackers know I will have a lot of mental pain so they love to do these kind of things. How would you feel if they make your child, a friend, burp, or give physical pain, to react to what you are doing, not only at your own location but also at other locations. When at other locations you get feeldback sometimes immediately, sometimes after hours, sometimes after days.
They also set up children to stalk me, sometimes even driving their bicycles at moments so that I may hit them with my car. Or they involve children in the stalking process by having cars pass by the same moment they come out of their home, visible to me. This is all child abuse and probably most children will be traumatized when they realize what they have been doing (that is why I call these bastards pedophiles as well, they destroy the lives of children and they don’t care).
Other examples are making sure you have the feeling nobody will help you, keeping you totally isolated, reacting to everything you do, including your thoughts, stealing your ideas and making them show up on other websites, on tv.

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About giving me stress

Stress is very bad for your health. That is why my attackers try to give me stress whenever they can. They do this e.g. by blocking access to client websites when there is a problem, by giving you extra pain when you hurt yourself so you start worrying about your health.

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About the self-fulling prophecy (add20110403)

When you tell people what is happening in your life some mumble about the self-fulling prophecy. Maybe this is the case for some people but it certainly does not apply to me. Already from the moment the attacks on me started in 2000, I thought it would be best to delay my reactions as my reactions probably would cause new actions, etc. This is what I call breaking the loop.

I even delayed myself for years before searching the internet for similar attacks. This is unnatural for me to do. One of my statements is that what is happening to you probably is also happening to others so there must be information about this on the internet. In the very beginning I was afraid to check the internet but after after a few weeks and thinking about the attacks I could only conclude that if I were to keep a ‘clean’ mind, I had to resist my urge for information for some time at least until I had written a letter to the Dutch government.

Most of the time I was very much in control of my reactions. Although I keep notes of many things happening in my life, I often delay writing about certain things, sometimes even for six months. For example, in 2010, after they started cooking my back 24/7 almost continuously with high intensity microwave wepaons, I did not write about this, or told anyone about this for 4-6 months.

After becoming aware of their mind control attempts the last years, I am even more aware of what I am doing. Most of the time when I feel the urge to do things I think about the reason, is it a logical thing to do? I always try to delay at least a random number of minutes, and then again a random number of minutes, etc. Everything to ‘break the loop’.

The attackers love to ‘fulfill’ your prophecy. Because they are sick, because they are programmed they act this way. Often this makes it very easy to steer them into doing certain things.
Summary: In general there is no self-fulling prophecy. The only thing the attackers do is try to react in one way or the other to everything I do.

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About my every day torture

The story below is truely beyond imagination but is a part of my life. I believe I belong to the most tortured people in the world. Main reason is I do not run away, write on the internet about these horrible crimes. They are all afraid for the truth, and I represent the truth.

After a few hours of sleep, sometimes 3 hours sometimes 5 hours, I am woken either by a very loud bubbling stomach, or by intens pain caused by beaming my leg, toes, stomach, knee, sometimes also in the middle of the night. My erection is beamed away. Most of the time I stay in bed untill 6 or 7 in the morning. During that time, I am kept awake. To most of my movements like turning and to my (subvocal) thoughts is reacted either by noises and sounds created in my home, bangs in the ceiling, foot steps or sounds outside, on-off cooing pigeons, screaming crows, honking horns, beams on body causing pain so I have to move, etc. During the night or before I get out of bed, often my legs are cooked, feeling painful when I get up. When I did running the day before, the intensity of the leg cooking is increased. When I get out of bed, I am bursted with lung cooking beams making me burp when I sit on the bed, when I walk down the stairs when I arrive in the kitchen etc. Sometimes these microwave bursts cause burning sensations on my back or body, or are very high power and cooking my inside and causing gal inside my throat. In the shower my legs are cooked again and I am bursted with often painful beams on my body and head. Everyday the same sequence.

Most of the time I record everything in a file on my PC. But that is just a summary of what is being done. Sometimes I write down (on paper) everything and then type this later into my PC. Below is a very detailed recording of what was being done on January 3, 2010. This is not exceptional. It is just how I am tortured in my house every day, every day, every day.

