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Peter Mooring on the web is a blog about horrible human rights violations by secret services. Using gang stalking techniques and hi-tech electronic weapons (directed energy weapons) every year thousands of people all over the world are tortured and murdered, most of them never knowing what happened. Those who know often suffer horrendous (electronic) torture.
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The people cookers - Cooking people like a microwave oven cooks meat, or here
Electronic harassment and electronic torture list - February 26, 2009

Probably the most horrible consequence of these weapons based on radio waves is that you can NOT protect yourself, your children, your loved ones anymore. You can no longer say: stay in this room, you are safe here. Attackers simply look and cook/burn through walls, with intensities that can be deadly. Police cannot protect you, security services cannot protect you. That is why these weapons must be banned, not tomorrow but NOW.
See also:, STOPEG foundation

Published on Saturday, April 14th, 2018 at 6:44 am

In the night of 14 April 2018 zionist puppets Trump, May and Macron launched ‘precision strikes’ on Syria. They illegally attacked and destroyed Iraq, created ISIS, illegally attacked and destroyed Libya, moved weapons to ISIS in Syria, train opponents of the Assad regime, illegally bomb in Syria and illegally are present in Syria. All with one aim, to destroy Syria, as part of the Greater Israel plan, or if you wish, pipeline geopolitics [3].

This attack is not about chemical weapons, it is a response to another defeat of USA sponsored terrorism: The recapture of Eastern Ghouta by Syrian government forces

The recapture of Eastern Ghouta by Syrian government forces was another big blow for the zionists. They did and do everything to destroy Syria but instead of making progress, they are slowly being defeated. With the support of Russia and Iran, Syria is slowly wiping out all Western sponsored terrorists. And they have been successful.

With the illegal bombings, without any hard evidence and bypassing the UN security council, we are again seeing the psychopatic behaviour of the failing (Western world) New World Order masters and their puppets: war criminals calling themselves civilized, and one (Trump) even asking God to bless them.

Rogue state USA officially acknowledges that it is in Syria and not leaving. This is illegal and against international law

USA UN ambassador Nikki ‘locked and loaded’ Haley in a 15 April 2018 FoxNews interview [4]:
‘He, one, wanted to make sure that chemicals — chemical weapons were not used or weapons of mass destruction were not used in any way that could harm American national interests.
He wanted to make sure that we defeated ISIS completely and wholly, to make sure all of that threat was gone, because it is a threat to American national interests.
And he wanted to make sure that we had good grounds to watch what Iran was doing and they weren’t making a lot of aggressive headway in terms of that, because Iran is a national threat to American interests.

And so, I think that no, he never thought he would get out in 48 hours. Yes, it is all of our goal to see American troops come home. But we’re not going to leave until we know we’ve accomplished those things.’

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