2010-01-03 09:40 Bowels cooking, beaming in knee right, pressure beam obn chest, etc.
2010-01-03 09:41 Lung cooking with burping, heatbeam on head
2010-01-03 09:45 Lung cooking with burping when I choose to save a file on my PC
2010-01-03 09:46 As above, i.e. lung cooking with burping when I choose to save a file on my PC
2010-01-03 09:49 Lung cooking with burping when putting focus back on text document
2010-01-03 09:53 Lung cooking with burping and pressure beam at the same time
2010-01-03 09:58 Bowels cooking with farting, when typing again
2010-01-03 10:00 Lung cooking with burping when changing web page
2010-01-03 10:04 Lung cooking with burping when starting to type
2010-01-03 10:06 Beam in eye right + tears in eye right
2010-01-03 10:07 Bowels cooking + farting when changing look from TV to PC
2010-01-03 10:09 When in kitchen with face to window I am beamed on head from right (little after ear), then they beam my throat, beam right calf
2010-01-03 10:11 in keuken, beam in linkerribbenkast harthoogte samen met drukbeam op borst
2010-01-03 10:14 Bowels cooking
2010-01-03 10:15 Beam on head right
2010-01-03 10:15 Beam on head, goes from right to middle
2010-01-03 10:16 Increasing intensity of beam on head
2010-01-03 10:17 Lung cooking with burping when opening file on PC, painful beam on head is still there
2010-01-03 10:19 Souds from neighbor house
2010-01-03 10:19 Beam in stomach with bubbling sound
2010-01-03 10:19 Beam in left chest when raising coffe cup to mouth (with left arm/hand)
2010-01-03 10:21 Get up from PC to get protective hat, bowels beam with fart
2010-01-03 10:22 Sneeze beam, sneeze, throat feels cooked (sore)
2010-01-03 10:23 Lung cooking with burping when updating this list, in the mean time ticking against central heating to react to what I am doing
2010-01-03 10:24 Lung cooking with burping when watching my screen and thinking for more then 5-10 seconds
2010-01-03 10:25 Ticking against central heating reacting to my refreshing google – it is pointless etc
2010-01-03 10:26 Beam on lower part of legs, some kind of shake beam (low frequency)
2010-01-03 10:27 Lung cooking with burping, when typing the above on PC
2010-01-03 10:27 Beam in chest left heart position
2010-01-03 10:28 Burning of back
2010-01-03 10:28 Beam on left upper leg, approx 10cm above knee
2010-01-03 10:29 Lung cooking with burp 2 times when starting to type program code
2010-01-03 10:30 Beam in stomach with bubbling and burning on back
2010-01-03 10:31 Bowels cooking, pressure on bowels
2010-01-03 10:32 Beam in right cheek
2010-01-03 10:32 Beam on head from behind
2010-01-03 10:33 Beam on chest, from the right
2010-01-03 10:34 Bowels cooking
2010-01-03 10:34 Lung cooking with burping when going to sit behind my PC again
2010-01-03 10:35 Beam in chest right, beam from the right
2010-01-03 10:36 Beam in left ear, eardrum
2010-01-03 10:37 Continuous beam in right knee cavity, at the same time tick against central heating
2010-01-03 10:37 Beam in right side, right behind
2010-01-03 10:39 Lung cooking with burp when starting to type program code
2010-01-03 10:39 Tick against central heating when starting to type
2010-01-03 10:40 Bowels cooking when looking up to the tv after 10-15 seconds
2010-01-03 10:41 Beam in heart area from left behind
2010-01-03 10:43 Beam in stomach and bowels with farting
2010-01-03 10:46 Walking to kitchen, beam in heart area from left behind, insane cook beam (instant pain) left claf
2010-01-03 10:48 Lung cooking with farting when in room with washing machine, walking to bathing room
2010-01-03 10:48 Lung cooking with burping when sitting down after PC
2010-01-03 10:48 Beam in elft cheek
2010-01-03 10:50 Walking outside, at close heighbor house also someone goes outside, removing ice from car, woman voice
2010-01-03 10:51 Bird flies very visible and makes tjielp-tsjielp) sounds reacting to my thinking (failed human beings)
2010-01-03 10:52 Sound of airplane somewhere, was not here
2010-01-03 10:55 In kitchen starting my oven, lung cooking
2010-01-03 10:56 Walking into the room, lung cooking with burping

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About attacking and murdering people in my life

To drive me insane, to depress me, my attackers also attack other people in my life. They attack random people but also family members, friends, co-workers, all not knowing they are attacked. This is very diffult for me to write about and at this time I only want to mention the most serious cases. I believe the following people close to me/in my life have been attacked, some even murdered, I do not want to go into full details:

  • A family member (old and in bad health) was “helped” into death to prevent him celebrating Christmas with me.
  • A family member was attacked with a hospital bacteria after surgery (there was a power failure during the surgery).
  • A family member was made to fall and injure herself, after talking to me.
  • A family member was overdosed/drugged, disappearing from home several days, after talking to me.
  • At least one of the three people that died in one week during the 2010 Christmas holidays, was ‘helped’ into death.

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Updated: September 29, 2013

No changes, just 24/7 gang stalking and electronic torture, also attacking people and children around me.


Updated: April 27, 2013

About six months have passed since the last status update. Things have not really changed much, still 24/7 (electronic) tortured, cooked alive and burned, and gang stalked, except that my body is being attacked with higher intensities and longer continuous periods.

Like I wrote in previous status updates, this is not just a few times a day but more like a few times every minute of the day and 24/7 and everywhere I go. The condition of my body is less than before. Besides the torture where they cook my eyes, beam on the head, make me burp, fart, cough, often very painful, they keep attacking (cooking, beaming) the same spots. The spot on my back is beamed during the day when I sit behind my computer with metal sheet behind me and slowly microwaved during the night and is making cracking sounds because of the damage to the cartilage. The left side of my rib cage, that is below my left arm and a bit to the back, at heart height is cooked and beamed 24/7 (for years now) and features some kind of (skin)cancer, it does not feel good and also appears to be more inside my body but it is very difficult to estimate internal damage because they just cook that part of my body very often. Because I am still runnning, they cook and damaage my feet and legs with higher intensities and for longer periods. It is very painful to get out of bed and start walking. My feet sometimes are swollen and it is difficult to get into my shoes. Despite all these attacks I still manage to run Also, the attacks form military aircraft when running are little more horrible (can it get more horrible?). Besides the cooking of my feet, legs, back, shooting with very high intensities through my upper body, they cook my bowels with very high intensity, giving me a continuous almost irrisistable urge to defacate. Despite all this torture I manage to keep running and recently did the Antwerp 10 Miles at an avarage speed of 10.1km/hour which was pretty good considering the fact I had not been running much before because of the cold weather. Other physical damage includes my set of teeth (I believe they slow vibrate your jaws to make your fillings get out), my moustache hair under my nose (burned away like in a laser hair removal treatment).
Intense stalking continues, including the involvement of many neighbors some of them also involving their children. Also, they try to involve me in constructed car accidents, keep attacking people around me, including children, etc.

They keep using information from what I am thinking, they do this from the beginning I was attacked, and I have not written much about this before. But as more and more people understand what is I call the ‘people control system’ I think it is time to write this down. In many cases I am running this country which may sound weird but is not really that special. Let me explain this more. First I am a high profiile target because I am a normal person, I never collapsed, I manage to live a (very difficult) life, I spit and shit on them, I look for ways to kick them in jail. I am also an intelligent person and although this is not really special, I appear far more intelligent than them, they are only criminal and do not know how normal people think, I also have some others talents they fear. What they do is not only pick things from my life and make them appear at radio station, bill board, websites you visit, have people walking by talk about this, etc., as they do with many targets, they also read my thoughts and evaluate my opions and in many cases use them at national level for government campaigns, large scale actions, etc. You are right, they are parasites.
Like I wrote before, one of the biggest problem of the elite, the ones running a country, are the intelligent people. Once they understand what is going they are dangerous because they probably will come up with good arguments and win every court case. Not because they are highly gifted but because it does not take much to be more intelligent and convincing than people at (corrupted) government positions. One step further is thinking how the elite is trying to solve this problem.
They are already signed into law anti-terrorist laws so they can eliminate anybody without any trial. At the same time research in many countries is aimed at the mind, connecting the human brain to computers, researching function area’s of the brain. All this can be used for the good but its first use will be to try to create a superbrain that can be used by the elite to eliminate their opponents, stay one step ahead, and to appear ‘smart’.

In the mean time I am proud of my achievements. Whatever my personal position, I hope we keep making progress and can bring the bastards (failed human beings) to justice. They all, including presidents, belong in jail for life but I know that if the people of the world learn in detail about their truely horrible crimes, they only want one thing and that is to kick these bastards of this planet.


Updated: September 18, 2012

Below I will update you on my current situation concerning the attacks on me. Despite these attacks I am still able to live a life. I still can laugh about something funny while at the same time my body is cooked giving me enormous pain. I still can work and concentrate while at the same time being tortured in horrible ways. I can do these things because I received some properties at birth that differ from many other people. It was a gift and I try to use it to continue doing my thing and to expose these horrible crimes and get the criminals. My strength unfortunately is also my weak point. Because I do not collapse many people will say that my harrasment probably is not that bad. But I can assure you that the horrors I am subjected to are beyond imagination cruelty. Western countries lead by the USA probably are the biggest violators of human rights in the world. Things have gotten totally out-of-control. I believe people who recognize this have a duty teling this to the people of the world. I certainly do not want a world where these bastards are walking free.

Gang stalking and electronic torture continues 24/7. Both are used to react to everything I do 24/7, to provoke me 24/7, to torture me 24/7. It is ‘funny’ to notice that the organizers do not know what to do anymore. Recently I started taking pictures while driving my car for the second time. In the beginning they just set up people provoke me extra, but then after a few days they realize they are just helping me to get more evidence, they try to cover up and with the camera in my hand suddenly everything is ‘normal’. I have pictures of people leaving/arriving, people ‘parked’ at street corners, cars arriving at the same time at street corners, etc. I guess I have enough evidence now. I also got pictures of some of the real criminals. The bastards that set up people and involve/set up children, they don’t care if I get mad and attack these participating people and/or children. They failed as human beings and don’t care about anything but themselves.

Are they really afraid? Yes, they fear the truth. Who would not be if responsible for the (mental and/or physical) deaths of hundreds of innocent people every year in The Netherlands, for destroyed children lives. Last month they started their old tactics again: letting me sleep for 2-3 hours every day (in addition to torturing me 24/7 during the day time. No matter what time I go to bed, I am tortured until I fall asleep, mostly around 1 am. Then I am awoken around 3 am to 4 am from a heavy bubbling stomach. After being awake they also cook my legs and feet, put the scratch beam on my face, beam my back, beam my ear, sting me pin-like beams, use increasing intensity beams, make plock sounds, when I almost fall asleep, etc. This is being done probably by at least two persons, from three directions, going with the different beams over my body. Multiple beams per minute. I continue to be tortured until I fall asleep again, usually around 7 am. Sometimes I sleep another hour. Then the day time torture starts. Cook, beam, sting, urinate, slam, etc. etc. I am stalked everywhere I go, and also attacked with these directed energy weapons everywhere I go, including when driving my car. Being not stalked or beamed for 5 minutes is very rare. Also I am followed everywhere by military aircraft, F-16, sliders, propellor aircraft. I believe some contain electronic warfare equipment that is controlled remotely to shoot me all the time.

React – provoke – synchronize – distract, to cause maximum physical pain/damage and maximum mental pain/damage:

  • Stalking persons, cars (blocking, leave/arrive, at corners, viaducts, access roads, etc.)
  • Apparatus (mostly temporary) going defective (hot water, tv, mobile phone, pc, lamps, etc.)
  • Directed energy weapons attacks to cause pain (cook, burn, sting, pressurize, headache, stomach, toothache, blind gut attack, etc.)
  • Directed energy weapons attacks to discomfort (scratch, urinate, defecate, blurred vision, runny nose, burp, fart, cough, sneeze, rumbling stomach, etc.)
  • Directed energy weapons attacks, other (sleepiness, nausea, erection control, racing heart, etc.)
  • Birds (screaming, tweeting, cooing, arriving/flying away, etc.)
  • Plock sounds created by directed energy weapons (roof plock, watercooker tick, etc.)
  • Other sounds (something thrown outside, saw machines, central heating tick, slamming doors, loud talking, cooker hood flaps, etc.)
  • Other sounds, animals (barking dogs, ruttish cat, etc.)
  • Incoming calls (phone calls, emails, skype messages, update messages, etc.)
  • Destroy property (clothes, car scratching, etc.)
  • Dirt (bird droppings on car, windows, etc.)
  • Remote neural monitoring (monitor inactivity, or unnoticable body activity, etc.)
  • Mind reading (sub-vocal voice, deeper thoughts, etc.)
  • Mind control (repeated thoughts, forced thoughts, induced dreams, etc.)

And then there are constructed accidents …

The cooking of my body with very high intensities also continues. Not just burping, farting, give some pain, create burning sensations but also cooking through my upper body causing the inside of my body to really feel being cooked, heated, with gal coming out my throat and burning sensations of where beams enters my body (often my back) and leaves my body (chest). To make it worse (can it be worse?) they do not do this for a second but sometimes keep the beamer on my for extended periods, like 10 minutes, 20 minutes. The feeling is: cooked alive. Since the last update I have been cooked to almost death three times. Another time they were just beaming my heart area, it felt like my heart had stopped, I woke up and got up immediately.

Damage to my body as of today:

  • They have kept beaming and cooking the spot in the middle of my lower back. It is still making ‘crack’ sounds, this has become worse.
  • They also have kept attacking my left back side heart height. This area has red spots and pimps, and does not feel too good when they have put the beamer on it for long periods of time.
  • My lower legs and feet often feel horrible. They are cooked almost 24/7. I can hardly walk when I get out of bed. Running is very painful most of the times.
  • They also keep cooking my stomach every night. The last months I am awoken by the bubbling sounds of my stomach. To react they also shooti to make it rumble.

At the moment I am having some throat problems, maybe a cold, for a day or two. Also my right heel is still recovering from being blasted with these laser weapons last friday.


Updated: May 6, 2012

Not much changes since the last update. They try to increase frequency of the attacks, e.g. several times a minute lung cooking with burping, or body cooking with cooking inside and burning sensations on my chest and/or back. So instead of making me burp once when I open website on my PC, save a file, pick up the phone, walk from living room to kitchen and vice versa, walk up/down the stairs, when a car, person, passes my house, etc. they now often make my burp twice of three times fast in a row. But unfortunately for the bastards it is not possible to make it worst, if they e.g. did increase intensity, or perhaps frequency, then I may not get up anymore. Attacks like always making me very sleepy while driving my car, making me start coughing very hard, etc. make me wonder how many have been murdered e.g. by making them fall asleep while driving.

On February 25, 2012, immediately after going to bed around midnight, I was almost tortured to death. Attacking my heart, by continuous beaming into it, combined with almost continuously lung cooking with very loud burping, this for a duration of approximately one and a half hour. They always attack me in horrible ways when I go to bed, often for durations of one to three hours, but not often do they almost cook me to death. On March 30, 2012, once again insane cooking of my uper body, you really are cooked inside and the night following also increased torture.

They still cook and burn my back day-by-day. More recent they also started attacking my heart again by beamen in my body from left-behind side. This body area shows signs of continuous irradiation: red dots shrink when these kind of attacks stop for a least a week, and start getting bigger and more red again when irradiated continuously. They more or less gave up to try to mind control me. They also keep attacking other often random people with their beams to make them scratch their head, turn around, feel their behind (e.g. when I walk behind a woman). This means that when I am outside most attacks are from the sky (and there are almost always aircraft around, audible or visible).

I am still being stalked at home and everywhere I go. A lot of random people, but also still a lot of neighbors particpate in this, as always working in shifts. When I go out running I used to carry a mp3 player with me but since I carry a mobile phone with a camera, there is not much activity when I leave. They are scared like shit for any evidence. I got a lot of nice pictures though.

Because of the very busy normal things to do last months (Christmas, birthdays) I was exhausted for a while, then some time I was very tired but it is getting better again, I try to stay in bed longer although most of the time they do not allow me more than three to four hours of sleep every day.

Besides all this torture, I can live a life and I am grateful for that. I work, take care of my children, do running, play my guitar, work in the garden, etc. just like any other person and I am still able to enjoy all this …


Updated: February 3, 2012

Not much changes since the last update, maybe I am more shot like flashed with very high intensities, then before. But like I wrote before, it cannot become worst, next stage is death. I am attacked in my home and everywhere I go by stalkers and electronic attacks including mind reading. They more or less gave up that I would respond to their mind control attacks so they just try to maximize the torture.

My back is attacked day after day, often with insane intensities, and does not feel ok, my legs are cooked and flashed etc. to prevent me from running. At the moment my back is seriously damaged, a ‘knack’ sound from my lower back is heard when bending. This is more or less the same how my knee sounded after being cooked and beamed day-by-day about 1-2 years ago. This is simply the result of continuous cooking/beaming with ultrasound, the cartilage is damaged, the flexibility is gone. This not only causes pain but may also cause more permanent damage to the dorsal vertebra which is vital to the lower part of our body. Besides this, and mental aspects, beaming me day-by-day with high intensities will certainly not extend my life, but more probable wil shorten it. The last few weeks they have been shooting my heart again. My protection against attacks on my back (back stabbers) is metal sheet, I sit against, and I have a more compact version, 25 cm x 50 cm, four pieces of metal sheet tied together and cover with towel, I take with me when I go to bed, drive my car. I can also use this when they pressurize and shoot my heart (area).

Everytime somebody, including cars, bicycles passes my window, my lungs are cooked/blasted making me burp, my intestines are cooked making me fart, my throat is cooked making me cough, my nose is cooked making me sneeze, I am just shot in the heart or other parts of my body. This also happens when I walk into another room, turn around, open a webpage, sit down behind my desk, get up from my bed, turn around in my bed, enter a shop, leave a shop, look at a person, etc. I am shot, flashed, cooked, often several times a minute. The plain torture consists of just blasting me (cooking, flashing) with very high power microwave and ultrasonic bursts where ever I am, in my home, in my car, in bed, car, on the street, in the woods, in a shop, in a restaurant, in a cinema, etc.

Neighbour stalking is the same, they work in shifts, and don’t know what to do any more … they know they have become murderers and that they belong in jail. Most people do not believe the stories they have been told anymore, they just participate and think I am strong enough to withstand the attacks of the bastards and hope that I understand why they co-operate.

As this continues day-by-day, week-by-week, month-by-month, year-by-year, many people are involved and many people know, that innocent people and children are attacked, tortured and murdered, and … cooked alive with laser weapons (cooking people with laser weapons, like a microwave oven cooks meat, certainly is one of the most gruesome crimes ever committed in history). So what does this tell us about the directors of our secret services who know every detail? What does this tell us about the Secretary of Defense, what does this tell us about our prime ministers and presidents? That they do not live by morals, that they do not care about the law, they murder and steal and use plausible deniability as their law, they all failed as human beings. The recent laws they created, like the Patriot Act, are not to protect us from terrorists but to prevent us, the normal people, to get back at them. It tells us that they all are afraid for the truth to be revealed because the truth will jail them for life.


Not many changes since the last update except that the electronic torture again increased. The stalking continues like before, every day 24/7. Neighbors, some, but not all, coming out of their houses when I leave or arrive, they are criminals now and just particiate, what else can they do. Synchronized phone calls, internet and mail problems, people including children arriving by car, bicycle or foot on every street corner, cars blocking at crossroads, etc.

The electronic torture increased to new insane levels. They started attacking my back again months ago, now by continous high intensity beaming, during the day and when I am in my bed. I try to protect my back with several layers of metal sheet during the day when in my chair and at night when in my bed. I know for certain that my back would have been destroyed by their continous high intensity beaming/radiation if I did not use some protection. Although the metal sheets offer some protection, the intensities are so high that my back very often feels very painful/horrible. My lower legs, calfs, ankles, knees and feet are cooked with higher intensities to prevent me from doing my sports, running. In my house and outside, whereever I go I am attacked, shot in my body with damaging laser beams, scratch beams, often making me burp and fart, and leaving a burning sensation on my skin and inside my body, etc.

When running I was always followed by a number of military aircarft but it looks like this has been reduced the last months to one or two aircraft. When running my legs and feet are shot and cooked, sometimes making it impossible to run, my back and upper body are cooked with high high power microwave (HPM), causing horrible pains, but I keep running with all this pain and often must look like a quasi modo (it is crazy to keep running with this amount of pain but I believe it is still better to keep trying to do sports). More recent they attacked my lower right leg between the calf and heel muscle, this is the area where the heel musle attaches to to leg. They cook (burst) this with high power microwave which gives a lot of pain when running (and walking), cooked human tissue tears apart very easy.

Starting on approx. August 1, 2011 I am often microwaved for longer periods, sometimes even hours. This also may be done together with a sonic beam, I don’t know, it also often makes your inside feels cooked and gives a dizzy feeling. They attack my head and it feels like continuous shaking. They alternate this between my head and my upper body. This is done in addition to the HPM bursts when entering a room, going to the toilet, walking on the streets, etc. Cooking my lung making me burp, cooking my bowels to make me fart, applying the scratch beam with high intensities, make my urinate, etc, most of the time I am bursted and/or cooked, often several times a minute. Animals keep playing a very important role in the harassment. Pigeon on-off to react to what I do, or they put them on the roof where I sleep, screaming birds/crows, pigeons and crows have become standard for the last 3-4 years when I walk outside or are in my garden. Barking dogs to react synchronized to cooking my body. My mind is continuopusly being read and my thoughts reacted to. Also some thoughts and ideas are just stolen and put into effect for other purposes. They keep trying to control my mind at times. Mind control attacks look like having breaks of 2-3 weeks and then when I am not alert sometimes I suddenly realize I did something which is not my own, like standing up and walking to the kitchen. But I do not detect this very often.

I wrote this before but I believe many attacks, but not all, are from the sky, including mind reading. This make it also very easy for them to attack random people by making them scratch their head when I pass, coordinate their actions. I will make some drawing of this sometime.

In the mean time I just try to continue my life. Of course I am blocked and could have achieved much more in life, but I am proud of my progress, of the things I am doing, and thankful for the fact I still can enjoy life, laugh, work, feel. Again I can only conclude that the bastards are very afraid of me, and I can understand this, they all fear for the truth to be exposed, which will jail them for life.


Updated: February 15, 2011

Since the last update not much has changed. I am a survivor of all these horrible crimes for over 10 years now, I know that things done to me are pretty extreme. If a person collapses after a few months, a year, then you can also call this murder but it is nothing compared to the ways I am tortured 24/7. Sometimes people ask me, do you think they will ever stop. My answer: No, I don’t think they will stop, the crimes that have been comitted, the (innocent) people and children involved by them, are enormous, they don’t want to go to jail, they prefer to spend the rest of their miserable lives attacking and murdering innocent people and chlidren instead. Another big problem for the losers of our secret services is that I am not a psycho, not a thief, not a pedophile, etc., I am not like them (although they tried very hard to make me a thief, terrorist, etc.). I am not a perfect person, just a normal guy and they are just sick bastards, cowards, losers, child abusers, murderers, pedophiles, pieces of shit, zero’s that have chosen to steal and murder their way through life.

My back still is beamed continously, often with very high intensities. Also they started attacking my heart again. Shooting from the front in my heart and cooking and burning my body from the left and left-behind at heart height. This is a horrible feeling, and many days my flesh feels like it has been cooked (and in fact it has been; compare microwave oven). My body is daily cooked with low but also with very high intensities. You can smell the gal-like scent when I I am high-power microwaved. I am cooked at night, bursted/zapped when I get up and sit on my bed, walk down/up the stairs, walk in/out of the living room, the bathroom, the toilet, the kitchen my home, every time, always. I am cooked at night, bursted/zapped when people are passing by, cars, etc. when in my home, on the street, in my car, with friends or family, every time, always.

Stalking also is the same. Neighbors, some, not all, coming out-of-their-houses when I come out-of-mine, cars driving by when I walk into the living room, blocking people/cars at every corner of the streets, all synchronized, everywhere I go. Plock sounds in my home, ticking against the central heating, turning of my hot water system (gas water-heater) when I want to take a shower, screaming birds, birds flying over, pigeons on-off coo-ing, dogs on-off barking, email popups, incoming phone calls, all synchronized, stalking military aircraft, escorting me often from location far a way back to my home.

On december 5, 2010, I was running in the woods and injured my left foot, my ankle really bad (slipped away when running in the woods on a snowy track while trying to pass a muddy area), I believe this is called ankle sprain. Since that time my attackers have been cooking and burning this injured area often with very high intensities, causing a lot of pain. I stopped running (it was impossible anyway) and have been doing workouts for 4-6 week before I started to do some running again. On february 8, 2011, and I was able to run one hour at 10.4km/hour average (I did this before the injury at 11.5km/hour average), but my recovery certainly has been slowed by the cooking and burning of my left ankle. On Februari 12, 2011, I completed a 10km heavy cross run, and on Februari 14, 2011, I ran 50 minutes at 10.8km/hour average untill my calfs were flashed with HPM (High Power Microwave) making running impossble (cooked muscles result in teared muscles). The cooking and burning is still going on at dayitme but also during the night. I often wake up in the middle of the night from pain caused by this cooking and burning.

Very recent, on Februari 12, 2011, I was driving on the A58 to Vlissingen on my way to the Zeeland 10km dune run (Burgh Haamstede), and thinking about my current and previous cars were damaged by shooting objects (stones, bullets?) from the front (note that they read my read thoughts everywhere I go). The idea is to damage your headlights, and front window. Then at km-mark 161,2 at 11:35, I saw an object, diameter +- 6-10 centimeters coming straight at me at high speed, it hit my car at the intersection of the glass of my front window and metal of the roof, driver location. You may call this an action to frighten me but it was no more than another murder attempt, I was just lucky it did not hit my car 10 centimeters lower (it would have if I had slowed down immediately), in which case it could have destroyed my front window and left me without sight on the high way. More details about this attempt: it came from a straight line in front of me, there were no crossings ahead so it can only have come from a car driving in front of me or from the sky. I believe most plausible is that is was fired from a car driving in front of me (there were two), e.g. by a spring-based catapult weapon.

It is fascinating to see how the psychopaths operate. They have some sort of assignment to totally isolate their target, to create a special world for the target, but what in fact happens is, irony, that they create a special world for themselves. By acting the way they are ordered they create a boxed world for themselves. They become murderers, child abusers, cross the line and become failed human beings and there is no way they can they can ever return to be a normal person again. They know this and hide, they lie to real friends and chat with their fellow murderers. One big happy criminal family. They have been fucked into murdering their own kind, and the only thing they can think of is to save their own asses, even if this would mean to murder their own family. But of course they do not want to think too much about this, if they did they would become instant sick of themselves. The controllers know this of course, and exploit all their weaknesses.

Last year I have been doing a lot of research on mind control and more specific on electronic mind control. Welcome again to the world of secret services. Crazy stories, true stories, disinfo agents, disinfo websites. By personal experience and reading about this I now believe (know for sure) that it is possible to mind control a person with radio waves from a distance, from a nearby location (house, car). By constantly trying to be aware of what I am doing I sometimes notice that thoughts are planted into my brain with the aim to make me react to them. Like thinking of a person, thinking of a song, make a certain move. This is really scary stuff. Although many people around me are just following orders or doing as they are told (I still see a lot of people with cell phones), there must be certainly a number of people that are subjected to this electronic mind control. You can also say that a number of people I see more than once in my life have become a subject to electronic mind control experimentation just because they know me, because they are around me.

I also believe that many people co-operate with the psychopaths because they believe their lies, they think they will get something good out of it. But, never ever believe a murderer. They invite you for a beer, and five minutes later they will be using and attacking you again, making you an accomplice to their murders. Many people co-operate because they think, why not, or what’s in it for me, I better co-operate than become a victim of their crimes. I spoke to someone recently and he called this apethic behaviour cultural programming. He is right. We are all cultural programmed and only few are capable of deprogramming themselves, very few are capable of deprogramming many. We are caught in a system that is trying to robotizes us. Irony is that the ones now believing they are in control, our elite, are co-operating with the ones owning and using all this advanced technology to steal and murder, will be robotized well. They will be/are being puppeted.

I also believe that we, the people of the world, are taken from created event to created event. E.g. the BP gulf disaster was created and/or worsened, the Egypt protests were allowed or created at this specific time to happen, too many earthquakes, floods, etc. appear to be created to keep us busy, appear to be synchronized to e.g. political differences. Although HAARP and Directed Energy Weapons (DEW) technology is known at the highest levels, any investigations and international control on it are blocked. Instead focus is on nuclear capabilties of countries, the only weapon that cannot be destroyed by HAARP and/or directed energy weapons. At country level many people are attacked, murdered by Directed Energy Weapons, and again, no word. Traditional newspapers have merged and become under control of few organizations and/or people making them more entertainment magazines, hiding the real news. Have I fallen for the New World Order (NWO) conspiracy theories? Already at high school, I knew something wasn’t right, I knew there was a piece of information missing (I am not alone, I am Neo [character from the movie The Matrix]). It comes to this. All over the world small groups of people are actually controlling countries by controlling the big companies, the banks, the governments, the human rights organizations, etc.. Of course they have their armies, the national secret services. This is a network that runs the big companies, runs the military, and eliminates everyone posing a threat to the controllers. At international level, the controllers set up deals like I support you if you support me.

Of course there is a repeating pattern in history, things always have been like this. Psychopaths using empathy of the normal people, murdering the ones that conflict their interests. But there is a new element now. For thousand of years we traveled by foot, by horse, communication took months sometimes. But in a few decades we now can talk to anyone on the planet just by clicking some buttons, man created airplanes, super weapons, internet and computers that allow us read and control body functions and minds. I think the controllers must have been panicking in the 50’s, what can they do to maintain their positions. A number of them teamed up and created the money system and used it to build the United States into a war machine, but also realize this is not the answer. The problem now has become the countries that have been exploited to build their kingdoms, are developing at levels where they are becoming a threat to their powers. Will they outsmart these new powers, China, India, Iran? They cannot just start wars anymore, the people of the world can see what they are doing, communicate.

Summary: The crimes commited against me, and thousand of others on the world, belong to the most horrible crimes in history, gang stalking, cooking and burning my body, reading my mind and reacting to it, trying to control me electronically by brain zapping (electronic mind control). The crimes are aimed to murder you physically or mentally (this is called premeditated murder). The lives of my my attackers are just one long big sequence of horrible crimes. Unfortunately for the psycho’s of our world there are no more enemies left (see The First Global Revolution, 1993 Edition, Club of Rome, Chapter 5 The Vacuum). To maintain their positions they now attack almost random innocent people, they create terrorists from normal people, they declare war to countries with e.g. oil (Iraq), so they can keep stuffing themselves with the blood of the ones they murder, they are parasites. Like most things in our world the secret services system is over-the-top. The directors of our national secret services must all be jailed for life, they are mass murderers. Many people in our governments know about thse crimes but do nothing. In fact many people ARE in our governments because they avoid to speak about these crimes.


It is almost November 2010 and the cooking of my back never stopped all these months.  Last weeks of August and first weeks of September I was constantly in a lot of horrible pain.  Even if they stopped for a few hours (but continued to burn and cook other body parts) the pain remained.  The last weeks the pain in my back very slowly got less and now is more bearable. They never stopped their cooking and burning of my back. The intensities were just a bit lower. All these months the attacks became more intense in the sense that in many cases they were no longer bursts but continuous beams. Because I work at work at home I can protect myself a little bit.
I sit on a chair where I have placed metal sheets to the back of the chair. Even with six layers of metal sheet (each 1-1.5mm thick) they manage to cook/burst through it causing pain. When walking in my house my back is attacked from allmost all possible angles. When in bed my back is cooked and burned and my lower lefs are cooked, making it painful to get up and start walking.
The whole time I being bursted with high power microwave making me burp, fart mostly to react to what I am doing, or to what I am observing (cars passing by, etc.).  Also I am being cooked alive any times mostly at day time, the beam cooking my inside body and burning sensations on my body.  A few weeks ago there was a period of about 2-3 weeks where they reacted like crazy to everything I did, was thinking about. They always react but now it was done with everything they had. Neighbors keep stalking me, the harassment is everywhere but what’s new.
When I go out running, I am always followed by military aircraft and bursted with very high power microwave, or they just put the beamer on for many minutes. On some occasions I had to stop otherwise I would fall down from pain. The military aircraft are everywhere I go and I am bursted with high power microwave everywhere I go, including when I am inside a shop.  They cooked my calf many times to prevent me from going running (you will tear your muscles when you run with cooked legs).
In August 2010 I was on holiday for a week in Bulgaria where I was attacked with often high power microwave as well, cooking and burning me. There was limited stalking compared to the stalking in The Netherlands. Here in The Netherlands I can see 2-3 objects hanging in the sky in the evening. They have lights on and look like stars but are just military aircraft (many people mistake these for UFO’s), they are not satellites because you can hear their engine roaring on a quiet eveing. They were also in Bulgaria every evening, at least 2, one east and one west of me.
So what will happen I do not know. What I do know is that if I die, get a disease it will be caused by continuous harassment, cooking.


A brief status update. 24/7 gang stalking and cooking and burning my body with electronic weapons (mostly microwave) became more intens (a better description is more insane) the last year although this is almost not possible anymore (I have been down on the floor 4-5 times last year caused by high power microwave attacks). I certainly am one of the most (physically and mentally) tortured people in the world. So this is what happens when a normal person survives ten years of attacks, publishes about the horrible crimes of our national secret services and has a detailed report on stalkers and people cookers.

As of January 2010 they also started cooking and burning my back 24/7 often for long periods of time and often with insane intensities. They do this everywhere every time, i.e. when in my home, working, sleeping, walking in the streets, running, swimming, getting groceries, visiting family and friends, etc. They have put their equipment at several neighbor houses around me and attack me from almost any direction. When outside I am attacked from houses, cars and planes (I live a few miles from a military airbase). This has not stopped while writing these words. More recent they seem to concentrate on a weak spot in my back (I injured my back many years ago while carrying something heavy and almost fell of the stairs). My back or parts of it are constantly kept in a ‘cooked’ = damaged state, so the intention is very clear.
I have a girlfriend who smokes, and when we are together we share a sigaret often. Although I sometimes buy a package my smoking is very moderate, some days I do not smoke at all, and still do my sports at levels identical to last year. But now many stalkers walk with sigarets smoking for me to see, I receive mails about hernia, cancer by irradiation, etc.
All this terror perfectly illustrates what our national secret services are: back stabbers.

I am working om a full status update at the moment and will try to release it on my site before Juli 1, 2010. I have not written much about myself, but this is a special moment for me: 10 years of horrible crimes commited against me with the aim to murder me.


Updated: April 13, 2009

On this page I want to tell you my story, i.e. what made me start writing about gang stalking (organized stalking) and electronic harassment and electronic torture.

I am Peter Mooring, born in Voorburg, The Netherlands in 1956, and now living in Hoogerheide, in the south west of The Netherlands. I am not a very special person, never been in politics, not a thief, never been in contact with the police. I am certainly not a perfect person but just a normal person with some special skills like most people have their own special skills. Maybe I differ from most people in that I am very outspoken, not a follower, never stop, have my own mind, think a lot.

I studied Computer Engineering (Computer Architecture), Delft University of Technology. After finishing university, I started my own company with another person. We developed advanced computer hardware for several companies and also created a line of computer networking products. My business partner and I developed different views so we quit the company after 9 years. I then worked for three companies, the second being a new company initiated by a person belonging to one of the 500 richest persons in The Netherlands. This new company was taken to the stock exchange after 1.5 years, but without me, I left after one year after a labor dispute. The third company was to be polished and the technology sold to a big (US) company. End 1998 I quit this third company after a year due to different views with the director who also told me he had been married with a daughter of the richest family in The Netherlands. He also told me other things you normally would not know like cover-up lawyers for the Dutch government, etc. There was nothing special about leaving this company, I just quit. No legal stuff, no extra bonus payments, nothing. The company collapsed within about six months after me leaving.

After I left this third company strange things began happening in my life. Like I had job interviews that went fine, but feedback from the recruitment agency was that I had been rude etc. After a couple of months I decided to start again as a self-employed and studied internet programming, Perl, database (design), etc. I did some nice internet projects with a friend of mine who worked at an advertisement agency at that time, but weird things continued to happen and appeared to be increasing. At a certain moment I could only conclude that people were spying on me and that this information was being used for all kinds of purposes. This was becoming more extreme by reactions like honking horns, slamming doors, banging on the walls, etc. timed when I was coming into the living room, opening a web page on my PC, etc.

In May 2000 there was a sudden explosion of violence against me, the intention could only be to eliminate me. I could only conclude I was targeted by secret services driving me into insanity with the aim to make me commit suicide, turn into a psychiatric patient, become a criminal. The reason why it could only be secret service was because it the harassment was very well-defined, like following pages in a book, it could only be done using the most advanced equipment available some of it probably classified, and it was done 24/7 everywhere every time. You can call this heavy harassment but it is in fact murder, premeditated mental or physical murder and the ones initiating, facilitating, executing are murderers. With the harassment increasing almost daily I managed to keep thinking and recovered very slowly step-by-step and after a few years developed an attitude against these bastards, who not only targeted me, but my family as well, my children, friends, clients, etc.

End 2002 I wrote a letter to Prime Minister Balkenende of The Netherlands, stating that I, family, friends were attacked by the Dutch secret service (defined as secret services operating in The Netherlands) and asking him to end these attacks and present me the names and details of the ones involved so I could take them to court. I received a reply, my letter had been send to the Department of Justice and they had asked the Dutch secret service to investigate. After some time I received a letter stating that there was nothing against Peter Mooring, but the reply contained at least one crucial error, a lie.

The harassment against me continued and increased. I could only conclude that the sick system targeting me was not able to respond to me but by ever increasing horrendous crimes. The system cannot handle persons who keep surviving murder attacks and not running away. I did a lot of research and in 2006 I decided to start writing about what was being done. Being a survivor of this disgusting sick system primarily consisting of murderers and child abusers, I came to believe that now that I survived these years it is my duty to tell the world about these truly horrendous crimes. In 2006 I started a blog and other websites about these crimes by our secret services and from that moment on I also was being cooked and burned alive with electronic weapons. This electronic harassment and torture was applied already but from this moment it was 24/7 often with insane intensities. My sub-vocal mind-reading started probably a lot earlier (I received emails with messy text already some years ago) but now was being used to react to what I was thinking. Taking into account the horrible ways I am being (electronically) harassed and tortured, I can only conclude I am telling the horrible truth.

Looking back after all this time this may have already started when I started working for the second company. Then there were already things happening that I could not explain. Maybe some people thought I was clever enough to help them get richer. After quitting the second company I told a friend I could not find a job and he wanted to help me, but when he arranged a job interview there was out-of-the-blue this third company who wanted me to work for them. This could mean that when you work for the richest persons in The Netherlands, you are being watched anyway. They look at your capabilities and use you to work at certain companies where you can make most of it (for them).

There also is a gap of two years between noticing things that do not fit and undeniable harassment. I believe the attackers have been looking for things they could use against me but as there was not really much this must have been difficult. From a neighbor I learned that it might have to do with a website I ran but that’s just bullshit because this website was not very special and (important!) it was not there when the harassment started (I was not even active on the internet when the harassment started). They also must have thought they could eliminate me in 2000 because after the explosion of violence against me, they very slowly came with items happening earlier in my life. I can only conclude that it was never meant that I would be alive after the attack in 2000.

I was raised quite naive and with the following important rule: do not do to others, what you do not want to be done to you. It took me one year to accept there are actually people on this planet performing such horrible torture, torturing people to death, and after all these years it still amazes me how a person can degenerate into such a disgusting creature. It hurts me to see children and people abused, involved into murder, lives of children destroyed, just because these psychopaths don’t care about anyone but themselves. With my websites and (two-weekly) newspaper advertisements I try to create awareness and hope that the innocent children and people involved by the murderers read about this and keep their own mind.

It took me three years to get some clue why this was being done to me. I think a reason may be that I was told too much by the director of the third company I worked for. Another reason may be that some people in control do not like me because they did not get their millions by selling company three. Another reason may be that they are just afraid of me, of my never-ending persistence. Probably it is some sort of combination. I came to the conclusion that if I can become a target for elimination than almost anybody can become a target. It is just as easy as bumping into the wrong persons. With all this highly developed methods and advanced equipment it has become very easy to eliminate. And that is just what is being done, with most targets never knowing what struck them. The way it was and is done to me leads me to the conclusion that in The Netherlands 300-400 people minimum are eliminated this way every year, for reasons of stealing, or just to keep the sick secret services system alive, i.e. to recruit new agents.

So now it is 2009 and I have become some kind of most feared person, because all I am doing is writing down what is being done by our secret services. There are survivors like me but their number is very limited. Most ‘survivors’ are agents spreading disinformation mainly telling you that it is not secret service. The secret services networks have gotten totally out-of-control, normal – almost random – people are targeted and murdered, tortured to death, making Guantanamo Bay look like a holiday resort. It may sound strange but while I am still a target, the real targets now are the sick and disgusting creatures of our secret services, I certainly will not let them walk free and if I live I will make sure they end up behind bars and pay for all the horrible crimes they have committed, for all the people they have murdered, for all the lives of children they have destroyed. I have written a lot since this started happening to me and I do not take back any word I wrote.

My mission in life is to be good person, a good father for my children. I was lucky in the beginning and always have put my children, family, work and friends the most important things in my life. I believe I am a good father and worked and work very hard for my clients. This may look easy but it is not because these psychopaths try to make you look bad whenever they can and do everything to prevent you from completing your projects, see also my blog Electronic harassment and electronic torture list, February 2009. Since the beginning of 2009 my heart (and body) is very seriously attacked and damaged at pattern rates.
So normal life still is my number one priority after all these years but there are these other missions as well one of them being to make sure that the ones initiating, facilitating, executing these horrible crimes are locked up forever.


Peter Mooring

Pastoor van Roesselstraat 29

4631 ET Hoogerheide


Phone: +31 6 4124 3030 / +31 164 610 218


Please do not rely on email/mail/phone reaching me. Deliver by yourself to me personally if you want to make sure.